Zen 10 Infinite Alien Halloween Special: The Fright Of Halloween

One night......

In the Greenwood Cemetery.......

The cemetery manager walks down the graves for his patrol

Manager: all clear here

Manager: nothing new here...

Just then...

The manager hears rustling in the trees...

The manager flashes his torch light at the tree

Manager: what the?


A few crows flock towards the manager and fly past him

Manager: ah!!!

One of the crows claws the manager and his arm starts to bleed...

Manager: what the heck was that?


A drop of blood falls from the manager's arm onto a grave

The blood drop lands on the soil and seeps into it...


A hand with sharp claws burst out of the ground

Another hand bursts out

The two hands pushes the body out of the ground

A tall black figure gets on it's feet and stands up

The manager turns around and shines his torch at the black figure....

Manager: AH!!!!!!!!!!!


3 nights before halloween (28th October)

At the Greenwood Function Hall....

Three Police Helicopters circle the building...

Helicopter Pilots: Man down now, this is the police, you are surrounded!


In the Hall..

Armed men hold the people hostage

Kidnapper #1: the SWAT's here, should we bail?

Kidnapper#2: dude, that's suicide!


Helicopter Pilot: This is GWPD Chopper 2, flying object spotted in west wing of tower.....


Rex Bursts into the towers and generates his nanite cannons

Rex: hello gentlemen, can i interest you in some prison cells?

Kidnappers: Get Him!

The kidnappers fire at Rex

Just Then....

A pink shield appears in front of Rex and blocks the bullets

Rex generates the smackhands and charges at the Kidnappers

Rex punches two down

Jasmine flies in and shoots bolts at them..

The others shoot at Jasmine and Rex


A blue bolt ejects from the ceiling lamp and electrocutes one of the kidnappers

The blue bolt lands and reveals to be Ampfibian

Ampfibian: Hey fellas....

Kidnapper #3: aw man...

Ampfibian shoots a streak of electricity and electrocutes all the kidnappers...

Ampfibian looks at the hostages

Ampfibian: don't worry, you guys are safe..




The Glass windows shatter and break


The SWAT team break into the room


SWAT: Freeze! Hands in the air!


Ampfibian: I think we're in trouble......


The Police approach the team....


Rex: hey, officers, how's it going?


Ampfibian stretches his tentacles and touches a ceiling lamp


Officer: I said freeze!


Ampfibian releases an electrical charge


All the lights in the room shut off...


Rex: Nice work!


The SWAT team fire at the team


Jasmine creates a shield around the team


Jasmine: can't keep this up for long...


Ampfibian: we have to get outta here...


Jasmine's shield starts to crack...


Just then...


Jasmine's Shield starts to turn black...


Dark energy engulfs the team


Rex: what's happening?


Jasmine: i'm not doing this!




The dark energy surrounds the team and sends them through a wormhole


The team is teleported to a nearby street


Rex: ugh! what just happened?


Jasmine: did we just get teleported?


Ampfibian: but.... that's impossible?


Just then...


Ampfibian sees a dark human figure standing on the top of a building


Ampfibian: look there!


Jasmine and Rex look to the building


But the figure is already gone....


Rex: what is it?


Ampfibian: weird?...


The next day...


In school....


Zen is walking to class


Jasmine runs up to him....


Jasmine: Hey!


Zen: hey, morning


Jasmine: what happened last night?


Zen: What happened?


Jasmine: on the roof, you saw something, but it wasn't there

Zen: can't hide from ya can't I?


Zen: i don't know what it was


Jasmine: you think he teleported us outta there?


Zen: maybe, if he did, then he's looking for us, and he will be back...


Later that night....


Jetray flies around the night sky....


Jetray: 2 more days to halloween and not a criminal in sight, i guess they need vacations too


Jetray: speaking of which, i really need to get a new costume for the carnival this year, the spidey costume's getting old..




Jetray is hit from the back


Jetray: Ugh!


Jetray falls and lands on the roof of a building


Jetray: what the?...


Jetray gets up and sees the same humanoid figure again in the distance


Jetray: hey!


Jetray flies after the figure


But the figure disappears...


Jetray lands on another building roof


Jetray slaps on the Infimatrix




Intelliboid: come on... come out...


Just then...


