I'm making a series and heres my guide:

Season I

Ep 1- Freak attack
Ep 2- The one Goop Group
Ep 3- Ultra-discovery
Ep 4- Dinomania
Ep 5- Small but HUNGRY
Ep 6- The New Zap
Ep 7- Classic fight
Ep 8- Secret of Upchuck

M10 Ultimate War The Movie

Season II

Ep 9- Fame-tastic
Ep 10- Arms for glory
Ep 11- Battle of the brains
Ep 12- Flamed
Ep 13- Return of Spike
Ep 14- Murray's an alien
Ep 15- Showdown of dignity part 1
Ep 16- Showdown of dignity part 2

Season III

Ep 17- Bivalvan gets wet
Ep 18- Galapagus blows out
Ep 19- Pandor, fire!
Ep 20- Andreas the digger
Ep 21- Ra,ad is rad!
Ep 22- Trapped
Ep 23- Fight for the last part 1
Ep 24- Fight for the last part 2

Note: I can't do seasons 2 and 3 until I get the Ultimatrix.

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