Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series Episode 14 -"Battle Ready"

(Previously on Justice Corps)

(The Justice Corps are asleep and a loud siren goes on and wakes them up)

FT: It's the training,let's get dressed!


Batman: ... it's time for advanced training,and eventually expert training,and because we don't have much time,and you can't learn everything in one day,I will only teach you the most important stuff of the advanced training!

Green Arrow: I was born ready!


Batman: Batman: Alright,I will reveal that Green Arrow,Doctor Fate and Red Tornado passed,Superboy and Green Lantern,you attacked the robbers without giving them a warning or anything,you don't just attack them like that

Superboy: This training is useless,I'm out of here!


Batman: Batman: Alright,all of you did good,Green Arrow took the longest but his opponent was the hardest to beat. Now the advanced lesson is most about fighting villians,but it can be used in any sitatuions,like when robbers,villians,monsters or whatever refuse to cooperate,this training teaches you new fight skills and stuff.


(Batman stands there watching the Justice Corps leave)

Batman: The Shield...is going down! 


(The Justice Corps are in the center room waiting for further orders)

JT: What's the waiting for? I thought we were gonna fight The Shield..

Robin: Patience, they'll be here in a matter of moments.

Green Arrow: Who'll be here?

Robin: The Leauge, every singe on of them.

Green Lantern: We get to fight among all the members of The Leauge? AWESOME!

Robin: Not just The Leauge, a friend you're familliar with is joining the fight aswell

JT/Green Arrow/Green Lantern/Red Tornado/Superboy: Who?

Robin: Come and see, he's arriving right now.

(The team heads to look out the window and see something green heading their ways)

Green Lantern (Mig): Remember me?

Green Arrow: Mig? But wasn't he...

Robin: A member of The Light, yes, but put The Light aside, we're dealing with The Shield now

Green Lantern (Sif): Will you be joining the team?

Green Lantern (Mig): Not sure yet, talk to Batman about it, for now, I'm only here to fight The Shield

(Batman arrives in his flying vehicle with Flash and Superman)

JT: Where are the rest?

Batman: They'll meet us there, we have no time to lose, put on your helmet and follow me!

(JT puts on his helmet)

Doctor Fate: Ready!

Batman: Follow me everyone!

(They all head to an abandoned battle arena)

Wonder Woman: Everyone is here except Captain Atom..

Batman: Hm...we'll deal with that later, any sightings of The Shield?

Wonder Woman: None

Black Manta: Here we are!

(The Shield comes from out of nowhere)

Deathstroke: And I see the entire Leauge is here, hardly seems fair, does it?

Black Manta: For you we mean..

(All of the villians except members of The Light come from out of nowhere)

Black Adam: Let's do this!

Green Arrow: Now what Bats?

Batman: We take the fight to them, use what I taught all of you!

(Superboy grapples with Black Adam)

(Black Adam gives Superboy an uppercut and throws him into the ground, and punches him)

(Superboy kicks him, jumps and super punches him high in to the air)

(Sif and Mig use their ring powers to take down Poison Ivy, while Superman and Captain Marvel battle the giant plant monster)

(Flash makes circles around Mr. Freeze and confuses him)

(Batman punches Mr. Freeze in the face)

(Green Arrow shoots arrows at The Joker, but Joker dodges them and throws grenades at Green Arrow)

(Aquaman pours a bucket of water on Joker)

(Joker gets angry and turns around, but recieves a punch from Aquaman)

(Green Arrow shoots rope arrows and ropes Joker's feet)

Wonder Woman: We're doing good so far,but The Shield are nowhere in sight

Batman: We'll find them, but we have to fight off these villians now!

(Wonder Woman gets attacked by Ultra-Humanite)

(Wonder Woman punches Ultra-Humanite, but he gets up and slams her)

(Captain Marvel helps her and they take down Ultra-Humanite)

(The Plant monster grows bigger)

(Doctor Fate cuts the monster in tiny pieces with his laser, but the monster puts itself together)

Aquaman: Try to take down Poison Ivy, she is the source)

(Flash does circles around Poison Ivy)

(Green Arrow shoots smoke arrows at her, and Doctor Fate blasts her)

(The monster falls down, and is out of Poison Ivy's controll)

(Black Adam comes back, and attacks Superboy)

(Superman lends a hand and they take down Black Adam)

(Sportsmaster uses a wrecking ball and takes down Green Arrow and Superboy)

(The Icon tackles him, but Sportsmaster fights out)

(Aquaman and Superman battle Sportsmaster and eventually defeat him)

Batman (talking to self): Captain Atom is missing...and the only logical explenation is what I have been suspecting for the past months...

