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M10 Ultimate war!

I'm making a series and heres my guide:

Season I

Ep 1- Freak attack
Ep 2- The one Goop Group
Ep 3- Ultra-discovery
Ep 4- Dinomania
Ep 5- Small but HUNGRY
Ep 6- The New Zap
Ep 7- Classic fight
Ep 8- Secret of Upchuck

M10 Ultimate War The Movie

Season II

Ep 9- Fame-tastic
Ep 10-…

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Another kind of Ultimate Goop

Remember from ghostbusters they took out a ghost named Slimer? Heres a picture of him:

He looks like Ultimate Goop!

Slimer and Goop are alike!

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Magnet Ultimate


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Water Hazard is a chipmunk

You know Water Hazard's real name is Bivalvan. Well, if you take the first 3 letters away and replace the letter A thats between the V and N with a I then it's Alvin and the chipmunks, and comment my profile if you see an alien that sound's like a celebrity! Like this, Biv-Alvin. Or just comment on this blog post.

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Hi! I wanted to do a contest of a quiz, and it's Kevin Krust addition. A 6 question survey of Kevin 11 Alien Force/ Ultimate alien. The host's are Kevin Krust and me. And heres the survey:

1. Without looking on the theme song, what 11 aliens are in Kevin 11 Ultimate Alien?
2. True or False: Kevin is on my site.
3. Without looking at the profile, how many episodes are in season 1 of Kevin 11 Ultimate Alien?
4. Select 3…

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My site should be looked at PLEASE!

If you go to http://ben10times.webs.com you can become a member. And if you see a profile in the members section that says "rathdonut101" then thats me, Marco the site manager. One more thing comment me if you looked/become a member of the site on this blog.

P.S. I only have 2 members of my site!

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