Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 4: Zen 10 Infinite Alien/Christy X Crossover- The Alliance (Part 1)

A lightning bolt strikes down to the ground

A news helicopter flies past

News reporter: in the last 2 hours, freak lightning storms have occurred here in Chicago, which have caused at least 3 fires, the Chicago fire department are at the scene people with the Police, this has been the worst lightning storm in 20 years!


A red lighting strikes down to the ground

A red puddle of goop land on the ground

It forms up an becomes a giant red monster


Police officers: whoa!

The monster starts destroying cars and buildings

The officers point their pistols and fire at the monster

The bullets hit it harmlessly


The news reporter reports back

News reporter: this is Vale Knight, reporting live from the Chicago freak storm area, it seems that a giant red alien monster just burst out from the lightning storm, police are handling the situation and SWAT team is on its way, it is what seems as indestructible, looks like the city could meet it's doom!

SWAT team van arrives...

The SWAT team officers grab their rifles and fire at the the monster

The monster slams down to the ground

The SWAT team all fall

Just then...

A streak of yellow flies in and blasts the Creature with electric bolts

Reporter: it looks at though we've received a little super powered help, perhaps it's the Alien guy that everyone talks about!

The yellow creature is appeared to be Speedstar

Jasmine and Rex arrive at the scene

Rex is seen with goggles to cover his identity

Speedstar fires Electric bolts at it

Rex generates the Smack Hands and punches the monster

Jasmine fire a beam

The attacks hit it harmlessly

The monster punches Speedstar to the ground

Speedstar slaps on the Infimatrix


Humungousuar throws a car at it

The car merely passes through the monster

The monster slams down on the ground

Humungousuar falls

Rex generates the Slam Cannon

Rex picks up a rock and fires at the monster

The monster falls

Rex: this is gonna be one tough jocky

Humungousuar: not when I'm on the scene

Humungousuar slaps on the Infimatrix Symbol

-Infinite Humungousuar-


Infinite Humungousuar's Right arm transforms into a missile launcher

Infinite Humungousuar fires missiles at the monster

The monster lets out a loud scream

The monster slams down on Infinite Humungousuar

Jasmine creates a big shield

Infinite Humungousuar: time to turn up the heat

Both of Infinite Humungousuar's hands transform into Flamethrowers

Infinite Humungousuar shoots his flames at the monster

Rex shoots his fusion cannon

Jasmine fires a few bolts

The monster lets out another loud piercing scream

The monster creates an earthquake by stamping on the ground

The gang falls

The monster falls weak to the ground

Infinite Humungousuar: all in glory to the giant cigarette lighter

The monster stretches an arm and aims for Infinite Humungousuar's Infimatrix

The monster grabs the Infimatrix

Infinite Humungousuar's arms transform into Swords and cuts off the arm of the monster

The arm regenerates

The monster Gets back on its feet

It punches the Trio

They fall

The monster lifts it's feet up and aims down to step on them

Just then....

A lightning bolt strikes and a lava creature falls from the sky


The lava creature fires fire bolts at the Monster

The monster lets out a scream and falls

Infinite Humungousuar Slaps on the Eletrix


The monster punches the lava monster

Volcano pounces and pushes the Lava Alien out of the way

Lava Alien (In a Female voice): thanks

Volcano shoots a fire beam at the monster

The monster falls

Rex fires the fusion cannon

Jasmine fires a beam

Volcano and The Lava Alien both Shoot a fire beam together

The Monster starts to grow weak

The monster dissipates into a drain

Volcano: it's over

Volcano: who are you?

Lava creature: I was wondering who you were too

Volcano: I'm the world's famous hero

Lava creature: hey that's my line!

Volcano: what?

Just then...

Rex and Jasmine land on the ground

Rex: ok, what's the hush?

Jasmine: ok... It's looks like both of you have an Infimatrix

Lava Creature: Infimatrix? Never heard of it, maybe you got confused with my Omegamatrix?

Volcano: didn't that get destroyed like... Before earth was born?

Lava Creature: Destroyed?