(Scene shifts to Captain Atom flying somewhere)

(He reaches a destination and stops)

(Ethan the Witch Boy and Vandal Savage come out of the shadows)

Vandal Savage: Did you get what I requested?

Captain Atom: It's all there, in that CD and those files

Vandal Savage: Good, we can now proceed to the next step of our plan, while the Justice Leauge is preoccupied fighting The Shield 

(Vandal Savage and Witch Boy laugh)

(Scene shifts back to the Justice Leauge and the Justice Corps, who just defeated all of the villians)

(The Shield comes back)

(Black Manta fires lasers from his eyes and takes down Batman)

(Deathstroke shoots sleeping darts at Icon and Superman)

(Bane takes down Wonder Woman and Flash)

Aquaman: Justice Corps, run, now!

Green Arrow: No, we can take them!

(The Shield takes down the final Justice Leauge members)

Black Manta: Still think you can take us?

Superboy: Just bring it!

(Deathstroke battles with Green Arrow)

(Deathstroke kicks him in the ribs and uses his staff to trip Green Arrow)

(Green Arrow rolls up, and sticks a mini bomb on Deathstroke's back, and Deathstroke explodes a little)

(Mig and Sif use their lantern powers to inflict damage on Bane, while Superboy gives him punches)

(Doctor Fate blasts Black Manta, and Red Tornado sends a tornado at him and takes him out)

(The Shield regroups)

Black Manta: It seems we have underestimated them..

Deathstroke: It's the Lanterns, we need to take them out!

Bane: On it!

(Bane jumps and air tackles the Lanterns in to the ground, grabs them and bashes their heads into a wall)

(Green Arrow shoots arrows at Bane)

(Black Manta takes Green Arrow out with lasers)

(Doctor Fate blasts Black Manta and Deathstroke jumps infront of Black Manta with a shield and the blast reflects at Doctor Fate)

(Batman gets up and throws bombs at The Shield and inflicts a little damage on them)

(The Leauge starts to get up)

(Black Manta kicks Batman in the face)

Deathstroke: Let's make this quick, they are starting to get up!

Flash: You're not going anywhere!

Superman: What he said!

(The Leauge surrounds The Shield)

(Superman, Icon and Captain Marvel deliver powerful punches to Bane)

(Flash uses speedy attacks on Deathstroke)

(Aquaman punches Deathstroke)

(Batman and Wonder Woman take out Black Manta)

Green Arrow: Leave some for us!

Batman: They're all yours now!

(Green Arrow lifts up Black Manta)

Green Arrow: This if for what you did to AJ and Mike! (Kicks him in the face)

(Sif and Mig lift up Deathstroke)

Sif/Mig: This is for attacking the city and the Justice Corps! (They both make giant fists out of their rings and smack him)

(Superboy lifts up Bane)

Superboy: And this is for no reason at all! (Power punches him in the face)

(The Shield regroup)

Green Arrow: Not this time guys, give up!

(Green Arrow aims an arrow)

(Green Arrow shoots arrows, Doctor Fate sends power blasts, Superboy shakes the ground with a punch, the Lantern shoot lasers from their ring and Red Tornado sends a tornado at The Shield taking them down for good)

Batman: Good job, The Shield is finally down!

Wonder Woman: But that begs the question...where was Captain Atom through all of this?

Batman: I'll tell you...I've been ding some detective work over the past few months, I've been following Captain Atom's steps and attitude...how he's been always sneaking away somewhere saying he had "some things" to do and...(a loud ground shaking noise is heared)

Green Arrow: What's that noise?

(A big war tank breaks through the stadium)

Sif: What is that?

Batman: We're about to find out, keep your guard up!

(The tank stops, it aims at The Leauge and it fires)

Batman: Heads up!

(Batman jumps out of the way but the rest of the Leauge are down)

(The tank door opens)

(Vandal Savage and Witch Boy come out)

Witch Boy: Welcome to your doom!

(Vandal Savage and Witch Boy laugh)

(Batman and the Justice Corps are shocked)

Vandal Savage: You look surprised Batman...we thought you knew everything

Batman: I do know, but I don't understand how..

Witch Boy: There are a lot of things you don't understand!

Vandal Savage: We have come to take over your world and destroy you...we know all of your secrets, and all thanks to a little friend of yours...

Green Arrow: How do the two of you expect to take over our world?

