2100 Hours....

At the state bank of Greenwood....

Police cars and trucks parked outside the entrance

The commissioner arrives

Commissioner Taylor: how's the situation?

Police Chief: the bomb squad's in there

Police Chief(Screaming): Hey! What's the bomb squad doing in there?


In the bank...

The bomb squad try to defuse a huge bomb

The huge bomb is linked to a computer with large wires

Officer: this bomb seems impossible to defuse

Another officer: and the word game?

The officer looks to the screen of the computer

The screen flashes several sentences

Officer: that wasn't excatly covered in basic training


Outside the entrance...

A yellow muscle car drives in

Jasmine steps out

Jasmine: dad, I came here as soon as I can

Comissioner Taylor: it's not safe here Jasmine

Jasmine: perhaps I can help, maybe I can solve the word game for ya?

Police chief: sir, you're really gonna let a kid go through the risk?

Commissioner Taylor: we'll have to give it a try

Jasmine runs in...

The bomb squad run out


Jasmine stares at the riddle on the screen

Jasmine: wow, some game

Just then...

Intelli-Boid flies in

Intelli-Boid: well I love games

Jasmine: Bout' time you came

Intelli-Boid: I've got Rex on standby, he'll watch us from above

Jasmine: think you can crack a riddle in 1 minute?

Intelli-Boid: if I'm feeling lucky

Intelli-Boid stares at the riddle

Intelli-Boid recites the riddle

Intelli-Boid: when you don't know me, I'm something, but when you know me, I'm nothing, what am I?

Intelli-Boid: I am...

The timer counts down at the last 10 seconds




Intelli-Boid: a riddle

Intelli-Boid types in the answer



Intelli-Boid presses enter



The bomb deactivates

Intelli-Boid: that was quick


Just then...


A spotlight shines on the ground


Intelli-boid hides himself


The light shines on Jasmine


A Hologram of a human in a green suit appears


Hologram figure: Someone is very bright, step into the light


Hologram figure: so the Riddler can see you



Jasmine: uh.....


Riddler: hmmm..... i was expecting a much taller target


Riddler: but nonetheless, indroduce yourself


Jasmine: name's Jasmine


Riddler: ah.... the Daughter of our favrouite Commissioner, no wonder....


Riddler: well Jasmine, the fate of Greenwood lies in you now


Jasmine: sorry, i don't play games here


Riddler: but you don't have a choice,  if you don't get there in time, hundreds of people go boom!


Jasmine: you lunatic! stop this now!


Riddler: I can't, but you can


Riddler: follow the riddles to the next location, don't worry, they'll be easy


Riddler: Everything in me, is history


The hologram disappears


Jasmine runs out of the bank


Jasmine: can't talk now!


Jasmine enters Bumblebee and drives off


Commissioner: what?


Just then...


A large hologram of Riddler appears in front of the bank


Riddler: greetings Greenwood PD, Our dear flower here has just been challenged to a riddle race, i don't wish to see interruption, or the little flower wilts.




Bumblebee drives downtown


Jasmine connects her Plumbers' badge to a wireless earphone and puts the badge into her pocket


Jasmine: Zen?


Intelli-Boid is shown to be flying behind Jasmine's car


Intelli-Boid: hear ya


Intelli-Boid: Riddler may have the police frequency, but he can't grab the Plumbers wave


Jasmine: any ideas this time?


Intelli-boid: hmmmm......




Jasmine's car arrives outside a museum


Jasmine: seriously? a museum?


Jasmine enters the museum


Jasmine sees many visitors tied up


A large bomb is in the centre


Jasmine walks to a computer


The riddler's face appears


Riddler: Ahhh, glad you could make it


Jasmine: what's the riddle now?


Riddler: glad you're enthusiastic, but patience, my dear'


Meanwhile.... Intelli-Boid and Rex fly above the roof Intelli-Boid slaps on the Infimatrix

Intelli-Boid transforms into a mummy like alien


Rex: you wanna hide in the mummy exhibit? Good idea


Riddler: riddle me this, the more of me, the less you see

Jasmine: gee, it's getting harder....

