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im here with my bestie chloe :) JOKES

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Ben 10: Mental Oriental

Ben was bored.

And that was an understatement.

The Rustbucket sat in the middle of Oregon in a heavy rainstorm. Ben sat across from Gwen in the cushioned booth inside of the aged RV. Ben’s cousin was flipping through an occult magazine that had an old woman sitting cross-legged in a dark background while a ghostly spirit rose from behind her. “Spirit Channeling: Help the dead talk back!” was written beside the picture.

Other than the occasional yawn, the… Continue

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I guess I'll start...

I'm Chaoshi...

That's all I've got.

Well, I've got a fic...I'll post that later.

So...yeah. That's everything in a nut shell.

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New Ben 10 Toy Pics!

Bandai has sent us a new batch of Ben 10 toy pics. Shown here is the New Upchuck 4" Alien Collection figure.

The Alien Creation Challenge has changed some since we first saw it at the New York Toy Fair. It has a green transparent cover and apparently includes at least four… Continue

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Blog Posts are Open to All Now

I've opened up Blog Posts to anyone to use. The catch is, your post won't appear on the front page, unless its of special quality.

Blog posts you make will appear on your "My Page". You are also welcome to link to your blog posts in the forum. We may start a thread on Fan Fiction there so you can post a link to your story.

You are also welcome to make a blog post about just about any subject. It will be a part of your "My Page".

You are also welcome to use blog… Continue

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Photo Uploading Tips


Its nice that some of you enjoy uploading so many pics, please note carefully:

- I will not accept any photo uploads that are not about Ben 10. Get a clue here, if your picture is not being accepted--its because its not about Ben 10.

- I will not accept pics that don't belong to you. It is VERY VERY bad to take some other persons drawing and post it here without permission. Draw your own Ben 10 pic and post it.

We would love to see pics of you… Continue

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Next Bandai Release to Include Highbreed AND Alien X

We've got word from Bandai America, the next issue of 4" Alien Collection figures are a bit late. But the good news is the next series will arrive by June. This series will include both Alien X, and Highbreed action figures. Other expected characters in the assortment will be Goop, Brainstorm, Big Chill, Spidermonkey, Echo Echo, Ben, Jetray, Humongousaur,… Continue

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Upgrade Gunship - Ben 10 Vehicle for '09

During the New York Toy Fair last February, Bandai showed us an early look at the Upgrade Gunship, which will be THE big Ben 10 vehicle toy for fall/winter 2009. We don't have a lot of details yet. The ship will come with missiles and rockets, it breaks apart to make three small attack vehicles or combine them to make the full-on gunship (reminds me of… Continue

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Fall Ben 10 Alien Collection

Here's a rundown of the Ben 10 Alien Force 4" Alien Collection toys for early Fall 2009. Later this year we will have information on toys for Winter 2009 (Oct-Dec). Understand that many of these have already been released. This information shows what will arrive by wave. We should have photos of Alien X, Highbreed, and Upchuck later this month.

Arriving about June-July 2009:





Ben… Continue

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New Ben 10 Alien Force Movie for Fall!

Cartoon Network has announced plans for a new Ben 10 movie this fall!

Titled Ben 10 Alien Swarm, this live-action/CGI movie will be shown on Cartoon Network fall 2009. Alex Winter returns as director. He directed the original Ben 10 live action film (Race Against Time), which premiered Thanksgiving 2007.

In Ben 10: Alien Swarm 15 year old Ben Tennyson leaves the Plumbers to help a mysterious young woman named Elena, who has discovered a strange threat to earth.… Continue

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Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to the new site. We have moved to Ning servers from our old web server as a cost-cutting measure. This new web server allows us to scale up bandwidth if we need to, but it will still cost less than the one we used before.

We are introducing some new features, check out what you can do here:

- Display your photos or videos. Its best if you would please load your videos on YouTube first, then you can use the embed code to display your creations… Continue

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