Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 30: Vengence

25 Dec, 2000 hours

At Jasmine's house...

Zen walks Jasmine home

Zen: sorry we couldn't get to see the whole christmas carnival, but I promised your dad that i got you home by eight

Jasmine: it's ok Zen, at least i got to spend the christmas with you

Jasmine leans forward and kisses Zen on the cheek

Jasmine: Merry Christmas Zen..

Jasmine walks into her house

Zen turns around and walks home....


Zen walks across a street...


A shadow stalks him from the buildings

Zen's mind starts to tingle...

Zen turns around....

But no one is around

Zen walks down into a quiet lane...

The shadow follows him and jumps from building to building

Just then...

The shadow jumps from the building and shoots a grappling hook

The shadow swings at Zen


Zen's mind starts to tingle again...

Zen turns around quickly..

The black figure swoops down on Zen and grabs him

Zen: oofph!

The black figure launches Zen up and punches him...

Zen: ugh!

The Black figure grabs Zen and throws him against the wall

Zen: ah!!!!


The Black figure swoops in and grabs him again..

The black figure punches Zen

Zen: ugh!

Zen punches back

The black figure blocks

The black figure kicks Zen onto a rooftop

Zen lands on a rooftop

Zen: ugh!

Zen gets up slowly..

Zen: ow...

Just then...

Zen's mind starts tingling again...

Zen turns around

The black figure jumps in and throws a few metal spikes at Zen

Zen blocks the spikes and gets cut in his arms

Zen: ow!

The black figure charges at Zen and punches him

Zen dodges the attack

The black figure throws punches at Zen

Zen dodges the punches

The black figure strikes a fist at Zen

Zen blocks the attack and punches the black figure

The black figure dodges and kicks Zen

Zen falls

Zen gets back up

Zen activates his Infimatrix

The black figure charges at Zen and throws a fist at him

Zen dodges

The black figure unleashes small blades from his arms

He swings the blades at Zen

Zen jumps and dodges them

Zen kicks the black figure

The black figure disappears into the darkness

Zen: what?


The black figure jumps in and kicks Zen

Zen is sent flying off the building

Zen quickly slaps on the Infimatrix


Arachno-man sticks to the wall

The black figure leaps and punches Arachno-man

Arachno-man flips and dodges the attack

The black figure sticks to the wall

Arachno-man shoots two strands of webs

Arachno-man: you know, i'd really hate fighting a mysterious attacker

Arachno-man: so lets get to some light

Arachno-man releases himself and darts at the black figure

Arachno-man kicks the black figure

They both fight while free falling

The black figure throws two metal spikes

Arachno-man shoots web balls at the spikes

Arachno-man shoots a web and zips himself towards the black figure

Arachno-man kicks the black figure

Black Figure: ugh!

The black figure shoots a grappling hook and swings behind a building

Arachno-man zips to a wall and sticks to it

Arachno-man: he got away!

Arachno-man shoots a web and swings behind a building

But the mysterious attacker is nowhere to be found

Arachno-man: aw man...


25 Dec, 2200 hrs...

Zen walks back home..

Zen walks into his house

Zen: I'm home...

Grandpa Max: Merry Christmas! Kido!

Zen: Merry Christmas to you too

Grandma Verdona: oh my god!

Grandma Verdona: what happened to your arm?

Zen: oh nothing, i just got injured..

Zen: I fell...

Grandma: oh wow, you should be more careful..

Grandma: I'll go get the first aid box, don't touch that wound

Grandma walks to get the box

Grandpa: So how'd it go?

Zen: huh?

Grandpa: with Jasmine...

Zen: oh you know, the usual...

Zen: went downtown, saw the lights, had dinner

Zen: and some unfortunate fall...

Grandpa: sounds like fun

Zen: yeah haha, some fun...

The Next Day....

At a random cafe

Zen and Jasmine are having breakfast

Jasmine: so what's so important you wanted to tell me?

Zen: I... Was attacked...

Jasmine: attacked?

Zen: yeah....

Jasmine: who was it?

