Deep in the forest)

Unknown person: Azmuth did this to me he took the azmitrix from me and he is about to give it to a human a useless human well we will see about that.

(Sif's house)

Sif's mom: Honey dinner is ready

Sif: Coming mom. Mom why is our last name weird?

Sif's mom: Well we have to deal with it

Sif: Okay but isn't Hundronson a weird last name?

Sif's mom: I told you I hate the last name too. That's how i married your father

Sif: I don't really feel like eatin. I remembered my dad.

Sif's mom: He is always with you in your heart.

Sif: Yeah well goodnight mom.

Sif's mom: Goodnight son

(The next day at sif's school)

SIf's bully Derek: Hey freak show

(Sif punches Derek; Teacher comes and see's Derek's black eye)

Teacher: Sif did you do this?

Sif: Ah....but....

Teacher: No buts now go to d... 

Sif: I know.

(Unknown person spying on sif)

Uknown person: Derek hnmmmmmm he might be good for my plan MUHAHUHHAHAHAH!

Derek: Wait what are you doing NAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(School bell rings)

Sif: Whoa what happend here? Where is Derek? Better go home!


Unknown person: I need you. I need you to kill him.

Mayson: Azmuth has come but he dosn't have an Azmitrix its something called Alphatrix.

Unknown person: Hmmmmm, I made that project years ago. Azmuth must have went into my old lab. He is brave enough to go there.

(Sif's house)

Sif: Comon where is it? Whoa! A new Azmitrix but its called Alphatrix and its way better!


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