Zenmummy: hmmm.....

Rex looks into the night sky

Rex: Darkness?

Jasmine keys in 'Darkness'

She presses enter

The bomb deactivates

The computer blinks a few times and shuts off

Jasmine: hey! Where's the riddle?

Zenmummy: maybe, that was the riddle

Jasmine: Darkness? What kinda place is that?

Zenmummy: The Nocturnal Zoo, AKA, the world of darkness

Jasmine: oh

Jasmine: man, I hate playing Sherlock!

Jasmine arrives at the nocturnal zoo

(Owl sounds)

A huge swarm of bats fly out of a tree and above Jasmine's head

Jasmine let's out a loud shriek

Jasmine: ah!!!!!!

Speedstar and Rex hovers from above

Speedstar: easy there....

A bright glowing computer appears near a pond

It is linked to a huge bomb hooked to a couple of visitors

The riddler's face pops on the screen

Riddler: well well, you made it, never thought that you'd reached this stage anyway

Jasmine: yeah, throw me another one of your riddles do I can solve them and rule your plans!

Riddler: oh, how eager

Riddler: To cross the water, I'm the way, for water I'm above, I'm hardy, strong and truth to say, I neither swim not move.

Jasmine: water and.... What?

Jasmine: any idea?

Speedstar: swim nor move...

Rex: hmmm...

Jasmine: got it!

Jasmine enters her answer and presses enter

The bomb deactivates

Speedstar: whatcha put?

Jasmine: bridge

Rex: which leads us to our next target

Speedstar: The Greenwood Transit Bridge


Bumblebee drives Jasmine to the bridge

Jasmine sees a green van parked on the centre of bridge

The doors of the van opens

Jasmine enters the van

Jasmine sees a computer in the van

The riddler's face appears again

Riddler: honestly, I never though you'd make it this far

Jasmine: well, never underestimate the power of 16 year olds

Riddler: we'll see

Just then...

The door closes and locks itself

The van starts to drive off

Speedstar: who's driving?

Jasmine: no one, it's auto drive

Speedstar and Rex fly after the van

Jasmine bangs on the door

Jasmine: let me go!

Just then...

The van stops

Jasmine falls

Jasmine: ow, my head!

Just then...

The riddler appears again

Riddler: glad you survived

Riddler: greenwood transit bridge is already covered with bombs rigged to blow

Just then...

A box and a pair of pliers appear under the computer

Jasmine opens a box

Inside it is a battery with a red wire and a green wire

Riddler: this battery is the main power source to the Bombs, set to go in 1 minute, you must choose which one to cut before the time goes

Riddler: remember, cut the wrong one, it'll blow!

The riddler's face disappears

The 1 minute starts counting down

Jasmine: aw geez....

Speedstar: this might be difficult

Speedstar: I could go upgrade and merge with the battery

Jasmine: no, riddler would know

Rex: riddler said something about cutting the wrong wire

Speedstar: everyone knows that, it's always in the movies

Jasmine: any idea

Speedstar: we'll have to take a bet

Speedstar: cut the green one

Jasmine: why?

Speedstar: cuz green stands for safety

Jasmine: seriously, even a 2 grader knows that

Speedstar: we'll have to try it out

Jasmine grabs the pliers

30 seconds left...

Jasmine: well, at least you died a heroine

Jasmine gets ready to cut the wire

Rex: wait!

Jasmine: for what?

Rex: put the pliers down

Jasmine: are you crazy?

Rex: I won't blow, trust me

10 more seconds


3 more seconds




Jasmine covers her ears and eyes

But nothing happens

All the bombs deactivate

Speedstar: wow

Jasmine: phew...

Rex: when riddler said cut the wrong one, it'll blow, I was thinking

Rex: who would say that? Everyone know that will happen

Rex: so I thought, of she cut the wrong wire, it'll explode, so of she didn't cut at all, it wouldn't blow in the first place

Speedstar: wow, really?

Rex: It worked...


