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Godzilla Neo 2: Orga

Orga Neo.jpg I.jpg

A mass of shambling genetic frik-afrak, ORGA is, quite literally, the first and last of his kind. Millions of years ago, after Ghidorah's cataclysmic visit to Earth, the Millenians, a race of "DNA Architects" were searching for a new world full of genetic wonderlands to frolic through. After some....rather unsavory events, the aliens were forced to congregate their collective "Genetic Memory" into their massive starship, which lay resting at the bottom of…


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can somebody make a bababoom costum please

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2011- Recap at all the news that made 2011... A GREAT YEAR FOR BEN 10!!!!

Hello everyone. As it is December 31st, we are going to be looking at why 2011 was a amazing year for Ben 10!!!


This year was a amazing year for the alien collection wave. We got some brand new amazing figures, like AmpFibian, Clockwork and Ultimate Wildmutt. Here are the new figures we've seen this year



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Godzilla Neo:Triple:Flaming Endgames

BurningGodzilla.jpg 95Godzilla.jpg

"If hell got up and walked around..." - A concerned citizen The alien power which flowed through SPACE GODZILLA's body had all but been absorbed into GODZILLA's form. Alarmingly, his G-Cells were not healing his wounds as quickly as they should have. It was as though a dark virus had infected the beast's body. A year later, the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong, was struck by a living mass of hellfire and rage...BURNING GODZILLA. G-Force was blindsided by this…


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Sorry I haven't been posting pictures like I said I would. I'll start making and posting some ASAP!

New Fusions Include: Ghost Jaws and Cannon Matter

Humongosaur letters :D

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im new

hi just to tell all you ben 10 likers your awesome

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Ultimate Way Big??


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Ben Ten toys

I got Clockwork, Eatle, Ult. Aggregor and Fourarms v2(Hyperaliens), and the legacy omnitrix pack! IT'S ALL SO COOL!!

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Try your best to try to figure out what this statement means...





                  This Statement Is False




Try the world puzzle

If your mind can wrap around it.

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What did u get 4 Christmas?

I got Super mario 3d land, star fox 64 3d, Pokémon rumble blast (or super pokémon rumble),The legend of zelda skyward sword with golden remote, a bongo set, a mechano set, bop it XT, a high quality headset with high quality microhone,  Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever. i also got nerf barricade, nerf nite finder, onm magazine(oficial nintendo magazine),A NETBOOK!!! (HP AUDIOBOOK)

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Godzilla Neo 2: Space Godzilla

Spacegodzilla Neo.jpg 200px-Spacegodzilla.jpg

Poor, pitiable Earth. Always is this small blue planet under the assault of war, pollution, mutations, and, more often than not, extraterrestrial invasion. In the blistering summer of 1994, a huge meteoric object, made completely of a crystalized energy of an unknown source blasted through a NASA space shuttle, and alarmingly diverted its course towards Earth. The EDF activated its newly created planetary-defense systems (missle-mounted satellites), but alas, no…


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Ben 10 AMV

Found this Ben 10 AMV on YouTube and its the best Ben 10 video iv ever seen 

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Zen 10 Episode 20: Stillmate (Part 3)

Zen and the rest of his gang walk in the viens of Eon.....


While walking...


Tombstone falls......


Tombstone: ugh!


Tombstone recovers instantly


Tombstone: Eon grows ever stronger, we have to destroy him before he transects physical form


Tombstone gets up and continues walking


Arcee: how do we know if Eon is using Tombstone to lead us all into a trap?


Zen: we…


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Zen 10 Episode 19: Stillmate (Part 2)

Tombstone: Arise my master!


Volcano (Eon): I'm afraid i'm too weak to assume my physical form, but in time.... i will


Tombstone: Master, Teach me and i will learn, i am your humble servant, your disciple, your apprentice, together we shall rule the universe and get what's ours


Eon: ours? disciple? i created the Osmosians as soldiers, followers, and slaves, nothing more, you shall follow every order, and expect no…


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Perplex Dimension X Episode 3 "#404" Teaser

Title music rolls in..............   (The first like 30 secs)

Perplex:Well that was a big bang. it was like PGGGHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSGGGGGGG WWWWSSSSHHHHOSOO.Well I better get out of here. Perplexatrix.? Perplexatrix. Thats funny its died. I wonder if it needs charging or somthing.



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Zen 10 Episode 18: Stillmate (Part 1)

Hammerhead messing with some tech


Hammerhead: a little here, and done!


Hammerhead presses a button and the machine launches a beam


It opens a yellow portal


A figure steps out of the portal


Figure: Hammerhead, I have returned


The figure reveals to be Tombstone




Zen and Arcee hanging out with Jasmine and Bumblebee




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Godzilla Neo: M.O.G.U.E.R.A

MOGUERA Neo.jpg Mogera2.jpg

In 1994, Project M finally reached completion after decades of study and construction. MOGUERA was hoped against hope itself that the colossal machine would put an end to the threat of Godzilla, as well as be the steel knight to guard the nation (and later perhaps the world) against the onslaught of all kaiju. Built from reverse-engineered alien technology, MOGUERA is, at its most basic, a giant tank with incredible maneuverability. Acting on giant treads and a…


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Perplex Dimension X Episode 2 "Shipwrecked"

Title music rolls in..............

Boss: Perplex. You were very sucssesfull on your mission. But now your target will be the port. I want you to destroy the ships and enything else there. Ive updated the Perplexatrix with a abbilty to swap bewtween different versions of your aliens.Now go.

Perplex: Yes sir. Over and out.…


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give me some characters to use

ok ......... im going to make a cross over with ben 10  and transformers sooo if anyone whats to be in it tell me in the comments so i will start tommoror but i need charaters and ideas so if you have any charaters tell me in the comments bellow.[no purchase nesasary many will write only a couple of people will be in it no art requrred i will only write]bye


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The Grand Alliance Part 1&2/The Movie

One Day,The Ray and Perplex were fighting Phantoneer,all of the sudden Phantoneer blasted them in another universe.While Ray and Perplex were cross blasted,Chris X,Cooper 10,and Jonathan Tennyson were fighting a Moth Creature.Not only the Moth Creature was after them,Phantoneer showed up and blasted them into another universe.


They were sent into a universe called The Crossvilles.While all of them fought,Cooper tried to figure out what happened.

Cooper 10:Hmmm.It seems…


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