Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 9: Halo' Spooks

Zen: The dictionary defines the word Defenestration as the act of throwing a person or a thing out of the window


Scene shows Arachno-man being thrown out of the window


Zen: really not my favrouite word


Arachno-man spins a web and projects himself back into the building


Arachno-man lands in a Halloween party


Arachno-man: right! where's the over-dressed halloween freak?


The people point to the ceiling


Arachno-man looks up


A flying object charges a Arachno-man


Arachno-man: oh boy....


The screen goes black and turns into a comic book


Zen: I know, a little to fast for ya, but don't worry, here's how it all happened


Zen: It was the night before Haloween.......


Comic book flips to a page where it shows Zen's house covered in decorations


It turns back into a cartoon


Zen is seen hanging up the last of the Jack O' Lanterns


Zen: well, that's about done


Grandma Verdona: and we have the candy for the children who will come trick or treating tomorrow


Grandpa Max: so Zen, you got a costume for your Haloween Party tomorrow?


Zen: no plans yet


Grandpa Max: how about one of those alien guys, uh..... Spiderman, or something


Zen: hmm... that could work....


Zen walks up to his bedroom

Zen opens up a wardrobe

Zen picks a costume similar to Arachno-man

The costume has a web like design over it and the Infimatrix symbol is replaced with a spider symbol




(Credit to Brigz7071 from da)

Zen(Thinking): I've been saving this suit for a rainy day

Zen: the Spiderman suit, with built in wall crawlers, and web shooters, built with credit to Azmuth

Zen: now, I can finally use it...

The next day....

In School....

Mark: hey, you ready for the party tonight?

Zen: you bet!

Mark: whatcha wearing?

Zen: oh, you know, the classics

Mark: well, I'm doing the werewolf style

Zen: ok, meet you later!


At Oscorp.....

Norman Osbourne is working in his office

Just then...

A security guard bursts in

Security Guard: Mr Osbourne, we have an unidentified object heading this way!


A flying object bursts through the window

It shoots the guard

It is revealed to be The Beetle

Beetle (Abner Jenkins).JPG
The Beetle points his Wrist cannon at Norman

Beetle: the Gobulin formula, where is it?

Norman: you do know that you can be in deep trouble for trespassing

Beetle: don't play games with me Norman!

Norman: if you want the formula, you can have it

Norman: but I want a deal.....


Norman: I want you to destroy Lincoln Tech's building

The Beetle flies out of Oscorp...


Speedstar is seen flying back home

The Beetle flies past Speedstar...


Speedstar: well that's something you don't see everyday, almost everday


Speedstar: so Beetle, I'm sure you're wearing that for Haloween tonight


Speedstar: where are you going for trick or treating? The Zoo?


The Beetle shoots Speedstar with his blaster


Speedstar: so what's your plans after being MIA for so long?


Beetle: trust me, you'll know tonight


Speedstar: where tonight? when tonight?


Beetle: Believe me, you'll know


Beetle throws a grenade


It Explodes at Speedstar


Speedstar falls onto a building


The beetle flies away


Later that night.....


Zen changes into his Spiderman costume


Zen: Bye grandpa, bye grandma


Grandpa Max: ok kid, good luck


Zen runs out of the house


Zen: ok, since it's an hour before the party starts, lets see what this suit can do


Zen puts on the Spiderman mask


Zen climbs up a building


Zen: wow, it really works!


Zen climbs all the way to the top


Zen runs and jumps off the building


Zen: ok, here it goes.....


Zen spins a web using the webshooters


Zen swing on the web


Zen: Wooooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!

Zen: swinging as Arachno-man is great, but to be truly swinging yourself is Awesome!

Zen swings to a building and sticks himself to the building

Zen: now, we're missing something

Just then....

Zen spots a guy behaving suspiciously around a car

Zen: we need some action!

Zen swing to the man

The man breaks open the car door

The man tries to starts to start the car

Just then...