The Lava Creature Slaps on her Omegamatrix and transforms back to a human


Volcano: Aw... Man......
Jasmine: another Evil twin?

Unknown girl: evil twin? I was about think you're my evil twin

Volcano: nope, we're the good guys!

Unknown Girl: prove it!

Volcano shoots himself onto a rooftop

Rex grabs the Unknown girl and flies to Volcano

Jasmine hovers up

Unknown girl: hey!

Volcano transforms back to Zen

Zen: sorry, we couldn't do it in public

Zen: I'm Zen, these are my friends, Rex and Jasmine

Zen: we're the good guys, I have this watch called the Infimatrix and we help the Plumbers at times

Unknown Girl: Hey, I've heard of the Plumbers!

Unknown Girl: I'm Christy, By the way

Rex: if she's not an evil twin, how did she even get here?

Jasmine: Maybe She's a twin, but an Alternate Version?

Zen: you mean a parallel Universe? That's only in Science Fiction

Just then...

Azmuth teleports with a man in a white lab coat

Jasmine: Azmuth and..... Uh.....

Christy: hey where I come from, we have an Azmuth too!

Zen: wait a minute, I remember you, Professor Paradox! From the dream!

Rex: wow, your dream buddy's a living human?

Paradox: well, not really a dream buddy, I'm a time traveller

Zen: how is that even possible?

Paradox: that's a story for another time

Azmuth: we came here to tell you that Christy is from a cross parallel Universe, in other words, another dimension

Zen: Aw Man! That does exist?

Azmuth: it does, in fact, there are hundreds of other dimensions with different versions of you in it, each with its own story

Zen: wow....

Christy: can you bring me back?

Paradox: well, sure! Why not?

Christy: then do it!

Azmuth: not until you complete what needs to be done here first

Azmuth: the creature you just fought was a dangerous being, he bent the physics of Time and Space and transported Christy to a random Galaxy

Zen: can you at least tell us what it is?

Paradox: we'll leave that to you to find out

Azmuth: you must stop it before it grows powerful!

Zen: yeah, and Thanksgiving is in a week's time

Azmuth: well, you should have fun though, we'll see you people again soon

Azmuth and Paradox teleport away

Christy: so, where am I gonna stay till Azmuth sends me back?

Zen: you can put up at my place

Jasmine: ahem! We've still got an unknown danger on the lose

Zen: not a problem! I know where to get the best info

The screen flashes to a science lab

Zen and his friend walk into the lab

Zen: this lab is owned by Dr. Curt, he's the best scientist in Greenwood, plus he comes to my school every once in a while

Zen walks up to a guy in a lab coat

Zen: this is The Doctor's assistant, Freddy, AKA, my middle school best friend

Freddy: yeah, we've been brothers since

Freddy: there's Doctor Curt's room, feel free to go in

The Trio enter the room

Zen: hey Dr. Curt!

Dr. Curt: hey there Zen, what can I do for you today?

Zen: got a sample of a red, Goopy alien?

Dr. Curt: sorry, no aliens here

Christy: Actually, I do

Christy takes out a handkerchief

A blob of the red alien goop sticks to the handkerchief

Zen: we'd like you to examine this further, see what you can find

Dr. Curt: sure, but where did you get that from?

Zen: from some forest

Dr. Curt: ok, come back in about 3 days time

Dr Curt takes the Handkerchief

Later that Evening...

Zen and Christy return home...

Grandpa Max: hey Zen, who's your friend?

Zen: oh, She..... Christy, an Exchange Student, From...... North Carolina!

Grandma Verdona: well, isn't that nice?

Zen: sure, I'll go get the guest room...

Later that night....

Before bedtime...

Zen throws himself onto bed

Zen: Man, tough day...

Just then...

Zen sees a few bomb blasts down the streets

Zen: can this day get any worse?


Zen hears a knock on the door

Zen opens it and sees Christy standing outside

Christy: so, is this one of those times where you get out there and stop the bad guy?