A shadow engulfs over Intelliboid


Intelliboid turns around and sees a tall man wearing a red cloak


Man: so the folk tales are true, there is another one out there...


Intelliboid shoots his blasters at the man


But the man disappears


Just then...


Intelliboid hears the man's voice again



Man: interesting...

Intelliboid turns around and shoots the man

The man disappears

Intelliboid: who are you?


The man pops out in front of Intelliboid

The man punches Intelliboid

Man: you are a superhuman, and yet you do not know me?

Intelliboid gets back up

Intelliboid: guess I didn't get the memo right..

Intelliboid draws his sword and charges at The man

The man dodges all the attacks quickly

The man grabs the blade and pushes Intelliboid to the ground

Intelliboid falls

Man: I am Morphius, Lord of the Draculas

Intelliboid: you mean vampires?

Morphius: call it as you wish

Intelliboid: you saved us yesterday night, why?

Morphius: I needed you alive

Intelliboid: for what?

Morphius: to let you in on an offer...

Morphius: join me, and we will accomplish my plan

Intelliboid: what plan?

Morphius: oh, you'll see

Just then...

Rex and Jasmine fly to the scene

Rex: leaving us outta the party?

Morphius: Friends eh? Join me and my cause, you will learn, that we don't need friends

Rex: like that'll ever happen...

Rex generates the smack hands

Rex charges at Morphius

Morphius dodges all the attacks

Morphius grabs the fists and punches back

Rex falls

Jasmine throws her pink bolts at Morphius

Morphius dodges the bolts

Morphius: you know, my powers are similar to yours, only much darker

Morphius shoots black bolts at Jasmine

Jasmine falls..

Rex gets back up on his feet

Rex generates the big fat sword

Rex charges the sword at Morphius

Morphius dodges

Rex generates two battle hammers

Rex whacks Morphius

Morphius jumps up and punches Rex

Rex generates the block party

Rex blocks the punch

Rex generates the Nanite cannon and shoots Morphius

Morphius dodges the shots

Morphius: you are slow, boy

Morphius shoots a black beam from his hand

Just then...

A pink shield covers Rex

Jasmine flies up and shoots a pink beam at Morphius

Morphius is hit

Just then...

Rex dashes in from the smoke and punches Morphius with the smack hands

Morphius stumbles back

Rex punches Morphius again

Morpheus dodges

Morpheus zaps Rex with a black aura

Rex: ugh!

Rex faints

Jasmine: Rex!

Jasmine shoots a beam at Morphius

Morpius dodges

Morphius: you're as weak as the boy...

Jasmine charges at Morphius

Jasmine releases a pink aura from her hands and punches it at Morphius

Morphius grabs Jasmine's arm...

Jasmine: (gasp)

Morphius releases a form of dark electricity to Jasmine

Jasmine: AH!!!!!

Morphius: extraordinary life energy, It shall be good enough to fill my hunger

Just then...

A white alien jumps in and kicks Morphius away

Jasmine falls and faints

The alien is revealed to be Spykeback

Spykeback: Jasmine, No!

Morphius: she'll be fine, as will the boy

Spykeback: you will pay for this!

Spykeback throws spikes at Morphius

Morphius jumps and dodges the spikes


Spykeback grabs a large spike and charges at Morphius


Spykeback swings the spike at Morphius


Spykeback stabs the spike at Morphius


Morphius grabs the spike before it enters his body


Morphius breaks the spike into two


Morphius punches Spykeback


Spykeback stumbles back


Morphius shoots a beam at Spykeback


Spykeback falls off the roof into and alley


Spkyeback: ugh!


Morphius lands in front of Spykeback


Morphius: i will appeal to you once again, join me, and my legionof the undead...


Spykeback: seems tempting, but sorry, not interested...


Morphius grabs Spykeback and throws him agains a car


Spykeback lands on a car


Morphius jumps on Spikeback


Morphius strangles Spykeback


Morphius: Then i thank you for continuing my legacy in my absence


Morphius: but now, there is only room for one superhuman here...


Morphius releases a black aura in his hands


Just then....


A streak of light rises from the buildings behind...


The light starts to burn through Morphius


The light grows brighter and brighter...


Just then..


Part of the sun starts to rise from the background of the buildings...


Morphius: Arh....


