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Merchant 2.0 S01 EP1 The Null Void

.-Eyes open-

-he gets up-

Random Guy:HELLO!

-he rubs his eyes-

There was a red sky and rocks everywhere.


-A flying beast swoops down-

-he ducks-

A voice screamed.

-he leaps onto another rock-


-he checks his tag on his shirt-


-he smudges out 2.0-

Guy:Let's go with Merchant.

Merchant followed the cries all the way to a cave.

All of the…


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The Ray:Total Mayham S02 EP2 The Red Knight

Ray,Ned,Cole,and Alan are in the backyard.

Alan flips over.

He shoots from his water gun.

Cole darts over before it hits him.

Ned leaps behind a tree.


Ned as Nanomech:Can't see me now huh!

Ray: (whispering) What should I care,Ned.

Ray:You aren't big enough to hold a water gun anyways.

Cole turns into a puddle.

Alan runs by and slips on Cole.

Ray shoots Alan.

Alan:Aww man!

Ned changes back…


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The Ray Total Mayham S02 EP1 The Black Knight (blog debut)

...........Cole,Reagan,and Alan hopped up from the bush.

Alan tried to shoot fireballs at the nano chips.

Their armor was unbreakable.

Reagan pulled her Green Orb out of her pocket.

She transformed into the Green Ray

Alan transformed into the Orange Ray.

Cole used them power of the Purple Ray.

Meanwhile,at the house......

Ray and Ned walked inside.

Four orbs were missing from the Orb box.

Ray and Ned ran and hopped back in the car.

They… Continue

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The Alliance Meets Again Plans.

I am going to direct a sequel to The Grand Alliance.It is called The Alliance Meets Again.This is some of the stuff I am planning and hoping for.



The Ray YES

Jonathan Tennyson YES

Perplex YES

Cooper 10 YES

Ned 10 YES

Chris x YES

Christy x YES

Cassie 12 PENDING

Ghasten NO

Cyber 10 PENDING

Carl 10 YES

Tristen 10 PENDING

Sif 100 YES

David 10…


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The Ray Total Mayham will debut in the blogs at the beginning of season 2.

I am happy to announce that The Ray Total Mayham will start being posted in the blogs when Season 2 starts.Next year I will make a Grand Alliance Sequel.I will also make other crossovers and movies.

To honor the debut I will give you an extra sneak peek of next season.




If you would like to catch up on past episodes,here is my group link as well as the first Grand Alliance movie.…


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The Grand Alliance:Unlimited Set to Air on Feb.3rd

The Ultimate Series we have all been waiting for has begun.This is a crossover series.Enter if  you wanna be in it at the bottom.You need to enter before Feb.1st.

Plot:After Saraclarse was defeated,more heroes are coming out of portals and are entering The Crossvilles.Villians are also discovering it.Nanites have spread through the Crossvilles leaving the Waybig infected people in even more trouble.Nanites are in the air so the heroes must ware masks to protect them.

New and…


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The Grand Alliance Part 1&2/The Movie

One Day,The Ray and Perplex were fighting Phantoneer,all of the sudden Phantoneer blasted them in another universe.While Ray and Perplex were cross blasted,Chris X,Cooper 10,and Jonathan Tennyson were fighting a Moth Creature.Not only the Moth Creature was after them,Phantoneer showed up and blasted them into another universe.


They were sent into a universe called The Crossvilles.While all of them fought,Cooper tried to figure out what happened.

Cooper 10:Hmmm.It seems…


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