Den 10 Supreme Aliens Episode 1: Hero Up Time! Part 1

(Scene is a comic book page. Pictures pop up of Den defeating some villians)

DEN(NARRATOR): Hey! My name is Den Pennyson. You know, saviour of the universe, bearer of the Supremematrix? You don't? Well then, lets turn the clock way back to that very day......

(Scene changes to a hallway in Inter-tech High School, Den is shown in the of the hallway)

DEN(NARRATOR): That's me, Den Pennyson. I don't look like much and I really don't until that day.

(Tone Salazer walks into scene and nudges Den on the arm)

TONE: Hey man!

DEN: Yo!

(They bro-fist each other)

DEN(NARRATOR): That's Tone, my best and only friend in school. He's rich, like really, really rich. His uncle runs oneOf of the best tech company in Manhatten. The company creates so much ranging from phones to even nanobots or advance medicine.

TONE: So, you ready?

DEN: For what?

TONE: The field trip? Duh? To the Space Museum? Did you forget?

DEN: Of course I didn't! I'm totally ready!

DEN(NARRATOR): Ah yes, the field trip. The life changing types.

(Suddenly, scene turns and Euni Westly is seen walking out of the Chem Lab to the hallway)

DEN(NARRATOR): OMG! That's Euni! My crush since... since... urrrrr... well since I met her!

(Den's legs went soft and he tried to stay upright until a basketball hits him in the head)

(Den turns to the direction of where the ball came from and saw Flash and TD laughing)

FLASH: HA HA HA!! Nerd shot! HA HE HA HE HA!!

DEN: Ugh. Whatever.

(Den turns back)

DEN(NARRATOR): Oh man. That's embarrassing. Anyway, lets move forward to the field trip.

(Scene changes to a section of the Science Museum)

(Den is seen taking photos for the school paper)

FLASH: Hey TD, give this nerd something he'll never forget!

(TD walks towards and pushes Den, causing him to drop his camera)

DEN: Dude! That was my new camera!

(The camera drops and flips into a nearby storage room)

(Den quickly sneaks into the room to see his camera)

DEN: Aw man! It's busted!

(Rises up and sees a mini safe on the table above the camera)

DEN: Why is this the only thing kept in a safe?

(Hacks the code)

DEN: Eh. Easy Peasy.

(Sees Supremematrix)

DEN: Whoa.

(Supremematrix jumps onto Den's left wrist)


(Den tries several times to get it off, but fails the same amount of times)

DEN: Oh well. Let's just see what it can do.

(Turns dial and it pops up and shows a hologram)

DEN: Oooooooooooo..........

(Den presses the dial down)

(A flash of blue light engulfs Den)

(When the light fades, a blue ice alien stands where Den stood)



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Comment by Den on July 6, 2013 at 6:31am
Yeah, in never realized how similar it was to Zen 10 episode 1 till yesterday, where I read you first episode again.

Comment by BIG CHILL on July 5, 2013 at 8:53pm
Not too bad, reminds me of the first episode of Zen 10 though, still pretty good, keep it up

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