Den 10 Supreme Aliens Episode 2: Hero Up Time! Part 2

FREEZEBLAST: (looks at hands) AHHHHH!!! I'M ICE!!!!!


(He runs around for a few minutes and stops)

FREEZEBLAST: Hold on a jiff. I'm ice, but I'm not melting...... unless......

(He shoots an ice beam at a wall)

FREEZEBLAST: Hah! Worked just a I thought!

FREEZEBLAST: Hmmmm....... I wonder......

(He slams Supremematrix symbol)

ALIEN(DEN): Cool! What does this guy do?

(Explosion from the roof)

(Den flies out of the room)


ALIEN(DEN): Who are you suppose to be?

ALIEN ENEMY: I am Deathshot! The universes greatest intergalatic bounty hunter. My newest contract: to get the supremematrix!

ALIEN(DEN): Well good luck with that.

DEATHSHOT: Wait, that symbol on your chest, it's the Supremematrix! Give it to me!

ALIEN(DEN): Oh. Urrrr...... well too bad, because the thing and I are sort of...... attached.

DEATHSHOT: Then I'll just have to kill you and then rip it off your chest!

(DS takes out an alien axe)

ALIEN(DEN): Not gonna happen!

(Den dashes towards Deathshot)

ALIEN(DEN): Whoa!! Superspeed? Awesome! I'm gonna call this dude....... NIGHTSPEED!!

(Nightspeed jumps and kicks Deathshot off his hoverboard)

(Deathshot falls but tries to shoot Nightspeed)

(Nightspeed dodges the shots)


(Nightspeed does a rapid fire back kick on Deathshot)

DEATHSHOT: Grrrr....... We will meet again kid, and next time you won't be so lucky!!

(Deathshot teleports away)

NIGHTSPEED: Whew! That was intense! Oh well, at least I got this cool hoverboard!

DEN(NARRATOR): After that day(and a hard 1 hour just trying to revert back to human), I wanted to reveal myself as the hero, but I remebered what my old man once said: RESPONSIBILITY COMES BEFORE FAME. And that my friends, is the beginning of DEN 10!!


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Comment by Den on July 29, 2013 at 7:52am

What I meant when I wrote melting was, due to the fact that the room was quite humid, ice should melt but he isn't.

Hoped that helped to clarify.

Comment by BIG CHILL on July 29, 2013 at 2:27am
Saw a few mistakes, if you're on ice, you freeze and not melt

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