Zen clears his throat

Zen: ahem, you know, if you wanna steal cars, don't dress like a car thief

The thief turns and sees Spiderman standing outside the car door

Thief: you a cop?

Spiderman: you seriously think I'm a cop? In a skintight red and blue suit?

Thief: uh oh

Zen pulls him out of the car

Zen webs him to a lamp post

Zen swings away


Zen races to the party

Zen jumps from building to building

Zen: aw gee, I'm late!

Zen recieves a phone call

Zen picks it up

Zen: yeah, Mark, I'll see you there

Zen lands on the ground

Zen: actually, I'm already here

Zen turns around and sees Mark

Zen pulls off his mask

Zen: tada! I made it!

Mark: nice!


They walk into the Greenwood Function Hall

In the hall....

Many decorations were set up and booths were placed too

Blaine walks over to Zen

Blaine appears in a Hulk costume

Blaine: hey! Look! It's the spectacular spider-nerd!

All the Bullies laugh

Zen: don't worry Blaine, you fill in your costume pretty well

Blaine: look Parker, the only reason I'm not in an alien costume is ecause I lost a bet to Rand

Zen: well, at least you made the best out of it

Just then...

Charmaine walks over

Charmaine: hey Zen, looking good

Zen: well, I did my best

Just then...

The Beetle flies over the roof

Zen: thug alert

Zen walks off quietly

Mark: hey Zen, lets go for the spook trail!

Zen is gone...

Mark: Zen? Zen?


At a nearby construction site

A car pulls over

Beetle arrives

Two men get out of the car

The beetle throws a newspaper with the headline of Lincolt tech being destroyed

Man: the formula

The man hands a briefcase


A web pulls the briefcase away

They look to the web spinner

Zen appears in his Spiderman costume

The two man grab their rifles and fire

Zen spins his webs at the rifles and pulls them away

Zen shoots web balls

The two men fall

Zen spins a web at Beetle

Zen: just take him down, no sweat

The Beetle grabs the web and pulls Zen to the ground

Zen: ok, maybe a little sweat

Zen looks like nothing can replace the original!

Zen pulls up his sleeve and slaps on the Infimatrix


Quakesand punches Beetle away

Beetle falls

The Beetle inserts te formula in his blasters

The Beetle flies away

Quakesand slaps on the Infimatrix


Jetray flies after Beetle


Beetle turns around and Shoots Jetray


Jetray keeps dodging


Beetle: hold still!


The Beetle fires a beam


Jetray dodges


Jetray fires an eyebeam


The Beetle is hit


The Beetle spins in mid-air


Beetle hits against a metal pipe


Jetray grabs Beetle with his legs and tosses Beetle up high


Jetray shoots another eyebeam


Beetle is sent flying


Beetle crashes against the windows of the Greenwood Function Hall


Beetle lands into the party


Beetle crashes some tables 


People: Woah!!!


Just then....


Jetray flies in


Jetray: who's ready to crash the party?


Beetle gets back up


Jetray slaps on the Infimatrix




Fastwork runs over and punches Beetle


Beetle grabs Fastwork's fist


Beetle: impressive


Fastwork uses his other arm and punches Beetle


Beetle: Ugh!


Beetle kicks Fastwork


Fastwork falls on a table


Beetle flies up


Beetle aims a cannon


Beetle shoots it


Fastwork runs away


Fastwork fires a beam


Beetle dodges


Fastwork grabs a stack of plates and throws them like discs


Beetle dodges the first two


But is hit by the rest


Fastwork slaps on the Infimatrix




Arachno-man swings up to Beetle and kicks him


Arachno-man Kicks Beetle


Beetle Grabs Arachno-man's legs and throws him out the window


Arachno-man falls out of the window

Arachno-man spins a web and projects himself back into the building


Arachno-man lands back in the party


Arachno-man: right! where's the over-dressed halloween freak?