Zen: I don't know, but who ever it was, it knows our secret identity..

Jasmine: well that's not good...

Jasmine: but we've never revealed our identities to anyone

Zen: perhaps, or maybe someone was smart enough to find out who were were..

Zen: but who?....

Jasmine: Don't worry about it, I'm sure the same guys gonna come back again

Jasmine: and we'll take him down... Together..


All the windows in the cafe start to shatter and break...

Jasmine: Ah!!!

All the customers scream and shriek...

Just then...

Smoke pellets are thrown into the cafe and the smoke covers the whole place

Everyone starts coughing..

Jasmine: (Cough) can't breathe...

Zen: (Cough) We gotta get outta here!

Zen grabs Jasmine and crawls towards the exit

Zen: can't see straight!!!

Just then...

Zen sees a black figure standing from the distance

Zen: it's him!

Zen gets up and runs towards the black figure

Jasmine: Zen! (cough)

Zen runs and pounces on the blck figure

But it turns out to be just a hologram

Zen falls through and crashes against a window

Zen falls outside the cafe

Zen looks up and sees a shadow upon the roof

Zen slaps on the Infimatrix


Speedstar flies to the roof

Speedstar sees a familiar character on the roof

Speedstar: no way!

The character is dressed with a black body suit with a cape and a mask with a giant red X

Speedstar: Red X!

Red X: Suprised?

Speedstar: I thought you disappeared?

Red X: played hide and seek, now it's time for revenge!

Speedstar: Pal, i haven't see you in a year! Revenge?

Red X throws his X-arangs at Speedstar

Speedstar dodges them

Speedstar shoots back with electric bolts

Red X jumps up and dodges them

Speedstar flies towards Red X

Red X opens his palms at Speedstar

Red X fires a sonic blast from a device on his glove

Speedstar is hit and falls

Red X: not bad huh?

Red X pulls out a device that extends into a staff

Red X: now, you had this coming...

Red X charges at Speedstar

Speedstar slaps on the Infimatrix


Red X slams his staff on Chromastone

Chromastone dodge rolls away

Chromastone gets up and pounces on Red X

Red X falls

Chromastone punches Red X

Red X blocks the punch

Red X kicks Chromastone away

Chromastone falls

Red X throws an X-arang at Chromastone

The X-arang hits Chromastone and sends a jolt of electricity down his body

But Chromastone is unaffected

Chromastone: That wouldn't work, I'm a conductor

Chromastone fires an energy Beam at Red X

Red X is sent flying

Red X falls back to the ground

Red X: next time!

Red X throws a couple of smoke pellets at the ground

Chromastone: not this time!

Chromastone runs towards Red X

But Red X disappears in the smoke clouds...

Chromastone: gone...

Chromastone picks up the X-arang...

Chromastone: Hm...


At Zen's room

Zen starts to unscrew the X-arangs to reveal it's parts

Just then...

Zen gets a call..

Zen picks up the phone

Zen: Hello..

Caller: hey, it's Jasmine

Zen: what up?

Jasmine: So, what was that in the cafe this morning?

Zen: Red X, again...

Jasmine: that guy? Haven't see him in a while

Zen: Yeah, that's what bothers me

Jasmine: why would he be looking for you?

Zen: I don't know, but he did say something about revenge...

Jasmine: well he did just disappear like that the last time

Zen: yeah, anyways I've got my hands on one of his tech, maybe I could get some clue to who the X really is..

Jasmine: Yeah, good luck with that

Jasmine: I'm on my way to Jay's house now, I've gotta do up my Literature project with him

Zen: Project? Over Christmas Week?

Jasmine: Yeah, deadline is first day of school

Zen: Rough schedule

Jasmine: Tell me about it..

Jasmine: Well, the taxi's here's, call ya later, bye

Zen: see ya

Zen hangs up

Zen continues to examine the X-arang


At Jay's house...

Jasmine stands outside the door of Jay's mansion..

