Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series Episode 13 -"Training Session"

(In the morning, The Justice Corps are still asleep)

(Loud siren wakes them up)

FT: Ugh,what's with all the noise?

JT: Yeah,ugh

Sif: FRENCH TOAST!! ...ugh,wait...what,what's that noise?

nega: Can you keep it down!

FT: Oh my god,it's the training,let's get dressed!

(The team puts on their costumes and go to the training room)

Green Arrow: We're here Batman

Batman: Good,we'll start immediately!

Doctor Fate: (yawn) But I'm tired!

Batman: Do you want to be in the battle against The Shield,or not?

Doctor Fate: Of course we do

Batman: That do as I say,and stay focused,this won't be easy!


Batman: A while ago,you went through basic training,now it's time for advanced training,and eventually expert training,and because we don't have much time,and you can't learn everything in one day,I will only teach you the most important stuff of the advanced training! Are you ready?

Green Arrow: I was born ready!

Doctor Fate: Let's do it!

Green Lantern: Lay it on me!

Batman: Alright,so...you guys are superheroes,not cops,cops aim weapons at bad guys,if they cooperate,they just put them in jail,if not,they shoot! Our way is diffrent,we don't aim weapons,we aim our fists! And we don't kill...unless...

Red Tornado: Unless what?

Batman: Unless this bad guy kills other people,or can't be stopped..

Superboy: Ok,we got it

Batman: Alright,now I will call Martian Manhunter in the room,and he will link us in a fake reality where we can practise this

(Martian Manhunter enters the room)

Superboy: Wait,you taught us this last time

Batman: Before we can move on to the advanced training,we must see how you handle the basic stuff...now,you will all go one by one,who wants  to go first?

Green Arrow: I do! Pick me!

Batman: Alright,Green Arrow it is...Brian,do your thing

(Martian Manhunter links Green Arrow to a fake reality)

Green Arrow: Am I in? Coool!

(Sees bank robbers)

Green Arrow: Where do you think you're going?

Robber 1: Who are you? Get out of our way kid!

Green Arrow: Alright,the hard way is fine by me too!

(Green Arrow shoots an explosive arrow at their truck)

(The robbers charge at Green Arrow)

(Green Arrow swoop kicks them and shoots a net arrow at them)

Green Arrow: Alright,that's how it's done!

(Green Arrow exits the fake reality)

Batman: Doctor Fate's turn

Green Arrow: How'd I do?

Batman: I will tell you your results later

(Doctor Fate enters the fake reality)

Doctor Fate: I'm in! Hey...those people are robbing the bank!

Doctor Fate: Hey,put the money down,and no one gets hurt!

Robber 2: Is that some kind of threat?

Robber 1: We ain't 'fraid of clowns!

(Doctor Fate sends a Doctor Fate shaped logo thing at the robbers and enables them to move)

Doctor Fate: Game's over!

(Doctor Fate exits)

Batman: Green Lantern,get ready,it's your turn

(Green Lantern enters)

Green Lantern: Awesome! Now where are the bad guys? Oh,there they are,better go teach them a lesson!

(Green Lantern makes a fist and smashes the robbers against the wall)

Green Lantern: That's how I take care of biz!

(Green Lantern exits)

Batman: Red Tornado,your time

(Red Tornado enters and sees bad guys)

(He lifts up their truck with a tornado)

Robber 1: Hey! Our truck!!

Red Tornado: You mad bro? Come do something about it!

(Robbers charge at him)

(Red Tornado makes a tornado and spins them around and they land on a car)

Red Tornado: Oh yeah,that's how I roll!!

(Red Tornado exits)

Batman: Superboy,your turn!

Superboy: Why do I go last?

(Superboy gets in and sees robbers)

Superboy: Robbers,I'll go beat the heck out of them!

(Jumps them from behind without a warning or anything,spins them around and smashes them from a building)


Batman: Alright,I will reveal that Green Arrow,Doctor Fate and Red Tornado passed,Superboy and Green Lantern,you attacked the robbers without giving them a warning or anything,you don't just attack them like that

Green Lantern: Ok,I'll keep that in mind

Superboy: This training is useless,I'm out of here!

Green Arrow: Superboy,come back!

Batman: Let him go,I'll deal with him later,we don't have time to lose!

Doctor Fate: Alright,what's the next lesson?

Batman: Ok,you got the basic stuff,I think,but we will practise it again,now let's begin the advance!

Red Tornado: Ok,let's start

Batman: The basic training is what to do when you see a crime happening,theadvanced training is about what to do when the basic training doesn't,and more!

Green Arrow: Sounds fun

Batman: Ok,so Martian Manhunter will put you in a scenario where your basic training hasn't worked,and the bad guys attack...but remember,in advanced training,there are advanced enemies! Superboy will go first,because he went lest in the last training!

(Superboy enters the fake reality,and immediately gets attacked by Black Adam)

Superboy: Woah,that was fast...

(Grabs Black Adam's fist,spins him around,punches him,tackles him in a building,and punches him repeatebly)

(Superboy exits)

Batman: Red Tornado,your turn!

(Red Tornado enters,and gets attacked by Ultra-Humanite)

(Red Tornado sends a tornado at Ultra-Humanite but because of his weight,it doesn't harm me)

(Ultra-Humanite slams Red Tornado)

Red Tornado: Time for a new move!

(Makes a wind wave,enabling Ultra-Humanite to breathe and knocks him out)

(Red Tornado exits)

Batman: Green Lantern,your turn

(Green Lantern enters,and gets attacked by Two Face)

(Green Lantern makes a shield,blasts Two Face with a laser,than makes a hammer and slams Two Face)

Green Lantern: That was...really fast!

(Green Lantern exits)

Batman: Doctor Fate,get ready!

(Doctor Fate enters and gets attacked by Sportsmaster who hits him with a wrecking ball)

(Doctor Fate gets up and blasts Sportsmaster,who dodges and hits him again)

(Doctor Fate sends a blast wave and takes out Sportsmaster)

(Doctor Fate exits)

Batman: And last but not least,Green Arrow

(Green Arrow enters and gets attacked by Joker)

(Green Arrow gets up,grapples Joker,super kicks him)

Joker: Why so serious? (Laughs)

(Joker gets out a gun and shoots at Green Arrow but it turns out to be a watergun)

(Joker jumps behind Green Arrow and sticks a target sticker on his back)

(Joker shoots a rocket at Green Arrow)

(Green Arrow dodges,and goes after Joker)

Joker: Look behind you! (laughs)

(Green Arrow turns around and sees the rocket)

(Green Arrow slides under it,and then realises Joker put a target on his back,so he shoots a rope arrow at Joker's legs,and puts the target on his back,and the rocket takes out Joker)

(Green Arrow exits)

Batman: Alright,all of you did good,Green Arrow took the longest but his opponent was the hardest to beat. Now the advanced lesson is most about fighting villians,but it can be used in any sitatuions,like when robbers,villians,monsters or whatever refuse to cooperate,this training teaches you new fight skills and stuff.

Doctor Fate: Okay,what's the first fight skill?

Batman: I will call Wonder Woman,she will train with you on these new skill sets

Green Lantern: Coool! I always wanted to meet Dax!

(Wonder Woman enters)

(They train for hours)

Batman: Alright,you are ready,we will take the fight to The Shield,and stop them! 

Everyone: Yes!!

Batman: You may hit the showers now,and...Superboy..

Superboy: Yeah?

Batman: You need to learn to cooperate better! That's an order!

Superboy: Smh...k (Leaves)

(Batman stands there watching the Justice Corps leave)

Batman: The Shield...is going down! 


The End.

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