The Grand Alliance Part 1&2/The Movie

One Day,The Ray and Perplex were fighting Phantoneer,all of the sudden Phantoneer blasted them in another universe.While Ray and Perplex were cross blasted,Chris X,Cooper 10,and Jonathan Tennyson were fighting a Moth Creature.Not only the Moth Creature was after them,Phantoneer showed up and blasted them into another universe.


They were sent into a universe called The Crossvilles.While all of them fought,Cooper tried to figure out what happened.

Cooper 10:Hmmm.It seems a time warper sent us into a cross-universe.

The Ray:Of course Mr.Brainy Pants.

Cooper 10:-slaps trix- WAYBIG!

The Ray:-grabs orbs and changes-BLUE RAY!

Chris X:-changes in Humongosaur-QUIT THIS!

Cooper,Ray,and Chris:-changes back-

Perplex:What's that thing!

Jonathan:YO MAMA

Perplex:Real funny.

The Creature that came out seemed to be an Osmosian.Later did they figure out it was a person named Saraclorse.Saraclorse was a purple and black alien.He had a sharp green claw.

Saraclorse:How dare you all enter my realm.

Old Woman:-whispers to Jonathan-Leave while you can boy.We have been his slaves for years.


Old Woman;-transforms into a waybig monster and so do others-

The Ray;This is going to be easy.

The Ray:-blasts waybigs-

Waybig Minion:-punches The Ray into the Pavement-

The Ray:-Unconsious-

Chris X:-slaps trix-DIAMONDHEAD!

Chris X as Diamondhead:-stabs a waybig then another-

Jonathan and Cooper:-slaps trix-Waybig -slaps chest badge-ULTIMATE WAYBIG!

Jonathan and Cooper:-they beat up the waybigs-

Perplex:-slaps trix-XLR8!

Perplex;-runs to Saraclarse-

Saraclarse:-grabs perplex by neck and absorbs XLR8-

Saraclarse:-grabs Chris,Ray,Cooper,and Jonathan and absorbs them-


Ultimate Saraclarse:-gets out species-a-nator-

Cooper:-gets up and slaps trix-ARMODRILLO!

Chris:-gets up and slaps trix-HEATBLAST!

Then the others got up and changed into aliens.

The Ray:-blasts Saraclarse with rays but he resists-

Then was the end of Saraclarse,Cooper,Perplex,Jonathan,Chris X,and The Ray all combined together into an Ultimate Hero.The name was Paraverse!

Paraverse:Time for you to face teamwork,Saraclarse.

Ultimate Saraclarse:Hmmm.I got it!

Paraverse:No you don't!

Paraverse:-Punches Saraclarse-

Ultimate Saraclarse:All you do is punch when you don't know your true power.

Ultimate Saraclarse:Now....GIVE TO ME OR YOU ALL DIE!

Paraverse:Real nice.-blasts Saraclarse-

Paraverse:-rips the claw off-

Paraverse:-generates sword and stabs Saraclarse-

Then all the heroes transformed back.Chris X was picked to overkill Saraclarse.He turned into Lava Guy and burned him.The City was saved thanks to the Heroes.There was one more question though.How do they get back home?


In Chris X's Universe and the others.

CD:We gotta get Chris back.

-portal opens and someone steps out-


In the Crossvilles,

Jonathan:I have an idea.Why don't we form a team.

Cooper:That is a great idea

Chris X:Maybe.Fine.

The Ray:Sounds good to me

Perplex:We can call it The Grand Alliance.

Then all the heroes put their hands in the center and agreed on working together until they can come home.But there was one problem in the Crossvilles.It was full of Evos and Aliens.When they crossed universes some creatures followed.


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Comment by Cooper 10 on December 24, 2011 at 1:14pm
I'll help you make the series
Comment by PerpleX on December 11, 2011 at 7:29am

Im like mentioned a few times but its cool.

Comment by The Ray on December 7, 2011 at 8:18pm


Comment by Jonathan Tennyson on December 7, 2011 at 8:06pm

It rocks man

Comment by The Ray on December 7, 2011 at 7:06pm

If this does good then I will make a series of it.

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