Zen: yup

Christy: I'm going with

Zen: that can be arranged

Zen slaps on the Eletrix


Arachno-man opens the window and jumps out

Arachno-man swings towards the Scene

Arachno-man: last one there is a rotten egg!

Arachno-man swings to the scene

Arachno-man sees the same red alien destroying the area

Police officers shoot at it

Arachno-man swings down and kicks it

The creature goes flying onto a rooftop

The creature takes a giant piece of rubble and breaks it into half

It throws both halves at Arachno-man

Arachno-man jumps and slides in between both blocks

Arachno-man spins a web and grabs the two blocks of rubble

Arachno-man throws the two pieces of rubble back at the creature

The creature falls

Arachno-man kicks the creature

Arachno-man spins a web at the creature

Arachno-man slams in to the road from the building

Just then...

Jetray(Christy) flies in and zaps the creature

The creature stretches and tries to reach for Jetray

Jetray dodges

Jetray slams in the Omegatrix

Christy transforms into a blue water dragon
HyDragon shoots a beam of ice at the creature

The creature is frozen

HyDragon slaps on the Omegamatrix

Christy transforms into the same alien she did before

Lava Gal shoots a beam of fire at the frozen creature

The ice melts and the creature goes flying

The creature hits a building

The creature gets back up

Just then...

Jasmine arrives and spawns a pink claw

Jasmine throws the creature in the air

Jasmine fires a beam at the creature

Rex flies in

Rex generates the Smack Hands and punches the Creature

Rex generates the Punk Busters and slams the creature to the ground

Rex: oh yeah!

Just then...

The red creature turns into a Goopy substance and overwhelms Rex

The creature takes over Rex's body shape

Rex: arh!!!!

Arachno-man: it's taking over your body! Fight it!

Rex: ugh!!!!!

Rex manages to pull the creature off his body

The creature exit Rex's body

The creature lets out a scream

The creature punches the ground

Rex hovers up

Arachno-man slaps on the Infimatrix



(Credit to Cyber Akif)
Fastwork: this one's new!

Fastwork zooms past the creature and punches it

The creature is hit

Lava Gal Slaps on the Omegamatrix

-Echo Echo-

Echo Echo lets out a loud Sonic scream

The creature let's out a scream and falls

Rex generates the slam cannon and fires a rock at the creature

It grabs the rock and throws back

Jasmine creates a shield to block the rock away

Fastwork blasts a cosmic beam

The creature falls

The creature lets out a loud scream

It escapes by entering a drain

Fastwork: I think we've got a problem now...

The next day....

In school....

Zen, Rex and Jasmine meet up

Zen: so.... How's things going along?

Jasmine: well, things didn't work out too well...

Jasmine plays flashback


Jasmine walks back home and opens the door

Jasmine quietly walks up the stairs

Just then....

Jasmine parents turn on the lights

Jasmine Gasps

Commissioner Taylor: I remember us talking about a curfew at 10, the time now is 11.30

Jasmine: I can explain

Jasmine's Mom: no more excuses young lady, this isn't the first time, you're grounded!

Jasmine: aw....

Jasmine's mom: until Thanksgiving


The screen flashes back to the real world

Jasmine: so that's what pretty much happened

Rex: yeah, and here's what happened to me

Rex plays his flashback


Rex Flies in and climbs in through his room window

Just then....

His host parents open the door

Rex: ah! Mom! Dad!

Rex's Mom: where have you been Rex?

Rex: I can explain!

Rex's dad: we've talked to your real parents about this, you're grounded until Thanksgiving!

Rex: Aw Man!


The scene flashes back to the real world

Zen: Aw great! I've gotta go collect the test results later, and you guys aren't gonna be there

Rex: I guess I could spare a little time off

Jasmine: me too

Jasmine: where's Christy?

Zen: she wanted to explore Greenwood, we'll meet up At the lab later


At the lab....

Zen: so, Doc, whacha got?

Dr. Curt: I've identified and done some tests on the alien specimen you gave me, it has displayed some properties of a symbiote

Rex: symbiotes?