Morphius retreats into the alley


Morphius: you may live today, but next time we meet, we will not part until maggots feed on your flesh..


Morphius disappears into the darkness....


Spykeback gets up weakly...


Spykeback: ugh....




Back at Zen's house..


Zen walks back home


Grandma Verdona: Zen, where did you go?


Zen: i dosed off at the library


Grandma: oh my...


Zen: I can't go to school today, i'm not feeling to good..


Zen: i'm going back up...


Zen walks up to his room slowly


Later that night....


In Jasmine's room


Jasmine is using the computer...


Just then...


Zen jumps down and lands on the fire escape outside Jasmine's window


Zen knocks on the window


Jasmine walks to the window and opens it


Jasmine: hey


Zen: hi


Jasmine: how'd you get in there?


Zen: Fire escape?


Jasmine: right....


Zen: i climbed?


Zen enters Jasmine's room


Jasmine: to think you actually recovered from that attack so quickly


Zen: I was feeling better


Jasmine: i've done a little research on Morphius and Vampires


Jasmine: here's what i found


Jasmine returns to the computer

Jasmine: It appears that Morphius is the king of all vampires, and is the almighty of all devils


Zen: that's just in fiction right?


Jasmine: well, sorta, in the 1950s, an exorcism was performed to apparently get rid of an outbreak of the vampire possession


Jasmine: the whole process took almost 2 days


Zen: who performed it?


Jasmine: Father Freddy Moore, a catholic priest


Jasmine: lucky enough, he moved to Greenwood not long ago, he's working at the church downtown


Zen: lets go find him...


Just then...


A news flash appears on Jasmine's computer screen


Zen: news flash?


Jasmine: I subscribe to the Greenwood Times


Jasmine clicks on it and a video plays a news report


News Reporter: All of Greenwood quakes in fear as many of Greenwood's ordinary citizens have mysteriously vanished


News Reporter: We have at the scene with us Dr Alucard, a witness to one of the kidnappings of these "lost ones"


News Reporter: Dr Alucard, what did you see?


Dr Alucard: it was huge, first took on the shape of a bat, then another creature, it just happened to fast


News Reporter: The Greenwood Police Department have deduced the kidnapper to be the alien man, and have issued a direct warrent to arrest him.


Zen: what?


Zen: did your dad come up with this?


Jasmine: we have to prove your innocence and fast...




At the church...


Zen and Jasmine walk into it


Jasmine: looks kinda creepy...


Zen: we'll find him..


Zen walks behind the praying area


Zen walks into a room


Zen sees a man sitting in there reading the bible


Zen: Father Freddy Moore?


Father Moore: May I help you?


Zen: we're here to ask you some questions


Father Moore: It's late, come back in the morning


Jasmine: Could you spare us a little time?


Father Moore: the church is closed


Zen: we're here to ask you about Vampires


Father Moore: Vampires? only in legend...


Zen: what about the exorcism you performed?


Father Moore: Exorcism? I did many during my day


Zen: the one that you did to get rid of the vampires during the 1950s in Transalvania


Father Moore: What do you want to know?


Zen: Morphius, I'm sure you've heard of him...


Father Moore pauses for a while..


Father Moore: sit down...


Zen and Jasmine move in and sit on the chairs in front of them


Father Moore proceeds to lock the door


Father Moore grabs a book


Father Moore: Morphius is the king of all Vampires, powerful and ruthless


Jasmine: I'm confused, aren't Vampires just fiction?


Father Moore: Oh, they're more real than you think, little girl


Father Moore: All those legends out there, Vampires, Demons, Endermen, all real


Father Moore: they exist in another plane, known as the Nether


Father Moore: It is impossible to cross from their plane to ours, vice versa


Father Moore: Morphius was the only one that was able to cross to our plane, as he was powerful enough


Father Moore: he once tried to take over a whole village like a virus, but we managed to cast him out and kill him


Father Moore: his body was relocated here, and i stayed to guard it


Father Moore: He must never come in contact with human or any blood, or he will be reborn


Zen: well, looks like we're already too late for that


Father Moore: Morphius is back?


Zen: yeah


Father Moore turns his head to look at the calender


Father Moore: oh no....


Jasmine: what's wrong?