The riddler's face reappears again

Riddler: wow, Jasmine, you're one lucky girl

Riddler: if you can get outta this!

The computer screen switches to a time clock



Jasmine: uh oh

Jasmine: time bomb, 10 seconds

Speedstar zooms down to the van

Speedstar slaps on the Infimatrix


Nightwinger turns intangible and grabs Jasmine out of the van

The van explodes

Nightwinger settles her down

Jasmine: now what?

Rex: uh, guys, we have a problem...

The gang looks across the bridge at the Amusement park

Fireworks in the shape of question marks appear

Jasmine: let's go


The gang arrive at the ferris wheel


Jasmine gets out from Bumblebee


Bumblebee: Beep......


Jasmine looks up


She sees many people trapped in the ferris wheel


Jasmine: he must have really hated that ride


Just then....


A giant hologram of riddler appears in front of the Ferris wheel


Riddler: well, you survived the blast, impressive, you must be the next Supergirl or something


Jasmine: enough talk Riddler!


Riddler: patience, my little flower


Riddler: A man builds a house on the opposite of north, A bear walks past the house, what colour is the bear?


The hologram disappears and The bombs starts counting down from 2 minutes


Jasmine: opposite north... bear.....


Jasmine: opposite north is south


Jasmine: the man builds a house in the south pole, its a polar bear, the answer is white!


Jasmine: gee, this is easy


Just then...


Nightwinger and Rex land on the ground


Jasmine: you not gonna take a risk aren't you?


Nightwinger: there are no bears in the south pole, this riddle has no answer


Jasmine: riddler cheated?


Rex: riddler quit, he's through playing


Nightwinger lets out a sonic scream at the Bombs


The bombs shatter into tiny pieces


They turn out to be fake bombs


Nightwinger: if riddler really cheated, then there's only one place to look for him


Jasmine: where?


Nightwinger: he's been drawing us away from him the whole time, he'll be right where we least expect to look


Nightwinger: back at where we started




The gang return back to the Bank


Jasmine enters the main money vault


Jasmine sees the Riddler and his goons taking the cash


Jasmine: strike 3 guys, you're out!


Riddler: ah.... there you are....


Riddler: i must say, you're quite the smart one


Jasmine: yep, can't match my IQ


Riddler: oh really? is it your IQ? or the Alien's?


Jasmine: i don't know what you're...


Riddler: don't try to hide, i know your accomplice is really the Alien guy, isn't that right? Alien guy...


Nightwinger and Rex appears


Riddler: i've been watching you girl, i know you're The alien's partner, you have powers


Jasmine stares shock


Nightwinger: this ends here Riddler


Riddler: oh no, it dosen't


Riddler grabs his staff and points it at the gang


Riddler sprays Sleeping gas at The gang


They all faint


Nightwinger transforms back to Zen


Riddler: hahaha, the night is mine!


Riddler: go! tie them up!


Riddler's goons grab the gang and pulls them away




Zen wakes up.....


Zen: ugh.....


Zen finds himself chained up to a metal pole


Jasmine and Rex are also chained up


Just then... 


Riddler walks into the room


Riddler: Zen Parker, lives with grandparents after parents died, boyfriend of Jasmine Taylor, and has a watch like device, which ables you to transform into aliens, am I correct?


Zen: how'd you know so much?


Riddler: oh, you like to know

Riddler: I have to get that watch for myself!

Riddler: so, let's get to know a bit more about the watch

Riddler: question 1, who made that watch?

Zen: it just fell out of the sky

Riddler: ah... Interesting...

Jasmine: don't tell him anything Zen!

Riddler walks over to Jasmine

Riddler: aren't you a talkative one?

Riddler holds up Jasmine's chin

Riddler slaps Jasmine's cheek

Jasmine starts to tear

Zen: Jasmine!

Riddler: I want no more interruptions from now on

Riddler: Question 2, what is the watch called?

Zen: Infimatrix

The Infimatrix starts to glow

Riddler: we're getting closer....

Riddler: who is your strongest alien?

Zen: For the record... Humungousuar!

