Wow... I feel so nostalgic for this site... I first joined when I was just a little kid. Definitely too young to be on here, if I remember right the requirement was being 13 and I must have been much younger than that. Whenever I found it, it was before the site got revamped, when it had a blue background. The original series might've still been airing, or Alien Force was in its infancy, so I probably would've been 9 at most. Despite that I spent a lot of time on here. There's so many people in this friends list I either vaguely recall or don't remember at all. I said and did a lot of things that, looking back on it, were... I don't like using this word, but cringy to say the least. I was just a naive little kid who found a website for a TV show he liked. Most of the accounts here are long gone or made private now, but I guess it's nice to see that good ol' Stu is still reviewing the toys?

          So, uh, here's a bit about me I guess. I'm getting ready to graduate from high school this year. I'm hoping to join the US Air Force afterward. I still like Ben 10. The reboot isn't that bad compared to the godawful mess I thought it would be, keeping in mind it is made for younger kids, of a different generation. I've made a ton of unpixels (now that's an old school term) I might upload to a deviantArt page sometime. Keep a lookout if you want. FusionFall, five years after being shut down, is back thanks to a fan revival called FusionFall Retro. I usually play under the name Quinn Stonewall. (not my irl name) They're also working on a rebuilt version called FusionFall Legacy, which I am extremely hyped for.

          There was going to be a point to this, I swear... it's 1:30 AM and now I'm kind of rambling, and tired. I guess what I wanted to say was thank you for the memories, the conversations, the pixel art, the silly little roleplaying groups, the silly big roleplaying groups, the fan art, and everything else this site gave me when I was a little kid with a TV show he loved.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

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