Father Moore: Morphius is going to break the barrier between the two planes and he will turn everyone into his slave


Zen: wait, you lost me


Father Moore: every halloween, the barrier between both planes is at it's weakest


Jasmine: that's tomorrow!


Father Moore: Morphius will perform a ritual to break this barrier, and everyone on this plane will be turned into mindless Vampires


Zen: a Vampire Apocolypse?


Father Moore: It's too late, i do not have the energy to stop him anymore


Father Moore: but i present to you this


Father Moore hands Zen a golden key


Zen: what is this?


Father Moore: It is a very powerful charm, before the clock strikes 12 midnight on halloween, stab it into Morphius and he will be sent back into the Nether


Jasmine: wouldn't he come back?


Father Moore: it will drain his power away..


Father Moore: we are counting on you now


Father Moore: Morphius cannot perform the moon charm


Jasmine: what are those?


Father Moore: the moon charm is a tool needed to break the barrier


Father Moore: they will be kept safe here with me, in my safe


Zen: thanks for your time father Moore


Zen and Jasmine leave the room


Jasmine: a little too much fiction don't you think?


Zen: we gotta trust him, it's all we can do


Just Then..


A tall figure stands at the door of the church


The tall figure appears to be a man


Man: shoudn't you children be at home this late at night?


Zen: we're heading home now, thanks for your concern...


Jasmine and Zen walk away


Zen: that was weird...


Jasmine: i don't know, don't you think he's kinda familliiar?


Zen: hmmm....


Zen: I remember, he's Dr Alucard, from the news interview, what would he be doing here?


Jasmine: i don't know, that's what creeps me out...


Zen: Alucard..............


Zen: Jasmine, you got some lipstick and a mirror?


Jasmine: i always do, why?


Zen: Can i borrow them?


Jasmine: um.... sure?


Zen grabs some random advertisment paper from the walls


Zen  uses the lipstick and writes "ALUCARD" on the paper


Jasmine: what are you doing?


Zen takes the paper and places it behind the mirror


The mirror image reads "DRACULA"


Jasmine: (Gasp)


Jasmine: Alucard is Morphius?


Zen: the moon charm!


Zen and Jasmine run back to the church


Jasmine: Father Moore!


Zen and Jasmine run to Father Moore's room


Zen sees the safe being pried open and the Moon charm gone


Zen: The charm, it's gone!


Zen: Father Moore!


Just then...


Jasmine sees some movement in the bathroom


Jasmine walks slowly to the bathroom...


Jasmine sees a Father Moore standing in the bathroom..


Jasmine: Father Moore!


Jasmine runs into the bathroom...


Jasmine reaches out her hand for Father Moore's shoulder


Just then...


Jasmine turns to see the bathroom mirror


Father Moore's reflection is not there....


Jasmine: (Gasp)


Jasmine: oh no...


Father Moore turns around and is revealed to have the face of a Vampire with sharp fangs


Father Moore grabs Jasmine and pushes her against a wall


Jasmine: AH!!!!


Zen: Jasmine!


Zen runs to Jasmine


Zen: oh my...


Father Moore lets out a growl and reveals his fangs


Father Moore reaches down to bite Jasmine's neck


Jasmine: ugh! no!


Zen runs in and punches Father Moore...


Father Moore falls...


Jasmine: thanks...


Zen: lets get outta here...


Just then...


Father Moore gets back up on his feet


Father Moore punces on Zen and Jasmine


Jasmine pushes him away with a pink shield


Zen slaps on the Infimatrix




Jasmine: don't hurt him...


Father Moore jumps on Armadrillo and bites him


But is unable to bite through his metal skin


Armadrillo swings Father Moore away


Father Moore attacks Armadrillo


Armadrillo punches Father Moore


Father Moore is launched outside the church...


Father Moore faints...


Armadrillo transforms back to human


Zen and Jasmine walk to Father Moore


Zen: he should be fine....


Jasmine: uh... Zen...


Zen looks up upon the roof of the church


Zen: Oh boy....


Morphius stands upon the roof with all his human-vampires


Morphius: so you are the legendary superhuman, no one would have expected...


Zen: framing me on television? seriously?


Morphius: the news speaks all


Zen: I don't harm people!


Morphius: you have no concept of the harm i'm capable of


Morphius: get them!


Dozens of Human-Vampires charge at Zen and Jasmine


Zen slaps on the Infimatrix




Chromastone punches the incoming Vampires away


Chromastone: don't let them bite you!


