Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series, Season 2, Episode 2 -"Heavy Metal"

(Batman enters the headquarters)

Sif: Oh, hi Bats, you here to give us a new mission?

Batman: No, I'm here to tell you something, where are Green Arrow, Arsenal and Red Hood?

(FT, Tammar and Ben come)

Tammar: We're here

Ben: FT just finished training us

Batman: Good. How did they do?

FT: I gotta say, they did pretty good, especially Arsenal.

Batman: Good to hear the news, now have a seat, I want to announce something.

JT: Okay, let's hear it.

Batman: Since the forming of the team, you have been on many patrols, and you've faced villians and even helped take down The Shield, but, you've never went on your first actual mission.

Ben: A mission? Yes! Can't wait

Batman: Yes, I am planning an important mission soon, but until then, all of you will continue to do what you normally do, and keep in mind, that based on your preformance, a leader will be chosen.


FT: Alright, nice!

Batman: Now, all of you execpt FT, leave the room.

(They exit the room)

FT: What is it Bats?

Batman: I've noticed, that you have been the most hardworking member, and you have impressed me, therefore I am pinning my hopes in you as the leader of the Justice Corps

FT: Seriously? YES!

Batman: It's not comfirmed yet, the leader will be chosen based on your performance in the mission.

FT: What will the mission be about?

Batman: It's classified for now, you may go with the others.

FT: Okay.

(FT joins the others)

Ben: What did you talk with BC for?

Sif: Yeah, tell us FT, tell us!

FT: It was nothing, really..

JT: He's hiding something!

(Batman comes in)

Batman: Break it up! I just got an alert, Survive, known as Sportsmaster, is active again, and he has been spotted all over the country taking variety of metal and iron. Your job is to find out what he's up to.

Ben: Whatever it is, it can't be good..

Batman: Precisely, that's why you will go and stop him

FT: But how do we know where to find him?

Batman: Robin will come with you, together you will figure it out.

FT: Okay, let's go team!


(The team, in Robin's flying vehicle, trying to locate Sportsmaster)

Green Arrow: Where should we look first?

Robin: Let's try searching some abandoned warehouses, or metal factories

Arsenal: The closest one is just up ahead

Robin: Okay, we'll land there

(They land)

Red Tornado: Hello-ooo-ooo-ooo!

Doctor Fate: This place seems dead...

Superboy: And it's too dark, I can't see a thing

Green Lantern: I'll handle that (Makes a lantern from his ring)

(Robin moves forwards)

Robin: Hm...

Green Arrow: What's he doing?

Doctor Fate: Beats me..

Robin: This metal factory has been closed for one and a half year, and all the metal got taken to other metal factory opposite the bank.

Red Hood: Let's go there then

(They go in there)

Robin: Excuse me? Can we come in?

Guy: Of course, how can I help you?

Robin: This is the metal factory, right?

Guy: Yes, it is

Robin: Then where did all the metal go?

Guy: I think you should leave...

Robin: We're not going anywhere until you answer my question..

(The guy throws a large piece of metal at them, and tries to fight them with a led pipe)

(Robin jumps over him, and gets him on the floor)

Robin: Dude, what's your problem?

Guy: I can't tell you, HE will get me!

Robin: Who's HE?

Guy: Let me go, and I will tell you

Robin: Fine, but if you try to escape...

Guy: I won't, I swear...

Robin: Okay, we're listening

Guy: The buisness here has been working great after the old metal factory sold us their unused metal, it was smooth sailing for one year.

Red Tornado: What happened then?

Guy: A person, he wears a hockey mask, he wears what seems like a sleeveless blue muscle shirt, with a collar that covers some of his neck. He wears arm and elbow pads on both arms and fingerless gloves. On his left arm, he has metal plates attached that act very much like armor. He wears black pants with pockets that hold his weapons.

Robin: What what his name?

Guy: I don't know, but I think he goes by Sports...

Robin: Sportsmaster!

Guy: Yeah, that's him!

(Robin notices a grenade near them)

Robin: Fate, force field! NOW!


(The guy runs away)

(The team looks above)

Green Arrow: Sportsmaster!

Sportsmaster: Always the Justice Corps, always sticking their noses where they don't belong. Well now you're going to pay! 

(Sportsmaster jumps down, and pulls out a chained wrecking ball and attacks them)

(Green Arrow shoots arrows at him, but Sportsmaster dodges, and throws Green Arrow at a pile of metal)

(Red Tornado makes a tornado, and sends it towards Sportsmaster)

(Sportsmaster swings his wrecking ball, and throws it at the tornado, making it disappear)

(Sportsmaster gets a baseball bat, and hits Red Tornado)

(Green Lantern makes a giant fist and swings it towards Sportsmaster)

(Red Hood holds Sportsmaster from behind, so he doesn't escape)

(Sportsmaster stomps Red Hood's foot and jumps out of the way, and Green Lantern accidently knocks him out cold)

(While Green Lantern is distracted from hitting Red Hood, Sportsmaster pulls a switch, that opens a little door, that drops twenty pounds of metal on Green Lantern)

(Robin uses martial arts techniques to fight with Sportsmaster)

(While they fight, Arsenal aims a net rocket at Sportsmaster, but can't hit him, because they keep moving)

(Arsenal decides to shoot, and accidently hits Robin, and enables him to move)

(Sportsmaster hits Arsenal in the head)

(Superboy charges at Sportsmaster, but Sportsmaster gives a few hits to the head of Superboy with a baseball bat, then electricutes him)

(Doctor Fate is trying to help Green Lantern, cause he got hurt badly from all that metal that fell on him)

(Sportsmaster jumps into a vehicle, and drives away)

(Green Arrow gets up, and frees Robin)

(The rest get up aswell)

Doctor Fate: Guys, Sportsmaster is getting away, and Sif is hurt!