Jasmine rings on the doorbell

The door opens and Jay's butler

Butler: Good Afternoon Miss Taylor, Master Jay has been expecting you

Butler: please, come in

Jasmine: thank you

Jasmine walks into Jay's house

Jasmine sees Jay in the living room

Jay: Hey, you're here..

Jay points to the couch

Jay: have a seat

Jasmine sits down and Jay's butler serves a cup of coffee to each of them

Jay's Butler: Enjoy...

Jay: Try it, It's premium coffee beans

Jasmine: oh thanks, must have cost you some trouble to find those premium coffee beans...

Jay: looks like you know a thing or two about Coffee

Jasmine: (Drinking) My parents are enthusiasts (Giggles)


In Zen's room...

Zen lays out all the parts of the X-arang

Zen studies one of the parts in the shape of a disc

Zen picks up the blue disc

Zen: this must be the part that discharges the electricity

Zen touches a button on the disc

Zen recieves an electric shock

Zen: OW! Muther.....

Zen drops the disc

The disc falls to the ground

The disc flips to the opposite side and reveals a symbol in the shape of a "D"

Zen picks up the disc and looks at the disc

Zen: Danathon, that's it's company logo

Zen: But it's impossible, after Jordan died, the company stopped making weapons tech

Zen: The Electric Disc was a prototype, and the only person who can still get his hands on prototypes is...

Zen: oh no...


At Jay's home...

Jay: So, for the voice casting, I'll do Romeo and You'll settle for Juliet

Jasmine: yeah, yeah sure...

Jasmine gets up weakly and presses on her forehead

Jasmine: Jay, I'm not feeling too good, lets continue this some other time ok?

Jay: you alright?

Jasmine: My head is spinning really badly....

Jay: you should rest, I'll get my butler to lay the guest room

Jasmine: No, it's ok, I can still make it back..

Jasmine picks up her bag and walks towards the door...

Just Then...

Jasmine receives a phone call

Jasmine grabs her phone from her bag

Jasmine sees that the caller is Zen

Jasmine presses the answer button...


Jasmine faints from the fatigue and falls to the ground

Jay catches her from falling

But her mobile phone falls to the ground

Jay bends down and picks it up

Jay listens in on her phone

Zen: Jasmine, you've gotta get outta there! I think Jay is the Red X! You've gotta go now!

Jay hang up on Zen


Zen: Hello? Hello?

Zen: aw snap!

Zen rushes to the garage

Zen gets on his Motorcycle and drives off to Jay's house..


At Jay's house

Zen bursts in as Swampfire...

Swampfire bursts through the main door

Swampfire: alright! Play time's over!

But nobody is at home

Swampfire walks down to the living room

Swampfire sees Jasmine's purse on the table attached with a note on a card

Swampfire picks it up and reads it

"Greenwood Time Tower, X marks the spot"

Just then...

A beeping sound is heard

Swampfire turns over the card

An X-arang is attached to it

The X-arang is beeping...

Swampfire: oh snap...

The X-arang blows with a small explosion

Swampfire falls to the ground

Swampfire: ugh!

Swampfire quickly regenerates and runs out of the house

Swampfire reverts back to Zen

Zen gets on his motorcycle

Arcee(Motorcycle): where to?

Zen: the big clock...

Zen rides off


At the Greenwood Time Tower... (A building with a giant clock)

Jasmine awakes...

Jasmine: ugh...........

Jasmine: ow... My head.....

Jasmine tries to move

But she finds herself tied up in energy ropes

Jasmine is seen tied to a couple of clock gears within the tower

Jasmine tries to use her powers...

But she is unable to

Jasmine: Help!

Just then...

Red X walks out

Jasmine: you! What do you want?

Red X removes his mask and reveals to be Jay

Jasmine: Jay? You're the...

Jay: that's right Jasmine, it was me all along..

Jasmine struggles to break free

Jay: oh you won't get out of there, those ropes are design to withstand strong amounts of energy

Jasmine: you maniac! What do you want?

Jay: Revenge, only to do Zen Parker what he did to me

Jay: tonight you will witness, the fall of the self-proclaimed hero

Jasmine: He won't... You won't...