Infimatrix: alien code, Humugousuar activated

Zen transforms into Humungousuar


Humungousuar slams the ground

Riddler dodges

Riddler grabs a remote and presses a switch

The ground opens a trap door

Riddler: tally hoo!

Riddler jumps down the trap door

The trap door closes up

Humungousuar frees Jasmine and Rex

Humungousuar punches the trap door open

Humungousuar transforms back to Zen

Zen: let's go

The gang jump down the trap door

They enter a room filled with clown faces statues

Zen: these faces are creeping me out

Just then..

The mouths of the statues start to move up and down

Zen transforms into Arachno-man

Rex: which one?

Arachno-man uses his spider sense...

The screen flashes to the statue on the right

Arachno-man spins a web at that statue

Arachno-man: hey chuckles, open wide!

Arachno-man pulls the mouth out

The path leads to a slide downwards

The gange slide down

They enter a computer lab...

Just then...

The Riddler's voice echoes over

Riddler: he's the hero, the protector of the innocent, he's Spiderman!

Arachno-man: Spiderman? Seriously, get the name right dude!

Jasmine opens the door

Jasmine: hey look!

Jasmine points to another door

Jasmine: the broadcast room!

They run to the door

A jar of jellybeans and a computer screen appears

The computer screen reads: How many jellybeans are in the jar?

Jasmine: aw man... Math!

Rex: I got this!

Rex grabs the jar and topples it

All the jellybeans fall out

Rex: there, Zero!

Rex enters Zero in the computer

The door opens

Rex: honestly, I did not think that will work...

The riddler stands at the broadcast station

The riddler opens the window and jumps out of it

He lands on a train passing by

Arachno-man swings after Riddler

Riddler is seen with two riddler goons

Riddler: fire!

The two henchmen shoot their pistols

Arachno-man spins in mid-air and dodges the bullets

Arachno-man spins a web at one henchmen

Arachno-man kicks him away

The other henchmen aims his pistol

Arachno-man whacks it away

Arachno-man punches the goon off the train

Arachno-man spins a web for him to land on

Just then....

Riddler: oh hero!

Arachno-man sees a bomb a metre away on the train track

The bomb explodes, leaving a large hole on the train track

Arachno-man: it's gonna fall, cars elbow the track are gonna get squished!

Arachno-man swings to the hole

Arachno-man patches up the hole with his webs

Arachno-man: come on!

Arachno-man is still patching up the gap

The train approaches Arachno-man

Arachno-man: woah!

Arachno-man jumps over the train and lands on the train top

The train moves across safely


Two snipers are aiming at Arachno-man from the building above

Just then...

Rex flies in and smacks one

Jasmine arrives dressed in her costume

She shoots one down


A group of Goons holding electric batons run surround Arachno-Man

One goon hits Arachno-man

Arachno-man jumps and spins a web at him

Arachno-man pulls him towards another goon

They both fall

Arachno-man spins a web at a goon from the back

Arachno-man kicks him off the train

One goon whacks his baton at Arachno-man

Arachno-man ducks

Arachno-man kicks him off the train

The last goon charges at Arachno-man

Arachno-man shoots a web ball at the goon's hand

The goon gets electrocuted by his own baton

Arachno-man swipes his hand

Just then....

A large and bulky goon appears

He is holding a large metal pole

Goon: game over spidey!

Arachno-man: you know I don't bet on that do soon

Arachno-man spins a web at his face

Arachno-man kicks his face

The goon breaks the web

He punches Arachno-man away

Arachno-man gets back up

The goon breaks into the train through the window

Arachno-man follows

Arachno-man sticks on to the ceiling of the train

Commuters: look! It's Spiderman!

Arachno-man: enough with the spiderman!

Goon: I kinda like it

Arachno-man: gotta admit, it's catchy

Arachno-man: and so is this!

Arachno-man kicks the goon

He falls

He gets back up

He slams Arachno-man with the metal pole

Arachno-man dodges

Arachno-man spins a web at the pole and pulls it away

Arachno-man kicks the goon out of the train

The goon lands on the sidewalk


Back on the train...