Witch Boy: Just watch and learn, kiddo!

(Witch Boy sends a red magical power thingy under the ground and a giant building sized construction comes out and a timer is set)

Doctor Fate: What on earth is that?

Vandal Savage: That is a giant, nuclear bomb, that will explode in 20 minutes. You can't defuse it, and it will destroy all of you, and after we recreate this world under our ways, it will be our world, and we will rule everything!

Green Arrow: Not a chance!

Vandal Savage: Oh, we're not here to fight, not now. We'll be watching from a safer zone...

(Witch Boy opens a portal and they escape through it)

Green Arrow: What are we gonna do?

Batman: Don't panic, there must be a way to ..

Doctor Fate: He said we can't defuse it, only 17 minutes to go..

Sif: It's hopeless...

Batman: Well we're not standing around waiting for the bomb to explode, we will try to find any way to pervent that bomb from exploding!

Green Arrow: How are we gonna do that?

Batman: JT, teleport us inside!

Doctor Fate: Okay

(They go inside the bomb)

Batman: From here, we'll try to find any way of defusing it!

Red Tornado: Or we just destroy it! (Makes a tornado which accelerates the timer)

Batman: You fool, you just guaranteed us our doom!

Green Arrow: 9 minutes left!

(Captain Atom comes from out of nowhere)

Green Arrow: Wait, is that...

Batman: What are you doing here, watching us as we're about to die..

Captain Atom: Say what you want after all of this is over, I've come to help!

Batman: How exactly can you help us?

Captain Atom: I know how to stop the bomb from exploding, but I need your trust!Q

Green Arrow: What you need is time, only 5 minutes before it goes off, hurry!

Captain Atom: Alright, but do as I say. Lanterns, go on top of the bomb, Fate, teleport me, yourself and Green Arrow inside, the rest, stay outside, I'll contact you when your part comes!

(They go inside)

Captain Atom: You stay here until I tell you what to do!

(Captain Atom flies to the ceiling)

Captain Atom: Lanterns, when I give you the signal, I want you to use all of your power to make a forcefield around the bomb.

Sif: Our forcefield won't hold it

Captain Atom: I know, I have something else

(Captain Atom absorbs all the nuclearity from the bomb and turns all red)

Captain Atom: Now Lanterns, now!

Captain Atom: Green Arrow, shoot arrows and cut all of the wires out! Now!

(Green Arrow cuts all of the wires)

Batman: What's taking so long, only 1 minute until the explosion!

Superboy: Wait, the timer is slowing down!

Batman: What's going on in there?

Captain Atom: Doctor Fate, teleport everyone out of here!

Doctor Fate: What are you going to do?

Captain Atom: No time to explain, just go!

(They exit the bomb)

Batman: Look the timer stopped, but something red is glowing in there

Doctor Fate: It's Captain Atom, I think he...

Batman: Don't let him do that!

(Doctor Fate teleports in)

(Captain Atom explodes)

(Smoke is everywhere)

(They all get up coughing)

Batman: He saved us..

Doctor Fate: And I saved him!

Batman:  How?

Doctor Fate: I made a very powerful forcefield around him, and it hold up the explosion!

Batman: But he still has some explaining to do...

Green Arrow: But where is he..

Batman: He's gone..

Green Arrow: So..are you gonna finish what you were saying?

Batman: I think it's pretty obvious what happened...Captain Atom was a traitor and he's with The Light

Green Arrow: Then why did he save us?

Batman: I'm not sure, but we can assume it's because he doesn't want the world destroyed, he is a part of it, and all of his close ones live here...but we won't know for sure unless it's settled..

Green Arrow: But on the bright side, we stopped The Shield!

Batman: I don't think you understand who we're dealing with here...The Light is way more dangerous than The Shield, a lot more dangerous, and we have yet to see the worst they can do...but we did good today, so everyone, hit the showers

Green Arrow: But what is going to happen with...

Batman: Until further orders, you will continue to do what you did before The Shield came on the spot, me and Robin will do further investigations!

Doctor Fate: How do you know about The Light anyway?

Batman: The Leauge and The Light go way back..they're the reason I created the Justice Corps, not just regular villians, The Light are more dangerous then anyone you have ever fought, so keep your guard up...but for now, hit the showers, you all must be tired, I'll finish up here, and then come back to the cave.

The Justice Corps: Alright.

(They leave for their headquarters)

(Weird thoughts are going through Batman's mind as he stands there thinking for some time)


The End.

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