Zen: symbiotes are like parasites, they require a host body to survive, and they also cause harm to the host, like Viruses and Bacteria

Dr Curt: always my best intern

Jasmine: any weaknesses?

Dr Curt: the symbiote has displayed to be rendered weak when close to heat, Icy temperatures will also keep it immobilized, like the symbiote in the freezer there

Dr Curt: it tends to hate loud sounds, and electricity will also discos it's molecules

Dr Curt: I've also noticed one thing, when the symbiote takes over the host, it alters the Host's genes

Christy: because it means to take overthe Host completely

Dr Curt: exactly, i've developed a gene cleanser, in case the symbiote takes over a host, this cleanser will diamond the symbiote from it's host, small amounts of electric shots will temporarily disband the symbiote too

Rex: isn't it dangerous for a symbiote to be around here

Dr Curt: don't worry, the symbiote isn't capable of taking host of a body without it's full form, and the sample I have here is just a small portion of the symbiote

Zen: which was why the symbiote wasn't able to take over Rex before

Rex: and the reason why the other Half of the symbiote has travelled from Chicago to Greenwood

Dr Curt: what?

Zen: oh nothing

Zen: thanks Dr Curt

Later that night.......

The screen flashes to a man chasing a teen boy

Man: hey! Gimme back my wallet!

Boy: only if you can get it back old timer!

Man: i'm calling the cops!

The boy jumps over a fence and hides behind a wall

The man slowly crawls over the fence

The boy looks up and sees a window

The boy climbs into the window

The boy jumps over and lands on a table

The boy removes his bandana

He is revealed to be Blaine

Blaine opens the wallet that he stole

Blaine craves at the hundred dollar notes in the wallet

Just then...

Blaine accidentally knocks over some glass tubes

Blaine looks at a sign board

It reads "Greenwood National Science Labratory"

Blaine reads another sign

It reads "Scientist in charge- Dr Nigel Curt"

Blaine: oh no, I'm in a science lab

Blaine: gee, Zen should come here often

Blaine walks into a room

The room reads "Cryogenics Compartment- Caution: high radiation levels present"

Blaine: hello?

Blaine: sure is cold here

Blaine: anybody?

Just then....

A loud scream is heard

Blaine walks further into the lab

Blaine sees a red Goopy alien breaking through an ice freezer

The red alien grabs the symbiote in the Freezer and merges with it

Blaine: wow!

The red alien turns around

Blaine: uh oh!

Blaine: good boy, stay!

The alien lets out a loud scream

Blaine runs for his life

But the alien pounces on Blaine

The alien starts to merge with Blaine

Blaine: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaine turns into a vicious red monster


Blaine's body is taken over by the Symbitote creature

The red alien (Blaine) lets out a scream

The alien jumps against the screen

The screen blacks out


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Comment by BIG CHILL on March 10, 2012 at 6:43am
He is your design isn't he? But if you wanna redesign him, go ahead, i'd love to see your work!
Comment by CYBER on March 10, 2012 at 6:32am
BIG CHILL,do u want me to re-design Fastwork? he will look more "cooler" if i did

Comment by BIG CHILL on February 7, 2012 at 6:03pm
Oops, I gues I'm not used to it yet, thanks anyway

Comment by BIG CHILL on February 7, 2012 at 4:06am
Cooper, I'm still writing Part 2, should be out soon, the most it will be out by next week

Comment by BIG CHILL on February 7, 2012 at 1:50am
Cooper; part 2 will be the epic final of the crossover

Ryan; ok, cool
Comment by Ryan on February 7, 2012 at 12:26am

Credit to me for the design of Lava Gal. You probably don't know this, but I designed it for Chris when we did the crossover of Chris X and me.

Comment by Cooper 10 on February 6, 2012 at 11:04pm

can u make this sweeter lets see part 2

Comment by BIG CHILL on February 6, 2012 at 5:55pm
Part 2 will be out soon!!!!

Comment by BIG CHILL on February 6, 2012 at 5:55pm
Thx cooper
Comment by Cooper 10 on February 6, 2012 at 1:03pm


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