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Captured Tai

Stewart: So why did you take me to Russia instead of Montana? I love to meet some new animals! How can you guys squeeze in this truck? *in the truck that Stallion is driving*What is this red scale belong to? What is the aliens you been using? Did you know about the Aliens? Did you know this truck can fly?

Cassie: *ignoring him*

Anna: Impossible.*rolls eyes*

Stewart: No really, it can fly!



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Cassie: *watching a magic trick performed by a magician with Anna*

Charmcaster: Is that really magic? *has escaped from prison*


Cassie: Magic? *laughs it off* SpeedGate can show you magic! *slams her watch**becomes SpeedGate*

SpeedGate: SpeedGate is totally awesome and the fastest alien Bluegill/Ostrich being in the entire universe or galaxy. *hands on hips like a La Diva**stands…


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Our main characters are in Scottland, somewhere the Lockness Monster supposedly resides under the shallow or dark blue waters. Our main characters Cassie, Anna, and Uncle Stallion arrived to the very location a few hours ago.

Stallion:*sitting at a restaurant with the girls*

Cassie: *Yawns* Where are we?

Anna: *Yawns* Jamacia. Yawns are contagious.

Stallion: Better yet,…


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Visiting Relatives

The Camera swoops down from a clear blue sky,it continues until we see two people who appear to be grandparents;The man is listening to music on his rocking chair asleep and the lady is talking to two children who are twelve and eleven years old.

Grandma Rannida: Oooohhhh nice watch*notices Cassie's watch* back in my day, they were expensive.

Cassie: *wide eyed* really?

Grandma Rannida: They were.…


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A...Scorpion Ghost?

There is a large container, where inside is a Ectonurite and Cerebrocrustacean which appear to be in a fuming argument since the viewers can not hear the lanquages they are speaking. The Container is very dark.

???: *clicking several buttons* Hm...This will be the best fushion test subject, ever. *evily grins**has a ciggerate in his mouth*

The Camera zooms to a little Scorpion which is inbetween…


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Cassie 12 Meets Natalie 10

Cassie 12 Meets Natalie

I was at the mall in the comic book store, when I saw a gorgeous young lady in black shorts, and a neon green shirt with a picture of a alien on it. She was with another young.African-American lady in a cute purple and pink outfit with a black skirt. They were looking at the same comic books I liked, so I walked over to them.

Me:Do you like ' Mr. Monk '?

Cassie and Anna:We love 'Mr.Monk'!!!!



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The Incredible Spider-man Episode 1: There Came A Spider (Part 1) {New Series}

At a laboratory...

A scientist walks to a shadowed man

Scientist: Mr Hunderson, we've seperated the spider's genes into the requested components via Hydrolysis

Scientist: now we can can put the different genes together so that the receiver will have the genetic natural abilities of the the gene components

Scientist: but the result might be rather unstable such that a single bite might transfer the genetic material to the…


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Truck status:...Stolen

Cassie,Anna, and Stallion get out the truck. There was a decision to go see dinosaur bones because it is Anna's idea in the first place. Cassie puts a backwards baseball cap on her head straight away after getting out.

Cassie: Anna,ready to see REAL bones?

Anna: No one said they were real.

Stallion: The Internet said they are real.

Anna: You can't always trust them, because they may be lies. *goes into the muesuem with…


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MOVIE: Cassie 12 meets Ben 10

It is a dark and cool summer night, where we focus our scene to some far off dark gray security prison made out of the strongest metal for the Extratrestials to not escape its walls. Our view goes over two tower like buildings built at the entrance then over the rugged field to the woods where a mutated OSG is on the run...From the Plumbers.

"Get that geek!" One of the Plumbers shouted, shooting a hand-gun like device able to catch one alien in a wired mess.



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Kickin Hawk Vinyl Figure from Ben 10 Omniverse


From the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Omniverse", this is a look at the Kickin Hawk vinyl 

toy. This action figurewas released by Bandai America in October 2012 and cost about $10.

Presented by toy reporter Stu Carter from Atamaii.com

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Francis's Trip to the Mall: A Masterpiece in Three Acts

So I wrote this story and it is brilliant. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: A Bloody Mistake


Once upon a time Khyber was cutting up his latest victim (it was Humungous Bore cause nobody likes him) only to get blood on his shirt. “This cannot be” he exclaimed then he said to Francis “Francis go get me a new shirt” but Francis was all like “whwuyfgfuygeruiyfg” which means “But the only place they sell that shirt is the mall and I don’t wanna go to the mall” in Francis language.…


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Anna's power discovery

The day is somewhat typical, well almost typical in the eyes of Cassie, mainly because they (Anna and Cassie)are at the biggest and larget beer can in the entire world. Her eyes survey the object like she does not believe this is a beer can.

Anna is staring at someboy from afar while listening to her friend Cassie, but she switches her head direction towards the beer Can after she had brought up a rather perfect subject around…


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Uhh...Scary farm house?

The Camera goes to the truck, where our main characters and all are sitting in the trucks seats. It is scorching hot like they are in Colorado or somewhere that has the reputation of extreme mirage heat to create a hallucination.

Anna: Stallion,do you have a nickname?

Stallion: Stal--

Cassie: Stalinatoz! *raises hands up* Wooot!

Stallion: *starts plotting* *sighs*It means, "shall not make a grievous knot".

Cassie: Oh, that…


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Game Alien Voing

I am designing a new Ben 10 video game, and i decided to have the fans vote on the aliens for the game. We will start with the five aliens from the original series. Post your votes from the list below in the comments and ten we will move on. voting ends on October 30.

Aliens to chose from

  • Wildmutt
  • Fourarms
  • Grey…

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My gigantic camping trip

Anna and Cassie stood licking their ice cream cones while leaning on the truck,Uncle Stallion is talking to the other relatives about the camping trip. Cassie somehow met somebody in her dream connected to the future who had a watch like hers and scared a villains Fear-o-meter.

Anna: What was that name you said when you were waking up?

Cassie:...Ahmad *sigh* I wish he ACTUALLY existed in reality instead of the future.

Anna: *blinks her eyes*…


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Shield of justice S1EP3 Attack of the Highbreed

(Theme Song)

Wake up Every Morning to the clear blue sky, Alien Threats are there and we are kicking some Azz! Now, We're gonna reach a whole new Level, Slapping our trixes and Beating the Red Devil! Were Shield of Justice and Were Fearless! Were Shield of Justice and were Fearless! I Can Build a Big Fat Sword, Going on a Mountain and Jump on my Bo-ard! Were the Shield of Justice and Were Fearless! Were the Shield of Justice…


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