1.Lodestar vs. Rath
2.Cannonbolt vs. Upgrade
3.Waterhazard vs. Sandbox
4.Benwolf vs. Wildmutt
5.Chromastone vs. Diamondhead
6.Swampfire vs. Buzzshock
7.Heatblast vs. Terraspin
8.Ripjaws vs. Stinkfly
9.Fourarms vs. Rath
10.Upchuck vs. Humongosaur
11.Ult.Echo Echo vs. Ult. Spidermonkey
12.Ult. Bigchill vs. Bigchill
13.Ult. Humongosaur vs. UA Fourarms
14.Ditto vs. Echo Echo

Message me for the awnsers. k?

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Comment by Chicken Nuggets on January 8, 2011 at 4:31pm

1=Rath cos rath isnt made of metal

2=Upgrade cos cannonbolts rolls will squidge upgrade into goo but hell reform

3=Waterhazard cos thr sand would go soggy

4=Benwolf cos vulpimancers are defeated by sonic sounds

5=Diamondhead cos diamondhead defeated vilgax but chromastone shattered

6=Swampfire cos compost cant be electorcuted

7=Terraspin cos wind would put out the flame

8=Stinkfly cos ripjaws needs water

9=Fourarms cos rath has only two arms

10=Humuungosaur cos, well, u know

11=Ult echo cos of sonic doom

12=Ult big chill cos ults powers are better than originals

13=ult. humungo cos will use missiles

14=Echo echo cos ditto can only duplicate but echo has sonic powers

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