Ok, so here are some ideas for the new Ben 10 show coming soon. I'm going to list some aliens, some are real and some are fake. Please don't say I'm trolling. Just tell me if you like it or not. Ok so 16-year-old Ben Tennyson has his secret identity revealed to the world, making him an "international mega-star super hero", beloved by kids all over the world, but distrusted by many adults. Now armed with a mysterious new Omnitrix, Ben will see action in places he has never been before. These are Aliens I want him to have.

Nanomech Real.

The Queen Fake. The Queen is arachnis from the the webby planet arachneb. She has a lot of different bugs or insects who live in a cave. The queen can't resist sugar and the queen is a black and red spider.

Benchip Fake. Benchip is a beaveriant from the planet chipischimmia. This planet is covered with a lot of water and has a lot of trees. Benchip is black and brown and resembles upchuck but the only thing is he doesn't look like upchuck. Benchip has buck teeth and a tail that looks like a weapon.

Spitter Real. Spitter is a Spheroid from the rainy Planet Scalpasc. A large, blowfish-like alien, Spitter has the power to spit slime at high pressures.

Buzzshock Real. Buzzshock is a green Megawhatt from the Nosedeen Quasar . He uses eletricity as a power. He can envelop himself in electricity and fire it out. He is also very fast.

Articguana Real. Articguana is a blue lizard-like alien, of the species Polar Manzardill from the polar planet X'Nelli. He can breathe freezing vapor.

Sandbox Real. Sandbox is a Graneoid from Silicrone.

Vladis Fake. Vladis is a vladite from the planet anur transyl vladis. Vladis is a vampire-like alien. He has the ability to shoot black energy rays or balls from his hands, and he has wings. He is red and black with no eyes because he is blind. He is kinda like a bat soo he relies on his senses. On his planet sometimes it rains a lot and there are caves were they can hide were they hang from.

Darkflame Fake. Darkflame is a high breed but is actually called atasians from the planet augstaka. He shoots dark flames from his hands. This is why his name is Darkflame.

Green Needle Fake. Greenneedle is a spykelimbed humonnoid who can busts out needles as by the name greeneedle you can tell he is green greenneedle is a species related to percies his species name is oraganoispladlis oragonois meaning sharp pladlis meaning point.

Episodes I made up.

1 Over your head part 1. Ben is now famous. He is on tv and goes all over the world. A alien comes to earth and Ben must stop him.

Additional Aliens

Benmummy Rename Mummy. Ben Now Has Benmummy He Renamed HIm Mummy

Benwolf Rename Sonic howl.Ben Now Has Benwolf He Renamed HIm Sonic howl

Benvicktor Rename Frankenstorm .Ben Now Has Benvicktor He Renamed HIm Frankenstorm

Alien X. Ben Regains Alien X

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Comment by Matthew Shelley on October 15, 2009 at 3:45pm
how do u know all of this?

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