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For all of those out there I just want to wist you all a merry Christmas, Christmas Eve, hannaca, Ramadan, quanza, and st. Lucy's day!

For presents you can friend me, like me or join my groups!

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 28: Secrets

The screen shows a scene of Zen's home...


Four adults are talking on the dining table


While a young boy watches on


Two of the adults get up and walk towards the door


A man walks to the young boy


The man kneels down and talks to him


Man: You're gonna be staying with your Grandparents for a little while


Man: you'll be safe here


Boy: where are you…


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Typhoon Bopha Toy Relief Mission

Toy reporter Stu Carter mounts a relief effort to deliver food, supplies, and toys for the children who were victims of super typhoon Bopha, in Aliwogwog, Cateel Philippines.

Featuring FourArms and Crashopper from Ben 10 Omniverse!

Added by Stu Carter (Max) on December 19, 2012 at 7:06am — 2 Comments

Merchant 2.0 S01 EP1 The Null Void

.-Eyes open-

-he gets up-

Random Guy:HELLO!

-he rubs his eyes-

There was a red sky and rocks everywhere.


-A flying beast swoops down-

-he ducks-

A voice screamed.

-he leaps onto another rock-


-he checks his tag on his shirt-


-he smudges out 2.0-

Guy:Let's go with Merchant.

Merchant followed the cries all the way to a cave.

All of the…


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The Ray:Total Mayham S02 EP2 The Red Knight

Ray,Ned,Cole,and Alan are in the backyard.

Alan flips over.

He shoots from his water gun.

Cole darts over before it hits him.

Ned leaps behind a tree.


Ned as Nanomech:Can't see me now huh!

Ray: (whispering) What should I care,Ned.

Ray:You aren't big enough to hold a water gun anyways.

Cole turns into a puddle.

Alan runs by and slips on Cole.

Ray shoots Alan.

Alan:Aww man!

Ned changes back…


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Can someone find me all the aliens in this pic:

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Tristan 10 ep 4 special : the fait of ben

Tristan went back into the hospital with grandpa. They went to lots of different rooms trying to find the rite one. When they found bens room they went in and closed the door.

Tristan: "the electrified masher."

Tristan turned into upgrade

"Yeah I knew that would happen" Tristan said

Tristan tried to upgrade ben. But it didn't work. tristan was confused.

Tristan: "Why isn't it working?" "Unless it is a different alien or a different… Continue

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