Ben 10: Revoloution Episode 1 "A Time of Need Part 1"

| Ben 10: Revoloution |

Setting: *Vulkanus's Ship*

Computer Voice: Deatination in T-10 seconds - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 -

Four Arms: *Destroy's Time-Bomb*

Vulkanus: No! What have you done?!

Four Arms: I stopped a time-bomb from wiping us all off the face of the Earth!

Vulkanus: Your gonna pay for that, Ben Tennyson! *Charges At Ben*

Four Arms: *Grabs Vulkanus* I sure hope you know how to fly! *Throws Vulkanus Into Orbit*

Vulkanus: Actually I do! *Activates Newly Installed Jet-Pack*

Four Arms: No!

Rook: *Awakens From Unconsiosness*

Ben: *Reverts To Human* He got away!

Rook: What are we going to do?

Ben: Whatever it takes!

*Opening Theme*

Setting: *Mysterious Space-Ship*

Mysterious Voice: Did you succeed?

Vulkanus: No, master. I'm sorry.

Mysterious Voice: Sorry, isn't enough as long as Ben Tennyson is still breathing as we speak! Maybe it's time that you start taking responsibility for your actions!

Vulkanus: Master, please! No! No!

Mysterious Voice: *Opens Airlock*

Vulkanus: No! *Get's Pulled Into The Atmosphere Of Space*

Mysterious Voice: *Closes Airlock*

Setting: *Mr. Baumann's Shop*

Rook: So, what do you call this Earthly condiment? *Observes Smoothy*

Ben: Dude? That's a Smoothy.

Vulkanus: Ben Tennyson, what an unpleasant suprise! *Points Mark 12 Techadorian Multiblaster At Ben*

Rook: Hes got Mr. Baumann!

Ben: Leave him alone!

Vulkanus: *Let's Go Of Mr. Baumann*

Br. Baumann: *Runs Away And Hides Under Front Desk*

Ben: *Transforms* Bloxx! Oh yeah!

Vulkanus: *Blasts Ben*

Bloxx: *Regenerates* Is that all you got?!

Vulkanus: Actually, no! *Blasts Hole In Ceiling*

Pickaxe Aliens: *Jump Through Hole In Ceiling*

Rook: I'll handle the "Pickaxe Aliens" you deal with Vulkanus!

Bloxx: I'm on it!

Vulkanus: *Charges At Bloxx With Drill Hand*

Rook: *Blasts Vulkanus*

Bloxx: Behind you!

Rook: *Turns Around And Blasts A Pickaxe Alien*

Vulkanus: I'm just getting started, Tennyson!

Bloxx: *Morphs Hand Into Blade And Finishes Off Vulkanus*

Rook: *Blasts Final Pickaxe Alien* That's the last of them.

Setting: *Mysterious Space-Ship*

Mysterious Voice: Vulkanus has failed me again! Send in the "Armada!"


To Be Continued...

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Comment by Dan 10 on July 26, 2012 at 2:16pm

you spelled armada wrong

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