The people point to the ceiling


Arachno-man looks up


Beetle charges at Arachno-man


Arachno-man: oh boy.... 


Arachno-man ducks and dodges Beetle


Arachno-man spins a web at Beetle and pulls him back


Beetle hits a table


Beetle kicks Arachno-man


Beetle flies back up


Arachno-man swings and shoot web-balls


Beetle: ugh!


The Beetle throws a grenade


Arachno-man dodges


Arachno-man spins a web at the grenade and throws it back to Beetle


It explodes


Beetle falls


Beetle gets back up and throws two razor discs


Arachno-man: oh no


They aim at Arachno-man


Arachno-man dodges them by jumping


Arachno-man swings away


The discs follow Arachno-man


Arachno-man: i hate those things!


Arachno-man turns around and shoots web-balls


But the razor cuts off the web balls




The razors retract and the discs starts to blink


Arachno-man: oh man


The beetle flies up


Arachno-man grabs the Beetle and climbs behind him


The discs hit Beetle and they explode


Beetle: ugh!!!!!


Beetle and Arachno-man fall out of the window


Arachno-man spins a web and grabs Beetle while falling


Arachno-man pull the Beetle towards him and punches the Beetle


Beetle: Uh!


Beetle kicks Arachno-man


Beetle shoots him


Arachno-man is hit


Arachno-man shoots web balls at Beetle


Beete: ugh!


Arachno-man webs Beetle and pull himself closer


Arachno-man steps on Beetle and hold it there until they land


Beetle lands with a thud


Arachno-man jumps off


Arachno-man: had enough?


Beetle: to the contrary, it's just begun


Beetle activates an even more powerful armour


Beetle's armour starts to transform


It turns into a giant robot




Arachno-man: wow


The Beetle fires missiles at Arachno-man


Arachno-man jumps and dodges


Arachno-man Slaps on the Infimatrix




Boompath fires his cannon


But it has no effect on Beetle


Beetle grabs Boompath and throws him against a wall


Boompath: ok, time to turn on the heat!


Boompath slaps on the Infimatrix


-Infinite Boompath-


Infinite Boompath flies up and shoots his repulsors


Beetle: Ugh!


Beetle shoots his cannons


Infinite Boompath dodges the shots


Infinite Boompath charges his Repulsors and fires a beam


The Beetle holds back the beam


Beetle: Zero cannons online!


The Beetle fires a white beam back


The white beam overcomes Infinite Boompath's beam


Infinite Boompath falls


Beetle: Flamethrowers online


Beetle fires his flamethrowers


Infinite Boompath dodge rolls and fies up


Infinite Boompath fires a missile at Beetle


Beetle's armour is partially damaged


Infinite Boompath fires his repulsors at Beetle's face


Beetle punches Infinite Boompath


Infinite Boompath dodges


Infinite Boompath fires his repulsors again


Beetle's vision goes blury


Infinite Boompath punches Beetle a few times


Infinite Boompath climbs on Beetle's back


Infinite Boompath punches a hole into Beetle's armour


Infinite Boompath pulls out a few wires and a box like device


Infinite Boompath: this looks important!


Beetle's vision cuts off


Infinite Boompath flies to an electric cable and breaks it into two


Infinite Boompath inserts the cable into Beetle's power core


Beetle gets Electrocuted


Beetle: UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


The armour malfunctions and shuts down


Infinite Boompath removes the cable


Beetle faints

Infinite Boompath: Happy Haloween pal


The police arrive


Infinite Boompath: he's all yours...


Infinite Boompath flies away




Zen walks into the party holding a camera


Mark: hey Zen! you missed all the action! where were you?


Zen: I was in the middle of it!


Mark: huh?


Zen: i was taking photos


Mark: right, for the Paper


Zen: yeah


Mark: so, lets go for the spook trail?


Zen: sure


Mark: lets just hope they don't use the Red Beetle thing again, it didn't work last year




The End......

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