So the Ben 10 reboot has been on Cartoon Network since early October. If you live in the UK, or Asia, you have seen it. If you live in the US or Canada, you can cry because its NOT on until next year! What do you think of that?

Has anyone here seen the show? Tell is how you like it?

Are toys coming? Yes, more news on that soon.

- Stu

Feel free to use these pics, they come from CN

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Comment by Ethan on October 30, 2016 at 1:47am

You got most of them right, but that actually is Wildvine, he has two legs for the first time, while his vines come out of his armpits!

If Wildvine does get a toy, it'll be the first time since the original series he's had a figure for any Ben 10 show.

The origin is actually in the theme song, so they basically did explain how Ben gets it, its just we're not going into depth, and they did actually later say we would figure out how Ben gets it in this timeline.

Also interesting thing about the Reboot, Wildmutt has an easter egg revealed in the episode "Freaky Gwen Ben" its quite interesting actually. Easter Egg as in a very brief cameo object in the show.

But yeah, you got 9/10 right! Great job!

Comment by Stu Carter (Max) on October 29, 2016 at 3:30am

Ok I saw the first Ep, here is my list of aliens. Tell me if I have the name wrong:
1. Fourarms
2. Heatblast
3. XLR8
4. Diamondhead
5. Cannonbolt
6. Upgrade
7. Grey Matter
8. Water Hazard
9. Swampfire
10. Stinkfly

First bad guy:

Ben Tennyson
Grandpa Max

Same design for the Omnitrix, and no origin story
New shirt for Ben
New design for the Rustbucket

Comment by Stu Carter (Max) on October 29, 2016 at 12:15am

Thanks Ethan. Can you name all the aliens that have appeared to help me?

I think CN promised at least 2 years, or Playmates would not wait so long to release toys.

Comment by Ethan on October 28, 2016 at 10:15pm

A lot of people, especially on YouTube are fearing that its become like shows like Teen Titans Go, mainly because nobody likes the take of the series, especially big nostalgic fans.

Especially when they changed the voice of Grandpa Max, making Upgrade purple, changing Stinkfly's design and voice completely, while also renaming Water Hazard into Overflow.

But however, on a positive note, people are saying its not bad but its not that great.

My personal opinion however, it's had really good episodes and its ok ones. I'm just glad after 2 years, Ben 10 is back on the air, even though despite nothing happened on the 10th anniversary, almost a year later at least a new show came out.

The only thing I'm worried about is if we even get a second season despite all the hate its getting. We do have a full 20 half hour (40 11-minute) episode order, but its still concerning whether or not it'll go higher or not. I'm worried to be honest.

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