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At 10:32am on February 20, 2019, Thanaphat Waleekiatikul said…

sup man.. 

At 1:38pm on November 17, 2018, Big Tank gave Upgraderath a gift
At 4:32am on March 19, 2015, Carl said…

hai der my least favourite friend! :D (that's sort of a compliment)

At 7:16am on January 22, 2015, christian orsini said…
At 11:20am on January 3, 2015, EVELIN IS BACK said…


At 12:43pm on December 27, 2014, EVELIN IS BACK said…

humph,jon my groups

At 1:29am on December 23, 2014, EVELIN IS BACK said…

you are a monsrter-enemy-rival,to kill me,you are GODZILLA 

At 4:31pm on October 7, 2014, ALT Kawajiri said…

I kinda need an unpixeling of this guy

At 11:24pm on July 20, 2014, CharmcasterX said…

Dude I love Doctor Who, nice pics :)

Anyway I was wondering if I could get your permission to use some of your designs in your group for my own character, I'd edit them of coures but I'm really not good at making my own stuff yet.

At 2:07pm on June 19, 2014, M-Slowbro said…
Go kill yourself you stupid fucking worthless cunt
At 2:06pm on June 19, 2014,

I see you have been making fun of Canadians using stereotypes such as "eh." Please stop, because it can hurt others here who are, indeed, Canadian.


At 2:10am on May 05, 2014, Spider-Gwen gave Upgraderath a gift
At 5:27pm on March 15, 2014,

Finally; Some people have been coming into chat and being continually disruptive, spamming etc.

If you have been repeatedly suspending someone, please make me aware of it.

DO NOT send me a msg with the members name. SEND Me the Link to the spamming members profile.

Do that by going to their page, and use the "Report an Issue" link from that page.


At 5:26pm on March 15, 2014,

Also; Some note that I will incorporate into the guidelines:

- its not polite to chat without using English. If you want to chat in another language, go to PC

- Links are ok, its nice to encourage the group activity. Too much linking in chat is rude.

- Links to other chat sites like Xat is very rude. If you like Xat, you should be there, not here.

At 5:25pm on March 15, 2014,

Chat Mods monitor and maintain decorum in chat.
Things to do:
- Keep an eye on the chat window when possible.
- WARN members when they:
Spam comments (repeating silly comments repeatedly, with little interaction)
Spam links (excessive posting of links off sites or to their personal pages or topics). Ok some links are ok, 3 links in 30 minutes is too much.
- SUSPEND members FROM Chat when warnings are ignored
Become abusive to other members
Use swear words
Show links to porn

How to Suspend:
Click on the user name in the members window, a list of options will appear.
Select “Suspend from Chat” and select a time period (use your discretion), then click the name again to close the list.
It will take a couple of minutes for the suspension to take effect. Its useful to inform the member that they are being suspended.

Other things to do:
- Greet members who come into chat, especially if they are the only ones online.
- Help with common issues such as “why aren’t my pics/videos being accepted?” (Its usually because they did not observe the rules for posting pics and videos.
- If a member has an issue with something in a blog comment, forum, or photos, they can use the “Report an Issue” link that is on the lower-right side of every page. Then I will see the page in question.
Repeated significant issues with a member, tell me about it and I can BAN them from the site. Generally I want to see the issues in blog posts, comments, or the forum before I will issue a BAN.

Things to NOT do.
- Don’t make a big deal of your admin status to others.
- Don’t suspend for your own personal reasons.
- Don’t become argumentative

I don’t have an issue with:
- I don’t mind the ‘fight club’ games, as long as others are enjoying it
- Simple swearing is ok, such as ‘damn’ and ‘darn’ and maybe ‘shit’ or “sucks”.
- Talking about “gay” is not nice, particularly if its applied to a person, but if its use in abstract, such as “that Glee show is so gay”, Its ok.
- Similarly, the chat is not a place to talk of religion and politics
Any questions just ask me.

At 1:32am on November 11, 2013, Eclipse gave Upgraderath a gift
At 5:49am on October 22, 2013, Lego Master said…

Well..I finished. I added a background just because.

At 8:57am on June 21, 2013, Jason gave Upgraderath a gift
For always being there for me :) ~Jason
At 6:05am on April 1, 2013,
Bro, if you wanna get rid of your mod powers, this is not the way to do it, check out the PM i sent you

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