Arachno-man: now, where's the doof in green?

Just then...

The riddler's voice is heard

Riddler: present and accounted for!


The riddler whacks Arachno-man from behind

Arachno-man does a flip in mid air and dodges

Arachno-man kicks The Riddler out of the window

Arachno-man jumps out of the window

Arachno-man spins a web at the Riddler and pulls him to the top of the train

Arachno-man jumps to the top of the train

Riddler whacks Arachno-man with his staff

Riddler hits Arachno-man again

Arachno-man falls

Arachno-man gets on his knees

Riddler: kneeling to the master of riddles? Well, that won't save you from your doom

Riddler's staff extends a blade

Riddler: any last words?

Arachno-man: oh, so you're the king of riddles? I expected the king of jokes!

Arachno-man spins a web at the Riddler's staff and pulls it away

Arachno-man jumps up and kicks the Riddler

The riddler falls

The Riddler runs to the edge of the train an jumps off

Arachno-man: you're not getting away!

Arachno-man spins a web and pulls the Riddler back on the train

Arachno-man punches the Riddler

The Riddler goes flying

Arachno-man spins another web and pulls The Riddler back

Arachno-man kicks The Riddler

The Riddler falls

Arachno-man webs him to the train

Arachno-man: are we done?

Riddler: hahaha, the brakes of this train have been removed, and what lies ahead is a large concrete wall filled with explosives tied to it!

Arachno-man: you lunatic! How do you stop it?

Riddler: it can't be stopped hero, or at least, I can't stop it anyway


Jasmine and Rex fighting off the last of the Riddler goons in the train

Just then...

Arachno-man bursts into the train

Arachno-man spins a web at two goons running away

Arachno-man webs them to the wall

Jasmine: that's all of them, now what?

Arachno-man: we got to stop this train!

Rex: ok, we take the front

Arachno-man: I'll try something

Arachno-man runs to the front of the train

Arachno-man spins lots of webs to buildings and tries to slow the train down

Rex generates the smack hands and holds the train back

Jasmine creates a pink shield to push the train back

But the train is just too fast

Jasmine, Rex and Arachno-man are knocked off onto the track

The train charges at them

Arachno-man immediately grabs Jasmine and Rex

Arachno-man jumps off the track

Arachno-man swings the gang back into the cockpit

50 metres away from the wall

Jasmine: we're gonna die!

Arachno-man: no, we're not!

Arachno-man Slaps on the Infimatrix

Arachno-man transforms into a colourful robot alien


Rex: wow, what can you do?

Volttech: I don't know, but I bet it's gonna be cool!

Volttech: touches the control panel of the train

5 metres away....

Rex: hurry!

3 metres away...

The train charges at the wall at over 100km/h

1 metre away...

Volttech concentrates on hacking the control panel

30 cm away...

The train is slowly brought to a halt....

Commuters: yay!!!!!

Jasmine: how'd you do that?

Volttech: told ya it'll be cool


The police arrive

They find Riddler webbed up with a card attached to him

The chief picks up the card

It reads: Credit to your friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman

The police arrest the Riddler

The next day...

In school

Everyone is reading the newspapers

Random guy: my cousin was on that train!

Just then....

Zen walks out of class

A voice calls out to Zen

It turns out to be Rex

Rex and Jasmine are standing at the lockers sharing the same news papers

Rex: hey Zen! Look at this!

Zen grabs the papers and reads

"Our heroes have once again saved the day, yesterday, stopping an entire subway of 233 people, the culprit for this has been arrested, namely the Riddler, during the time of his arrest, a note was left by our hero, namely the alien guy, taking on the name as Spiderman, officials would like to commend the heroes for their effort.

The Greenwood Times would also like to thank these heroes, as a reward, a name shall be given to each hero. They shall be now known as Spiderman, Starfire, and Generator. This city would like to say, Thank you."

Zen: Spiderman................... (Long pause)

Zen: that's a cool name

They walk off

Rex: I wonder what would your name be if you transformed into Infinite Boompath? Iron man?


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