Jay: oh and for the record, having you here, doesn't only give Zen motivation, it's actually more embarrassing than that...

Jay: you're here as my....

Jasmine: Trophy?

Jay smiles and nods his head

Jay: yeah...

Just then...

Jasmine's Phone rings....

Jay grabs out Jasmine's phone...

The caller is Jasmine's Dad

Jay: Oh look, the cops are looking for you

Jay picks up the phone call

Commissioner Taylor: Honey, where are you, you said you'll be home for dinner...

Jay: Commissioner Taylor, I'm sorry Jasmine can't come to the phone right now, she's a little tied up...

Commissioner: who are you? where's Jasmine?

Jay: oh don't worry, she's safe, but my game is not with you, however you are always welcome to play

Jay: the more the merrier isn't it?

Commissioner: where is she?

Jay: Greenwood Time Tower, don't be late...


Zen arrives and walks towards the tower

Just then....

A car drives into the scene

Commissioner Taylor steps out of the car

Commissioner: Zen

Zen: Commissioner Taylor? What are you doing here?

Commissioner Taylor: I was about to ask you the same thing

Commissioner: But since you already beat me here, you must already know what's going on

Zen: yeah... This is sorta my fault, I was going up to stop Jay

Commissioner Taylor: well then, you won't be able to do it all alone won't you?

Commissioner: If this is indeed your doing, then I shouldn't interfere

The commissioner grabs a pistol from his car

The commissioner passes the gun to Zen

Commissioner: good luck

Zen grabs the gun

Zen: thanks...

Zen runs into the tower...

Zen runs up to the room with the clock gears

Zen searches the room with his pistol ready

Zen walks around the gears in the room

Just Then...

Zen hears some struggling noises

Zen follows the sounds and finds Jasmine tied to the clock gears

Zen: Jasmine!

Jasmine: Zen! Help!

Zen runs over to Jasmine

Zen: see what happens when you hang out with your other boyfriends?

Jasmine rolls her eyes

Jasmine: You're such a jerk...

Zen: yeah, we'll talk about it over dinner...

Zen lets get you outta here...


An X-arang flies in and cuts in between Zen and Jasmine

Jasmine: AH!!!

Zen turns around and sees Red X

Zen raises his pistol and points it at Red X

Red X throws an X-arang at Zen's hand

The X-arang hits Zen's pistol and it falls to the ground

Zen: ow! So that's how it feels like...

Zen: I know it's you Jay!

Red X: very clever of you to deduce my identity, just like how I deduced yours...

Zen: what do you want?

Red X: revenge, you took everything from me, It's only time that I return the favour

Red X jumps and pounces on Zen

Zen jumps out of the way

Zen slaps on the Infimatrix


IntelliBoid: Jay listen to me, I didn't kill your father!

Red X grabs a small metal device that extends into a staff

Jay whacks the staff down

IntelliBoid flies up and dodges

Jay throws a few X-arangs at IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid transforms his arm into a blaster and shoots the X-arangs down

IntelliBoid: He tried to kill me but he killed himself!

Red X: enough!

Red X throws a few explosive discs at IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid falls

IntelliBoid: ugh!

Red X: You knew this was coming Zen!

Red X whacks his staff down on IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid transforms his arms into blades and blocks the staff

IntelliBoid whacks the staff away and gets back on his feet

Red X charges the staff at IntelliBoid

Intelliboid blocks with his sword

IntelliBoid pins the sword aside and punches Red X

Red X stumbles back

IntelliBoid kicks Red X away

Red X: ugh!

Red X falls and drops the staff

Red X gets back up

IntelliBoid: Look Jay, I didn't cause your father's death, he brought it upon himself!

Red X throws a few flash bang grenades

IntelliBoid is blinded

IntelliBoid: ugh!

Red X punches IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid stumbles back

Red X runs and knees IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid: argh!

Red X jumps and kicks IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid is sent flying and falls

Red X picks up Zen's Pistol

Red X walks to IntelliBoid and points the pistol at him

Red X: Nighty Night!