Green Lantern: I'll be fine, let's get him! (Starts flying)

Doctor Fate: Uh, Sif...he went this way (Points at the direction)

Green Lantern: Oh, right...let's go!

(Their ship catches up to Sportsmaster vehicle)

(Sportsmaster throws grenades at them)

(The ship dodges them)

(Arsenal shoots a laser at his wheel from his robot arm)

(Sportsmaster's car still manages to drive, and he reaches his warehouse)

(The team tries to run in, but Sportsmaster's henchmen hold them off)

(The team easily beats the henchmen, but while they were doing that, Sportsmaster activated his metal suit, that he  made using all that metal)

Sportsmaster: How do you like my supervillian suit?

Superboy: Seen better.

Sporsmaster: This suit was made from ten tons of metal. It can take 1000% of damage, and it has many weapons installed into it!

Doctor Fate: This....is....not....good.

Sportsmaster: You bet it's not! (Evil laughs)

Robin: He looks tough, but let's not give up! Attack!

(Superboy charges at him, while Green Arrow shoots various trick arrows, Doctor Fate sends blasts, Green Lantern is shooting him with a machine gun from his ring, Arsenal is shooting lasers from his robot arm, Red Hood is shooting him with a SMG, and Red Tornado is sending tornados at him)

(Sportsmaster takes a few power punches from Superboy, but then gives him a kick, a punch, and uses his strechable arms to throw him far away)

(Sportsmaster takes all those hits)

Sportsmaster: That the best you got? The suit is at 800%

Robin: That's not good enough, let's try again!

(Little holes come out of the metal suit, and it starts to shoot bullets)

Robin: Get down!

Green Lantern: I got this! (Makes a shield from his ring)

(An extra pair of arms come out of Sportsmaster's suit, and he shoots rockets at them)

(Superboy comes back angry and gives ten powerful punches before getting knocked again)

(Arsenal shoots rockets at Sportsmaster)

(Red Tornado sends another tornado)

Sportsmaster: This suit weights ten tons, it can't be harmed by a tornado!

Red Hood: But can it be harmed by this? (Throws five little bombs)

Sportsmaster: I still habe 667%

(Doctor Fate uses more blasts, while Green Lantern makes a magnet from his ring, and tries to seperate the metal from Sportsmaster)

(Green Arrow shoots more arrows, but they are unaffective)

Green Arrow: My arrows aren't doing many damage, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate and Arsenal are the only ones that can hurt him!

Green Lantern: I can't seperate the metal, it's too strong!

Robin: Then use your highest offence!

(Green Lantern makes a giant machine gun, and uses his ring power at maximum, and assaults Sportsmaster)

Sportsmaster: Suit is at 321% ...time to improvise!

(Sportsmaster uses his strechable arms, to attack more metal on his self)

Sportsmaster: I used up all the metal, and now I'm back at 700%

Robin: What?! 700% ...ok we need a new plan!

Green Lantern: It better be a good one, cause my ring battey just died!

Robin: Doctor Fate, Red Hood and Tammar, you guys try to damage him as much as possible, we'll be right back!

Green Arrow: What's the plan?

Robin: Here's the thing, we must set a huge explosion at that warehouse, and destroy his suit, but how will we do that...

Green Arrow: Let's set five or more bomb generators, they will explode like a nuclear bomb

Robin: I could've thought of that too, but where do we get some?

Arsenal: I couldn't help but overhear what you said, and I think I saw some huge bomb thingies at Lex Luthor's lab!

Robin: We don't have much time, so let's go!

(The team sneaks into Lex's lab and gets the bombs)

Robin: Superboy, you distract Sportsmaster while we get everything set!

(Superboy throws a stone at Sportsmaster, that leads to Sportsmaster chasing Superboy)

(Robin and the rest set the bombs)

Robin: Superboy, bring him here, I'll tell you when to get out of the warehouse!

(Superboy lures Sportsmaster at the warehouse)

(Green Arrow uses a trick-arrow to stuck Sporstmaster's feet to the floor)

Robin: Bomb goes off in 5 seconds, everyone out! Fate, don't forget the force field, so the explosion doesn't hurt anyone!

Sportsmaster: Wait, bomb? Oh no!

(Bomb explodes)

Sportsmaster: Suit at...zero...percent..ugh (The metal falls off of him, and he falls on the ground)

(Police arrives and takes Sportsmaster)

Green Arrow: I gotta say Robin, it was amazing working with you, you're such a great leader

Robin: Thanks, but don't get used to it, it won't happen very often

Green Lantern: Can we go back at the headquarters please? I'm beat up..

Robin: Of course, it has been a long day, we all deserve a rest...

Doctor Fate: How did you get Miss Martian to help by the way?

Robin: I'll explain, it's a funny story actually...

(The team is shown heading back to the headquarters)

(Scene shifts to Lex Luthor's lab)

Lex Luthor: Where are the bomb generators? WHO TOOK THEM?!

Lab guy: Wasn't any of us sir, we didn't see anything.

Lab guy 2: Check the cammera footage, sir.

Lex Luthor: Oh I will...and the person who took them, will be punished!

(The tape shows one of the lab guys taking the bombs)

Lex Luthor: So it was you, how dare you take these bombs without my permission?!

Lab guy: I swear sir, it wasn't me!

(Scene shifts to the Justice Corps' headquarters)

Doctor Fate: So you got Miss Martian to shape shifts into one of the lab people and steal the bombs?

Robin: Yeah

Doctor Fate: Genius...

Robin: I know I am :3


The End.

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