Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series, Season 2, Episode 1 -"New Recruits"

(2 months  after season 1)

(Green Arrow is showing running and shooting arrows)

(Doctor Fate follows right above him dodging rockets and shooting blasts)

(Superboy is showing jumping from building to building, while Green Lantern is flying with a shield from his ring, and shooting lasers)

(Red Tornado comes floating on a tornado)

Two Face: You'll never catch me! Boys, stop them!

(Two Face's henchmen attack the Justice Corps)

(Superboy gives some of the henchmen a clothline, than punches him and pushes them off the building)

(Green Arrow does a somersault over the henchmen, and shoots them with an electric arrow from behind)

Green Arrow: Two Face is getting away, I'll go after him, you guys take care of the henchmen!

Doctor Fate: I'm coming with you!

Green Lantern: Count me in!

Doctor Fate: Superboy and Red Tornado, you guys finish here, we'll give you a call!

Red Tornado: Roger that.

(Two Face jumps into a vehicle and drives off)

Green Arrow: You're not getting away that easy!

(Green Arrow shoots arrows at the car's wheels, but the wheels get covered with metal)

(Doctor Fate and Green Lantern are close behind the car, but Two Face releases smoke and loses them)

(Green Arrow puts on a gas mask and follows the car by jumping from rooftop to rooftop)

(Green Arrow jumps off the rooftop, and shoots an explosive arrow at the car in mid air, then shoots a rope arrow at the top of the building and hangs)

(The car explodes)

(More henchmen appear, and they distract Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate, while Two Face is getting away)

(Green Lantern smacks them with a giant fist from his ring, Green Arrow uses martial arts and his trick arrows to beat most of them, and Doctor Fate blasts them)

Green Arrow: Quickly, after him!

(They are close behind Two Face, but Two Face busts out a machine gun and shoots them)

(They dodge)

(Green Lantern shoots down Two Face with a laser)

(Green Arrow gets close to him to tie him up, but Two Face electrocutes him)

Doctor Fate: You'll pay for that!

Two Face: Oh no I'm not! (Whistles)

(A lot of henchmen appear)

Doctor Fate: Superboy, Red Tornado, come in, we need your help!

(Scene shifts to Superboy and Red Tornado eating ice cream)

Red Tornado: Do you think they might be in trouble?

Superboy: Nah, they're fine!


(Scene shifts back)

Doctor Fate: Looks like we're on our own..

Green Lantern: There's too many of them, we can't fight them alone!

(An arrow blasts some of the henchmen)

Doctor Fate: Wait...whose arrow was that? It surely wasn't Green Arrow's, he's out cold...

(A boomerang hits a few of the henchmen)

(Mini bombs drop behind the henchmen and they explode)

(A laser blasts the last of the villians)

(A guy with a mask, and a robot arm that the laser came from, is shown)

Green Lantern: Who are you?

Person: Call me Arsenal!

Doctor Fate: Thanks for the assist!

Arsenal: Wasn't just me

(Another person with a red mask, a street jacket, jeans and boots comes)

Person with red mask: Call me Red Hood

(Green Arrow wakes up)

Green Arrow: Uh...what happened guys?

Green Lantern: These are Arsenal and Red Hood, they helped us beat the henchmen!

Doctor Fate: Yeah, but look, Two Face is getting away!

Arsenal: Not a problem (Busts out a rocket launcher, and shoots a net rocket at Two Face, trapping him)

Green Arrow: Nice!

Arsenal: Why thank you.

(Robin arrives)

Robin: Oh, I see you've met the Justice Corps' new members. How did they do?

Green Arrow: New members? Rad!!

Doctor Fate: Awesome! They team really could use new members

Green Lantern: They did great. What's with the robot arm though?

Arsenal: Long story, I'll explain later.

Robin: Yeah, let's get back to the cave

(They arrive at the cave)

JT: Superboy, Red Tornado, great news! There are two new members to the team, they're Arsenal and Red Hood, they're awesome!

Superboy: What's so awesome about them?

Red Tornado: Hi, I'm nega, call me Red Tornado

(Batman enters the room)

Batman: Justice Corps, you are now familliar with the latest members. I'll assign two volunteers to help train them, and give them a tour of the place, and tell them the rules.

Green Arrow: I volunteer to train them!

Doctor Fate: I'll help them learn the rules!

Green Lantern: The rest of us will give them a tour later!

Batman: Alright, so it's all set. You can begin right now, or whenever you like, just do it soon.

Green Arrow: Okay.

(Batman and Robin leave)

Green Arrow: Alright guys, shall we beggin?

Red Hood: Nah, not now, we just got back, let's relax a bit

Green Arrow: Alright, but...just curious, what are your real names?

Arsenal: I'm Tammar

Red Hood: I'm Ben Freecool

Doctor Fate: How did Batman reach to you?

Arsenal: He has an eye for talent :3

Red Robin: We're not new to this buisness, well...Arsenal might be, but I once got close to joining the Justice Leauge, but I didn't. Then I took a break, and now I got called the join the Justice Corps

Arsenal: True, I am new, but, I got rescued recently from Lex Luthor by Batman and Robin. I got kidnapped a year ago, they cut off my arm...I was going to kill Lex for what he did, but he gave me a robot arm instead. I still wanted to get my revenge, and I showed what I can do, that's why Batman offered me a spot on this team, this is my new home now.