IntelliBoid kicks the pistol away

IntelliBoid kicks Red X

Red X stumbles back

IntelliBoid gets up and punches Red X

Red X: ugh!

IntelliBoid throws another punch

But Red X blocks and pushes IntelliBoid away

Red X punches IntelliBoid's face

IntelliBoid stumbles back

Red X throws another punch

IntelliBoid ducks and dodges

IntelliBoid moves quickly behind Red X and give him a punch to the face

Red X stumbles back

IntelliBoid punches Red X in the tummy

Red X: argh!

IntelliBoid throws another punch at Red X

Red X falls

Red X reaches into his belt and pulls out a small device

The device extends into a sword

Red X charges the sword at IntelliBoid

Red X: argh!!!

IntelliBoid transforms his arms into swords

IntelliBoid blocks off the sword

Red X punches IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid stumbles back

IntelliBoid swings his sword at Red X

Red X dodges

Red X sclices down on IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid blocks the blade and pushes it away

IntelliBoid charges his sword at Red X

Red X blocks with the small bladed extensions on his gaunlet

Red X pushes IntelliBoid's sword away

Red X stabs his own sword into IntelliBoid's abdomen...

IntelliBoid: ugh...

Red X punches IntelliBoid

IntelliBoid falls to the ground

Jasmine: Zen!

IntelliBoid reverts back to Zen

Zen is bleeding profusely...

Red X walks up to Zen

Red X pulls off his mask to reveal Jay

Jay: This is it Zen, the final curtain...

Jay: You know, I already knew your secret identity for quite a while...

Jay: I created this costume, all this freakshow, because of you...

Jay: I wanted to fight the crimes here, spread fear throughout the night...

Jay: But the night you murdered my father, I was... Shocked and agonised..

Jay: I didn't think you would do such a thing, killing an innocent man...

Jay: so tonight, I shall return you the one gift you so graciously imparted on me

Jay: Agony, to see your loved one die before your very eyes!

Zen: no, don't...

Jay walks over to Jasmine

Jasmine: no! Stay away from me!

Jay strokes his hand down Jasmine's hair

Jasmine: get away from me!

Jay: so what shall it be? Quick and painless? Or slow and agonising...

Jay places the sword at Jasmine's throat

Jasmine: no...

Tears roll down from Jasmine's eyes

Zen looks at her helplessly

Jay: I'll make this quick, pay attention Zen

Jay raises the sword up

Jasmine: AH!!!



A gunshot sound is heard...

Jasmine turns and see Jay

Jay is bleeding in the tummy

Jasmine turns around to Zen

Zen is seen holding a pistol in his hands

Jay: urgh....

Jay falls to the ground with a thud

Just then....

The SWAT team break into the room...

SWAT team: freeze!

The officers surround Jay

Officers: he's alive, call an ambulance...


At the hospital...

Zen slowly wakes up

Zen: urgh...

Zen opens his eyes and sees Jasmine and Commissioner Taylor

Zen: where am I?

Commissioner: at the hospital...

Commissioner: That was quite a scene, you were stabbed, but it didn't hit any vital organs, you'll be fine

Jasmine leans over to Zen

Jasmine: thank God you're ok...

Jasmine kisses Zen on the cheek

Zen: hey, you're in a relationship with me, nothing will ever be ok...

Commissioner: ahem, I'll go grab a cup of coffee...

Commissioner: and thank you Zen, for everything...

Zen nods and smiles

Jasmine: you think he'll ever be back?

Zen: i don't know...

Zen: but if he does, we'll have to be ready for him


In another ward...

A doctor and police officers are walking towards the ward

Police officer: how his condition?

Doctor: he is stabilised, and should be awaking...

The doctor opens the ward door

Doctor: any time now....

The doctor and police officers find and empty bed with the patient gone

The police officer page for backup

Police officer: be advised, we have fugitive, Red X on the loose!


On the rooftop

Red X runs and jumps off the building

Red X shoots his grappling hook and swings away.....

THE END.....

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