Jasmine shoots them away with here bolts


Chromastone shoots the vampires with his laser beams


Jasmine: i got this! Go for Morphius


Chromastone: no! there's too many!


Jasmine: it's ok, I can handle!


Chromastone jumps up and grabs onto the roof wall


Chromastone jumps up onto the roof


More vampires charge at Chromastone


Chromastone lets out an energy burst and knocks all the vampires away


Chromastone punches some of the vampires in his way


Morphius: get the girl! this one's mine...


Chromastone blasts the remaining few Vampires


Morphius: not bad, come at me...


Chromastone charges a punch at Morphius


Morphius dodges


Chromastone shoots multiple lasers at Morphius


Morphius dodges the lasers


Morphius: as slow as always...


Chromastone charges up his fist with energy


Chromastone punches Morphius


Morphius grabs the fist


Morphius grabs Chromastone's head and slams him to the ground....


Chromastone: ugh!


Morphius picks up Chromastone and punches him


Morphius shoots a dark beam at Chromastone


Chromastone is sent flying and hits a wall


Chromastone falls


Morphius: remember our little promise?


Chromastone reverts back to human


Zen: ugh....


Morphius picks Zen up


Morphius: why waste a life? when it could be use of service to me...


Zen: life? or living dead?


Morphius: you will serve me!


Morphius bites down on Zen's neck with his fangs


Zen: UGH!!!!!!!!!!


Morphius throws Zen to the ground...


Zen: ugh! no!!!


Zen: arh! the horror!


Morphius: wait, this isn't right, he should be brain dead by now


Zen: hey, i'm ok?


Zen: i'm ok! I'm good...


Morphius: you have done something to your blood...


Zen: face it, it's all in the watch!


Morphius: even if i cannot turn you into a vampire, there is still one that i can....


Just then...


A few vampires hold Jasmine captive and carries her over to Morphius


Jasmine: let me go! ugh!


Morphius: she will be the latest addition to my army


Zen: no...


Zen slaps on the Infimatrix




Arachno-man shoots webs at Morphius' eyes

Arachno-man jumps and kicks one vampire down

Arachno-man punches the other vampire holding Jasmine captive

Morphius pulls the webs from his eyes

Morphius: tear them!

Arachno-man jumps and kicks two vampires

The vampires jump and pounce on Arachno-Man

Arachno-man jumps and shoots a web onto the Cross of the church

Arachno-man stands on the Cross

All the vampires back away

Arachno-man: just like movies....

Arachno-man spins a web and swing kicks Morphius

Morohius falls

Arachno-man swings past Jasmine and grabs her

Arachno-man: hang on!

Arachno-man spins another web and swings away

Arachno-man: woohoo!!!

Morphius: (Growls)

Morphius: Arh!!!!!!!

Morphius: you're not gonna get in the way of my plans, alien man!

The Next Night...


Halloween Night...


Arachno-man sits over a building, watching over Halloween carnival


Arachno-man: alright, tonight's the night, he's gonna perform the ritual and we're gonna stop him




Rex is flying over the city on the lookout


Jasmine flies over downtown


Rex: none here


Jasmine: he's not here.

Just then


Arachno-man hears a squeaking sound...


Arachno-man turns and sees a bat flying past the carnival and towards the woods


Arachno-man runs after it


Arachno-man jumps off the building and spins a web


Arachno-man swings after it..


The bat flies into the woods...


Arachno-man stops at a factory near the woods...




Dozens of human-vampires dash out of the woods


The vampires all pounce on Arachno-man


Arachno-man steps back and creates a ginat cob web between two steam vents


Most of the vampires get trapped in the cobweb


The rest jump over and pursue Arachno-man


Arachno-man punches two vampires away...


Arachno-man slaps on the Infimatrix


-Infinite Arachno-man-


Infinite Arachno-man shoots web balls on the ground


The web balls explode and create a cloud of smoke


Infinite Arachno-man jumps up onto a tall pole


Infinite Arachno-man shoots a web on two bill boards each by the sides


Infinite Arachno-man pulls the webs and the bill boards fall on the human vampires


Infinite Arachno-man shoots a web and swings away...


Infinite Arachno-man rests on another building...


