The Ray:Total Mayham S02 EP2 The Red Knight

Ray,Ned,Cole,and Alan are in the backyard.

Alan flips over.

He shoots from his water gun.

Cole darts over before it hits him.

Ned leaps behind a tree.


Ned as Nanomech:Can't see me now huh!

Ray: (whispering) What should I care,Ned.

Ray:You aren't big enough to hold a water gun anyways.

Cole turns into a puddle.

Alan runs by and slips on Cole.

Ray shoots Alan.

Alan:Aww man!

Ned changes back and hops out from behind the tree.

Ned shoots Ray in the back with a water gun.

Ray:Dang it!

Cole generates back.

Ned and Cole stare at each other.

The water gun ready to fire.

All of the sudden,a glowing red sword slashed through the air and stabbed into the ground.

Cole dropped his water gun and ran at the sword.

Ned shot Cole with his water gun.

Ned:I WIN!

Cole:So immature....

Reagan ran outside.

Reagan:What's up!


A knight in red armor crashed into the yard.

Ray and Alan got up and ran at the knight.

Alan:Are you ok?

The helmet covered the knight's face.

Knight:I am Z9FR35.

Knight:Or Bill for short.

Ray:Hello Bill.

Ray and Alan lifted Bill off the ground and helped him inside.

Cole:So what are you doing here.

Bill:I am looking for Zenodell.


Bill:He looks like me except he has black armor.

Ray and Ned's eyes got wide.

Bill:Years ago,a man named Duplo Zeta,made 10 power orbs.Together,they formed the laser sword.Only the chosen one has the power to wield it.My father built it.Of course,I thought it was me so,I got it.It trapped me in this suit.My suit is the most powerful knight suit.Atleast,I thought it was.There was an equal.He was formed by dark magic.The Black Knight.I put together a team and he thought he was outmatched.He then made an army of himself.But he missed one component to make them come to life.He needed Dark Magic from Hex.He took the dark magic and gave it to the lifeless knights.Now we were outmatched.I picked up the Laser Sword for the last time.He was attacking.I unlocked the ultimate power of the Universe.The Black Knight and his army was banished underground.I got a signal of lots of dark magic in this area.


Ned:I should have got some popcorn...
Cole:So immature...
Ray:Don't worry,we will help you.
Bill:A new team...

Next Episode: The First Knight

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