The Ray Total Mayham S02 EP1 The Black Knight (blog debut)

...........Cole,Reagan,and Alan hopped up from the bush.
Alan tried to shoot fireballs at the nano chips.
Their armor was unbreakable.
Reagan pulled her Green Orb out of her pocket.
She transformed into the Green Ray
Alan transformed into the Orange Ray.
Cole used them power of the Purple Ray.
Meanwhile,at the house......
Ray and Ned walked inside.
Four orbs were missing from the Orb box.
Ray and Ned ran and hopped back in the car.
They drove down the street and spotted the three.
A giant black knight raced through the sky and landed in front of the car.
Ray and Ned:AHHHHH!!!!!!!
Ned slapped his omnitrix.
Ned kicked the door open and Ray flew out behind him.
Ned grew blades out of his arms.
Ned:It's Butt Kickin Time!
Ray:True dat!
The knight pulled out his sword.
Ray pulled out his.
Knight:The laser sword...
Ray ran at the knight.
He raised his.
Smoke whisped around him.
He disappeared in the smoke.
It appeared behind Ray.
Ned kicked the knight across the ground.
Ray noticed the black orb.
He looked over at Reagan,Cole,and Alan across the street.
He also remembered that four orbs were taken.
The black orb was missing.
Ray:Ned,get the black orb from him!
Ned:On it!
He kicked the orb from the knight.
Ray grabbed it.
Ray's eyes glowed black.
Ned:You ok?
Ray is holding his head.
Ray:I'm fine...
Ray used his laser sword on the nano chips.
The elemental blast got half of them.
He shot the nanos.
He shot Elana.
A grin grew from Ray's face.
They went home and the knight was never found.
Black Knight:My lord,they have won.
Mysterious guy:Don't worry.
Mysterious guy:Time will tell.

Next Episode! The Red Knight

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