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Ben 10 Evolutions New Aliens ! **SPOILERS**

Based on upcoming toys Bandai America is planning for release in 2010, we can estimate some of the new aliens that will appear in the next Ben 10 TV series: Evolutions. Warning: Here Be Spoilers!

These are the names of as-yet unseen alien (and bad guy) toy characters. We do not have any further information on their powers, planets etc. Stay tuned for more information when we get it.


Lodestar - Introduced in season 3, and returning in… Continue

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Ben 10 Alien Collection for 2010 **SPOILERS**

Here’s a look at the Bandai Ben 10 Alien Collection toys for 2010. We’ll have a follow-up with pictures as soon as we can get them. These are subject to change.

Most include an alien DNA card with character information.

Up until Ultimate Spidermonkey most will include a mini translucent alien bust. Use the mini bust with the Omnitrix X10 to unlock secret codes.

Enter secret codes at to reveal more information.

From Untimate Spidermonkey on: each will… Continue

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Twilight Saga New Moon Toys by NECA

Here's a look at some of the toys for the Twilight Saga movie "New Moon", featuring Bella Swan played by Cristen Stewart, Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattison, Alice Cullen played by Ashley Greene, and Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner. These New Moon action figures are by NECA and are available at stores Fall…

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Fall 2010 Ben 10 Toy Preview *SPOILERS*

We've received news from Bandai on their plans for Ben 10 toys extending into Fall of 2010. These are preliminary plans, so they are subject to change. I will summarize the toy line in this post, and then provide details in upcoming blogs. Lots of exciting news! **WARNING SPOILERS BE HERE**

Alien Collection: the mainstay toy line continues, at… Continue

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Alien Swarm and Alien Collection Figures for Fall 2009!

Video review of the new Ben 10 toys for Fall 2009. This is a look at the Ben 10 4" Alien Collection releases, including Gwen Anodite, Humongousaur Defender, Upchuck, Nanomech, Gorvan, and more. We also look at the first action figure 3-pack for the Ben 10 Alien Swarm… Continue

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New Ben 10 Toys for Fall 2009!

A look at the new Ben 10 toys for Fall 2009. Including Gwen Anodite, Albedo, Alien X, Omnitrix X 10, Galvanic Gunship, Alien Creation Battle Launchers, and… Continue

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Toys at War in Iraq!


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Ben 10 Alien Swarm Just 2 Weeks Away!


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