"Minilla: Son of Godzilla" is a popular manga series created by Ichiro Miki and Gengo Kotaka in 1975. The story revolves around the fictional "Son of Godzilla" who runs ramrod about the South Seas islands, getting into all sorts troubles and adventures while occasionally being taught by his monstrous "father" how to fight and survive. The series was extremely popular for close to 10 years, with children lined up around the block to purchase the new volumes. Minilla action figures, board games and soap dispensers were also produced, and an anime film was also created.

However, things weren't always so rosy for the two manga-ka. The Foundation for Kaiju Survivors openly protested the manga for marketing kaiju towards children, something seen as akin to making a volcano or tornado into a friendly children's character. Coming out hot on the heels of the Simeon Invasion was also seen in poor taste. In response to all of this, the creators had this to say -

Ichiro - "I grew up hearing stories of Godzilla, and never actually saw him until my 10th birthday...he was the most awesome thing I had ever seen. Kaiju aren't evil, and the more we try to fight them, the worse things will be for us. I hoped that Minya would help people understand that."

Gengo - "Children today are much more sophisticated, at least that's what my editor says. They understand that monsters are dangerous, but they need something to reconcile that. Besides, everyone loves Shukra, the homework monster!"

Minilla's manga days ended when Godzilla returned and demolished Tokyo in 1984.

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