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Being a creature of shadow doesn't necessarily mean that one is evil. JYARUMU, like his brothers and sisters, is a force of nature. Few of the other Orochi Spawn define the term quite like Jyarumu, since, by his very nature, he merely seeks power and battle in order to bring about the rebirth of his parental beast. Jyarumu shares both a bond and a rivarly with his sister, BALKZARDAN. The speedy monster's power of light is directly opposed to Jyarumu's power over darkness, but the two had apparently shared a less-than aggressive relationship, even apparently battling other kaiju side-by-side. The day came, however, that the two met on a field of battle that, surprisingly, was far from the shores of Japan. WHERE exactly is unknown, but China or Mongolia is not out of the question. Their battle would have been one to rock the world, most assuredly...though the text is still being translated...

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