Superboy: Cool story bro

Green Arrow: UFA -_-

Arsenal: Nah, it's cool..

Red Hood: Actually, I changed my mind, I could use a tour of this place..

Green Lantern: Alrighty then.

(20 minutes later)

Red Tornado: So...do you like this place?

Red Hood: Yeah, it's pretty good, I think I will enjoy my stay here.

Arsenal: Me too

Red Hood: Can't wait to go on another mission!

Green Arrow: Well you know what comes first, tell me when you're ready to train.

Red Hood: Nah, I've had enough for today, let's chill

(They sit an watch TV)

Superboy: (Keeps switching channels) Dud, dud, dud...

Arsenal: Wait, switch back!

(Superboy switches back)

(Arsenal gets angry)

Arsenal: Lex Luthor!

(Superboy turns up the volume)

Lex Luthor: And Batman with his pathetic sidekick, just got inside my lab without permission, and took something from me! They took a boy, a boy that I have been raising for a full year now...and they're still out there somewhere, doing who knows what to that child, and I demand that something is done for this!

(Arsenal grabs the remote and turns off the TV)

Arsenal: Smh, doesn't even mention the fact that I'm missing my arm because of him, and that he held me hostage for a year...

Green Arrow: I know right

Arsenal: I need some air...I'll go out for a while

Green Arrow: Let's all go out then

(They go outside for a walk)

(Special agents are shown following them)

nega: Why are these guys behind us following us?

FT: I don't know, but they look suspicious enough...

(The agents throw sleeping gas bombs at the team, and they kidnap Tammar)

(15 minutes later they wake up)

FT: Uh, what happened? Is everyone ok?

JT: We're all fine, but Tammar is gone! 

Sif: Those guys must've gotten Tammar for Lex

FT: Let's go find him!

(Scene shifts to Tammar who wakes up and finds himself in a lab)

Lex Luthor: Rise and shine kiddo!

Tammar: Lex! What do you want from me? Let me go!

Lex Luthor: Now now, let's not get anxious.

Tammar: What is that?

Lex Luthor:  Just a machine that will make you forget everything that happened recently, you won't remember a thing!

Tammar: I don't think so!

(Tammar breaks free using a laser from his robot arm, and assaults Lex Luthor)

(Lex calls for help)

(Security arrives and they take Tammar away from Lex)

Tammar: Let me go!

(Security guard punches him in the stomach, then in the face)

(They get him up, but Tammar gets free and beats them up)

Tammar: Where did Lex go? I must find him!

(Scene shifts to Lex Luthor who is running away and calling for help)

(He gets to his office and tells Mercy to protect him)

(Tammar enters the room)

(Mercy shoots at him)

(Tammar dodges and shoots a laser at her)

(She shields herself and attacks Tammar)

(Scene shifts to the rest of the Justice Corps who arrived at the lab)

Green Lantern: What has happened here?

Green Arrow: I think it's pretty obvious, Lex tried to do something to Arsenal, but he got free

Doctor Fate: We most stop him from doing something foolish, let's go!

(Scene shifts back to the fight)

(Mercy has the upper hand, and Arsenal is losing energy)

(Arsenal looks at the battery bar for his robot arm)

Arsenal: 5% remaining, better make this quick!

(Arsenal uses his laser at maximum power and cuts Mercy in half)

Arsenal: You're next Lex!

Lex Luthor: I don't think so, look at the battery bar

Arsenal: 0%? Ugh, no!

(Lex Luthor punches him)

(Arsenal gets up)

Lex Luthor: Foolish child, how do you plan on beating me with no weapon?

Arsenal: Who said I don't have a weapon?

(Arsenal gets out a bow and an arrow)

(The team arrives)

Green Arrow: Arsenal, NO! It's not worth it!

Doctor Fate: Yeah, put the bow down!

Arsenal: No, I have had it with this!

(While they talk, Lex Luthor hits an alert button and a SWAT team comes)

SWAT: Don't move!

Green Arrow: See what you've done? We need to get out of here!

SWAT: I said don't move!

(Green Arrow shoots a bomb arrow and a few of the SWATs explode)

SWAT: Open fire!

(Green Lantern makes a forcefield)

(Lex Luthor escapes)

(Superboy breaks the window)

(Red Hood uses a rope to get down)

(Red Tornado gets down using his tornado powers)

(Doctor Fate gets down with Green Arrow and Arsenal)

(Green Lantern flies down and they head back to the cave)

Arsenal: I'm sorry guys, I must've gotten you in a lot of trouble now..

Green Arrow: No, don't sweat it...Lex's agents did kidnap you in the first place, but please, try to remember, that the Justice Corps don't kill!

Doctor Fate: Yeah. And Lex Luthor is a poweful man, you don't want to get a tiff with him...

Green Arrow: This was a one time mistake, and it won't happen again, we'll begin training tomorrow, so get ready!

Doctor Fate: You're acting just like Batman (giggles)

Red Hood: Ok, we'll be ready!


The End.

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