a Ben 10 toy report from Playmates Toys Top Secret showroom in Hong Kong. Omni-Enhanced Figures - Basic Figures Ben Tennyson Omni-Enhanced Overflow Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt Dr. Animo Hex Upgrade Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead Omni-Enhanced Wildvine Omni-Enhanced XLR8 Steam Smythe Omni-Enhanced Four Arms Omni-Enhanced Heatblast Vilgax Shock Rock New Figures for 2019! Ben fused with Upgrade and Jet-Powered Hoverboard Ben in Armor with Scooter Unknown new Villian Transforming Figures Ben 10 Shock Rock Ben 10 Diamondhead Ben 10 Heatblast Power Up Figures new Cannonbolt Mini Figures Overflow Grey Matter Wildvine Vilgax Stinkfly XL Super Size Figures Ben Tennyson Diamondhead Heatblast Giant Figures New Cannonbolt

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