Just then...


Infinite Arachno-man sees hundreds of other human vampires raiding the streets


Infinite Arachno-man: my god..


Infinite Arachno-man watches the vampires run down the streets


Infinite Arachno-man: The carnival!


Infinite Arachno-man: guys! the vampires are heading to the halloween carnival


Rex: right, on our way!


Infinite Arachno-man swings ahead of the vampires and begins to shoot webs from the buildings..


Infinite Arachno-man spins a large cobweb from the buildings


The vampires all run into the web and get trapped


Just then...


Infinite Arachno-man hears a voice


Voice: you won't stop them that way


Infinite Arachno-man turns and sees Morphius


Morphius holds Rex and Jasmine unconsious in his arms


Infinite Arachno-man: no!


Morphius: they were weak! slow!


Morphius throws Rex and Jasmine to the ground


Infinite Arachno-man jumps up and kicks Morphius


Morphius dodges


Morphius punches Infinite Arachno-man


Infinite Arachno-man jumps up and dodges


Infinite Arachno-man kicks Morphius face as he falls


Morphius falls


Infinite Arachno-man shoots a web at Morphius and throws him against a wall


Infninite Arachno-man shoots two webs at Morphius


Infinite Arachno-man propels himself towards Morphius with a kick


Morphius falls to another building roof


Infinite Arachno-man charges at Morphius and punches him


Morphius dodges


Morphius extends his sharp fingernails and claws Infinite Arachno-man


Infinite Arachno-man's skin regenerates


Infinite Arachno-man charges a fist and punches Morphius' face


Morphius stumbles back and one of his fang's falls out...


Morphius: you mess with the king, you will face my wrath!


Infinite Arachno-man: right, i get that a lot


Infinite Arachno-man shoots web balls at Morphius


They explode upon contact


The explosion creates a cloud of smoke


Morphius jumps out of the smoke and grabs Infinite Arachno-man's shoulder


Morphius discharges dark electricity into Infinite Arachno-man


Infinite Arachno-man: ugh!!!!


Morphius: Fall! Fall!


Infinite Arachno-man falls weak and gets to his knees


Morphius: you shall bow to the prince of darkness


Infinite Arachno-man: lets see who gets darker!


Infinite Arachno-man slaps on the Infimatrix




Nightwinger lets out a sonic blast


Morphius falls..


Nightwinger flies up


Morphius: another bat?


Morphius: try as you may, you cannot out-bat me!


Morphius throws a dark bolt


Nightwinger tunrs intangible and lets the bolt passs through him


Nightwinger lets out a sonic scream


Morphius teleports away...


Morphius appears right behind Nightwinger


Morphius shoots a dark beam at Nightwinger


Nightwinger  falls


Nightwinger reverts back to Zen


Morphius: you're weak, just like your friends!


Morphius: i would like to slaughter you right now, but i have more important matters


Morphius floats up to the air


Morphius looks at the clock on a building


"11:30 pm"


Morphius: perfect, just before midnight...


Morphius grabs the moon charm and raises it up in the air....


Morphius: let us begin....




The Vampires break through the cobweb and race to the carnival


The vampires charge towards the carnival


People: AH!!!!


People: vampires!


The people at the carnival panic and start to run...


The vampires grab on to them and bite on them, turning them into vampires too




Morphius: My children of the night, arise to feed, to bring the two worlds together!


Morphius raises the moon charm corrosponding to the position of the moon...




Zen runs to Jasmine and Rex


Zen: guys! wake up! he's starting the ritual!


Just then...


Rex and Jasmine wake up...


Jasmine: ugh! what happened?


Rex: is it time for school yet?


Zen: it's starting...


Morphius releases the moon charm and it floats in the air


Morphius gets to a sitting position


Morphius begins chanting and casting out some odd language


Dark clouds begin to gather around the moon charm


Morphius: mos phor melien tas!!!


Just then...


A lightning strikes down


A streak of red begins to take over the sky....


Zen looks at the clock




Zen: we got 5 minutes...


Rex generates the smack hands and the boogie pack


Rex jumps and flies up towards Morphius


Rex punches Morphius


Morphius releases a dark beam and strikes at Rex


Rex: ugh!!!!!!!!


Jasmine throws her bolts at Morphius


The bolts hit Morphius harmlessly...


