I heard the new Ben 10 movie will knock your socks off! I also heard that Ben's new love intrest is hot! The aliens that are in the movie are Swampfire, Echo-Echo, Spidermonkey, Humongasaur and Big Chill and all voice by Dee Baker. Do you think the aliens would look 3-D sort of? Which movie looks and sounds incredible Ben 10 Alien Swarm or Scooby Doo 3 The Mystery Begins? Do you think Graham Phillips should've played 15-year-old Ben? If you don't know Graham Phillips, he's played Ben in Ben 10 Race Against Time.

In the all new Ben 10 game Vilgax returns to destroy Ben as teenager. Vilgax, Ben's greatest enemy, has returned with an army of Ben's most dangerous foes to conquer each planet in the universe. Afterward, he plans to destroy Earth. Ben must travel into space and stop Vilgax once and for all. Unlike the previous Ben 10 video games, this installment will feature Ben's full range of alien forms from the first season of the series (With Cannonbolt replacing Alien X). Upchuck is included as an exclusive alien form in the DS version of the game. The game will also have Ben traveling to seven new alien planets in an upgradeable starship.

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Comment by Glen Ray on July 23, 2009 at 1:05am
sounds incredible

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