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Hello, I am Dan as G.I.R, but some may know me as The New Dan, or DanTennyson. I like Minecraft, Invader Zim, Ben 10 (Duh), Pokemon, and Gangnam Style. Oh, and the ladies ;D. I will be an active member here, because Nick Fusion as some know him, took over Ben Ten FanFiction wiki. Literally. Eh, lemme explain.

So, before Nick Fusion came to BTFF wiki, the wiki's "ruler" was Roads, a really nice guy who wrote a really good fan fiction. Everything was good, and peaceful. However,…


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Cassie 12: Get Redigitized

Cassie lands on the ground. Her watch detaches and recalibrate in a stream of light blue with what appears to be bubbles surrounding the faceplate, Twelve beams popped right out. Eventually the light wears off to show 12 uniquely Ocean Aliens happen to have been merged into a Digital Body.

Cassie: Urgh. (Gets up)(Rubs her head) Man. SpeedGate just literately sent me flying to whoknowswhere I am.

SpeedGate: (Is a little ball with plant like…


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The Ray Total Mayham S02 EP1 The Black Knight (blog debut)

...........Cole,Reagan,and Alan hopped up from the bush.

Alan tried to shoot fireballs at the nano chips.

Their armor was unbreakable.

Reagan pulled her Green Orb out of her pocket.

She transformed into the Green Ray

Alan transformed into the Orange Ray.

Cole used them power of the Purple Ray.

Meanwhile,at the house......

Ray and Ned walked inside.

Four orbs were missing from the Orb box.

Ray and Ned ran and hopped back in the car.

They… Continue

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Tristan 10 episode 3 (2/2)

Tristan ran into the room ben was in. Tristan lifted up his hand and put it to the omnitrix. But then he stopped.

Tristan: "The omnitrix always turns me into the wrong alien. So I am going to try to turn into the wrong alien on purpose. Heatblast."

Tristan turned into heatblast.

Tristan: "Now you turn into the right alien. Hey in the mean time I can help grandpa.

Tristan ran outside and saw grandpa fall down and get shocked over and over by the… Continue

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The Alliance Meets Again Plans.

I am going to direct a sequel to The Grand Alliance.It is called The Alliance Meets Again.This is some of the stuff I am planning and hoping for.



The Ray YES

Jonathan Tennyson YES

Perplex YES

Cooper 10 YES

Ned 10 YES

Chris x YES

Christy x YES

Cassie 12 PENDING

Ghasten NO

Cyber 10 PENDING

Carl 10 YES

Tristen 10 PENDING

Sif 100 YES

David 10…


Added by The Ray on November 19, 2012 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

The Ray Total Mayham will debut in the blogs at the beginning of season 2.

I am happy to announce that The Ray Total Mayham will start being posted in the blogs when Season 2 starts.Next year I will make a Grand Alliance Sequel.I will also make other crossovers and movies.

To honor the debut I will give you an extra sneak peek of next season.




If you would like to catch up on past episodes,here is my group link as well as the first Grand Alliance movie.…


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Tristan 10 episode 3 part 1

Tristan flung open a door and found grandpa over flame.

Vildax: "Nice of you to join us."

Tristan was furios. He needed to save grandpa.

Tristan: "Please omnitrix,just give me Water hazard. I don't want heatblast. I don't want swampfire, or NRG. I want Water Hazard. You hear that.

Tristan slammed down on the omnitrix.But it wasn't water hazard, or heatblast, or swampfire. It was a new guy. He had four eyes, a hole in the center of his stomach, and the… Continue

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Reply to cyber

Really, cyber

Added by zein elbahy on November 15, 2012 at 8:27am — No Comments

My New Website

Everyone, i have made my own website here is this link:!home/mainPage

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 27: A Few Rusted Parts

One night....

At Zen's house....

The screen shows Zen sleeping....

Zen: awwhhh..... Phosphate Bonds.....


In the Garage....

Arcee remains still in her vehicle mode...

Just then....

The sound of a vehicle drives past...

Arcee is awaken from her "sleep"

Arcee transforms into her robot mode and opens the garage…


Added by BIG CHILL on November 12, 2012 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Tristan 10 ep 2

So when Tristan was eating dinner. Grandpa Herman went outside to get more firewood for the fire. Grandpa was walking outside, when he heard a noise. He was searching but there was no one.Then Syphon jumped out and grabbed grandpa. Grandpa was calling for Tristan but was inside. Grandpa couldn't see much. He was getting sleepy.Grandpa fell over

Syphen:( smiling and holding up tazer)"Works every time."

Syphen brings back grandpa herman to vildax.

Syphon: "what… Continue

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Tristan 10 episode 1 (part 2 of 2)

As Tristan swung threw every one the omnitrix timed out. But the bad guys were gaining on him. So he hit the omnitrix and it did not turn in to any one, and I mean anyone. THE OMNITRIX WAS STILL TIMED OUT!Tristan stopped and turned, he look at vildax and decided to face him, Mano e ... And what do you know the omnitrix timed in. He decided to face him Mano e heatblast. Vildax was furios. He was swinging his sword, it was getting tuff, dogging and blasting fire at the same time. It was to much.… Continue

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REVIEW: Haywire 4.5 inch Action Figure 4-Pack - Upchuck, Four Arms, Swampfire, Goop

Hey Bens and Gwens, It is I James from, Today I am going to be reviewing the latest figure 4 pack, The Haywires!

PRICE: 25 AUD (Australian Dollars)

Here Is how the review will be set


Quality: 1-10 (Info)

Details: 1-10 (Info)

Playability: 1-10 (Info)

Any other Info



Added by James on November 6, 2012 at 9:06pm — 3 Comments

Tristan 10 episode 1 part 1 of 2

Tristan hilmersen is sitting in class waiting desperately for class to end as five minutes pass by, Tristan is still bored.finally it is the end of the day and Tristan runs out side grampa Herman picks him up. Tristan then talks to Herman while eating ice cream. As the car runs out of fuil it comes to a stop.tristan tells grampa that Tristan will look for a gestation as he finds ben teneson with the omnitrix. Tristan is shocked, he does not believe it is really. Ben 10 but he looks up and sees… Continue

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Ben 10 Fan in France

This is Harry, he lives in France and he is a fan of Ben 10 and Stu! haha

I didn't know they had Ben 10 in France, but it seems they do.

He is learning to be a toy reviewer and video producer like…


Added by Stu Carter (Max) on November 6, 2012 at 7:56am — 9 Comments

Hello ben10

Hello Ben 10 fans I am destin10. I am a fan of a lot of things so be welcome to ask what. Please friend me or talk to me on the main room. I am a very nice person. So please at least comment. See yah latter

Added by Destin10 TR clockwork PNK on November 4, 2012 at 7:33pm — 1 Comment


If some people post some sprites I will fusion them

Added by Marcus Tennyson on November 4, 2012 at 10:23am — No Comments

Ben 10 Time Machine Stage Show in Malaysia

It says Ben 10 Live Time Machine, live on stage in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 9-11 Nov.

Has anyone seen this show?

Added by Stu Carter (Max) on November 1, 2012 at 4:00pm — 4 Comments

Zen 10 Infinite Alien Halloween Special: The Fright Of Halloween

One night......

In the Greenwood Cemetery.......

The cemetery manager walks down the graves for his patrol

Manager: all clear here

Manager: nothing new here...

Just then...

The manager hears rustling in the trees...

The manager flashes his torch light at the tree

Manager: what the?


A few crows flock towards the manager and fly past…


Added by BIG CHILL on November 1, 2012 at 1:38am — No Comments

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