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Ben 10 HyperAliens for 2011

Ben 10 HyperAliens are bigger, beefier versions of the aliens. They are 7" tall and have special paint and textures, and some articulation.


Here are the North American releases for 2011:


Arriving July 2011:



Ultimate Swampfire

FourArms Version 2 (see…


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Ben 10 Alien Creation Mini Figures for 2011

Bandai America will be cranking out tons of the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien min figures in 2011. Here is a run-down on what we know. These are for release in North America.


Alien Creation Chamber Figure Set. These are 2-Packs of figures. Price $7

Beginning this fall, there will be a change to the packs. The packs will include a special card reader which lets…


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Ben 10 Ultimatrix and RP Toys for 2011

Bandai America continues their strong support for Ben 10 with the Ultimatrix and other Role Play Toys you need for 2011.

This list pertains to releases in North America: US and Canada.I do not have release info for other countries.


Arriving July 2011:



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Ben 10 Alien Collection Line-Up for Summer and Fall 2011


Hey guys! Here is a look at the Ben 10 4" Alien Collection action figures that we will see in North America this Spring and Fall (May through November).

This list is only for the 4" figures. I will have info on other Ben 10 toys later.

This is for release in North America (US and Canada). I don't know what is coming to (Insert country name…


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Ben 10 LTD Ed Gold Rath Toy

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Limited Edition Gold Rath Action Figure!

From the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien", this is a limited edition Rath action figure.

Produced by Bandai America, this Ben 10 Rath toy was only released in Asia and parts of Europe.

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Bandai America Announces Winners of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Go-Kart

So this is a happy kid 'cause he won the exclusive Ben 10 Go Kart (and a bunch of toys) from Bandai.

"After receiving thousands upon thousands of votes for favorite aliens from Ben 10 fans between the ages of 6-11 years old, Ultimate Big Chill officially took the coveted title of THE “Ultimate Alien” after the 10-week face-off on, and Eric from…


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Alert! Changes Coming to your Ben 10 "MyPage"

Hello guys!


This is an alert and warming that sometime soon, like this week I will make a change to this site. I will be upgrading to a new Ning editor (Ning is the web host for this site).


Ok so don't panic, first you will loose whatever graphic changes you made to your "MyPage". I don't think you will loose your installed apps.


However, you will be able to continue to customize your "MyPage", so feel free to do so.You will have to go…


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