Morphius stops the beam


Rex Falls


Jasmine flies and grabs Rex


Zen: i gotta stop him!


Zen takes the golden key from his pocket


Zen looks at the time




Zen slaps on the Infimatrix




Speedstar flies up and fires electric blasts at Morphius


The blasts hit him harmlessly...


Morphius: you cannot stop me now! I am Invincible!


Speedstar charges at Morphius


Morphius shoots bolts at Speedstar


Speedstar dodges one bolt


But is hit by another...




The time reads "11:59"


Morphius: i am almost complete! do not inturpt me again!


Speedstar slaps on the Infimatrix


-Infinite Speedstar-

(Credits to Captain Rob)


Infinite Speedstar shoots his shoulder cannon at Morphius


The cannon fires an electric shell


The shell hits Morphius


Morphius: ugh!


Morphius: can't stop now!




The clock reads 30 more seconds to midnight....


Morphius: I have to focus!


Infinite Speedstar shoots a few missiles from his hands


The missiles hit Morphius


Morphius: ugh!


Infinite Speedstar charges at Morphius with the golden key


Just then...


The clock strikes 12, and the bell starts to chime


Infinite Speedstar smashes into Morphius and knocks him off course


They both crash land on a roof


Infinite Speedstar opens his palm...


The key is not there...


Infinite Speedstar looks at Morphius


The key is stabbed into Morphius heart


Morphius: UGH! ARH! GAH!


Morphius: NO!


Infinite Speedstar: your time is up!


Morphius lets out a laugh...


Morphius: haha....


Morphius gets back on his feet and pulls out the key


Morphius: tick tock, you're too late!


Infinite Speedstar stares shocked


Infinite Speedstar looks at the clock




Morphius shoots a dark beam at Infinite Speedstar


Infinite Speedstar: UGH!!!!!


Infinite Speedstar falls


Infinite Speedstar reverts back to Zen...


Morphius looks at the moon charm


The moon charm releases a dark beam into the air


Morphius: now, the two worlds shall become one!


Zen: no....


The Nether plane starts to faintly appear in earth's sky


The barrier starts to crack like glass


Just then....


A Pink beam knocks the moon charm off course


The beam disappears


The Nether plane starts to disappear


Morphius: NO!!!!


Rex flies up and grabs the moon charm


Morphius throws a dark bolt at Rex


Rex throws the moon charm at the bolt


The bolt hits the moon charm and it shatters into dust...


Morphius: no! this cannot be! it mustn't end like this!


Morphius: I cannot be stopped! I will make this world my slave even if i have to use my bare hands!


Morphius: I am evil incarnate! I am the prince of...


Just then...


A voice calls out to Morphius


Voice: hey!


Morphius: Darkness?


Morphius turns around and sees a large flying alien


Alien: and, now you'll be light to dust


The alien opens his mouth and shoots a giant light beam at Morphius


Morphius: AH!!!!!!!!!


Morphius begins to dinsintergrate to bones....


Rex jumps in and punches Morphius' skeleton...


The bones are reduced to dust...


The alien transforms back to Zen...




All the human vampires around Greenwood revert back to their human form.....


Just then..


The police and ambulances arrive....


Jasmine: glad that's over...


Zen: you know, we still gotta find somewhere to put all this ash, don't wanna let it come back again...




The news reporter is shown reporting the news


News Reporter: An eerie call has flown over Greenwood tonight, all the lost ones have reportedly appeared out of nowhere, they all have been reported being transformed into vampires


News Reporter: the Greenwood City Police Department has confirmed that the alien man was not the mastermind behind this incident, though the real culprit is unknown


News Reporter: so it is safe to say that the alien man has officially return from villain to vigilante...




The team bring Morphius' ashes to Greenwood Cemetery

Zen burys the ashes at Morphius' grave


Rex: you sure it's safe to leave him there?


The team walk away...


Jasmine: yeah, what if he comes back again


Zen: well, he's a legend, lets just hope he stays that way...


The team walk out of the scene...


Just then..


The screen focuses on Morphius' grave




A pair of fangs dashes across the screen and it goes black



DISClAIMER: Any relationship or religious disagreements and harm from this flim to reality is not intended, all similarities and identical occurances to real life situations, animals and human, living or dead is purely coincidental




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