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Zen 10 Episode 15: Group Therapy (Part 2)

Previously on Zen 10

(Octoarms bursts out of prison)


Mark: looks like the alien guy is gonna be a lot more busier than before


Hammerhead: Welcome Octoarms, to the sinister six


(Arachno-man being beaten up)


(Swampfire blasts a fireball)


(Diamondhead Stabs Frenzy through his spark)


(Octoarms stabs a red crystal into…


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Perplex Dimension X Episode 1 "The Begining" (Part 2)

Perplex- Okay I know understand what you want me to do. I will attack establishment 2 first this will suprise them sir and give us a lead against the threat.

The Boss- Well well Perplex hav'nt you gotten smarter?

Perplex- Sir I now must go if I am to eliminate the target.

The Boss- Go Perplex and may I recomend transformation 10 it is the…


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Ben 10 Grab N Glow

Ben 10 Grab N Glow LED Light Toy Review

From the Cartoon Network hit show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien", this product  is the Ben 10 Grab N Glow light, and is made by Tech 4 Kids.

Ultimate Swampfire is featured on this Ben 10 Grab N Glow.

Added by Stu Carter (Max) on October 27, 2011 at 7:15pm — 6 Comments

Perplex Dimension X Episode 1 "The Begining" (Part 1)

Perplex woke up in A strange white containment facility wearing A skin tight white suit.


Perplex-What the duck. How'd I get here. Hello is anyone or enything here?

Mysterious voice- Welcome "Weapon P" hope you find containment center X applicable.

Perplex- Look whoever or whatever you are, IM NOT A WEAPON! Now let me out.

Mysterious voice- Sorry no can do,The boss told me to keep you here until he arrives.

Perplex- Oh so you have to take his…


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ben 10 generation mix up

Hey guys this is hansel here with the new ben 10 and generation mix up coming soon to cartoon network on november 2011 and it is on friday, november 25, 2011 so don,t miss it.Eny ways I do not know if it,s ganna be in cartoon or real life so i,ll check or you,ll tell me in the coments.I do not know if they are ganna have toys i,ll check on that to eny ways see ya soon:).

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So I made an account


Then I didn't use it


Now I'm going to use it



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new customs

new customs will be made so ask 4 requests and i will make them. From BXP

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Ben 10 Laser Lance Field Test

As seen in the cartoon series "Ben 10 Alien Force", on Cartoon Network, this alien device isthe Ben 10 Laser Lance. The Laser Lance device was introduced by Bandai Asai in 2010.

A favored weapon of the Forever Knights the Laser lance was sold on the black market by Kevin Levin sold before he joined up with Ben Tennyson.

Watch as intrepid toy researcher… Continue

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Zen 10 Episode 14: Group Therapy (Part 1)

A bomb blast taking place in the state prison


Octoarms running away with his mechanical arms


The guards appears and fire their tasers a Octoarms


Octoarms dodges


Octoarms hits them back with his mechnical arms


The Special Operations Command arrive and fire their rifles at Octoarms


Just Then...


A helicopter arrives


Octoarms boards the Helicopter


And it…


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I just found 6 in waybig at my walmart.

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Zen 10 Episode 13: Shocks' Away

(Burglar alarm sounds....)


Three guys run out from a bank with huge bags of money on them...

They stop and hide in an abandoned warehouse

The main robber speaks up....

Main robber: ok, we'll split the green, we each take some and run, we'll meet at the old place...

Suddenly, someone shines a torchlight at them

The robbers look up to see arachno-man holding a…


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Ben10 and Generator rex meeting each other

generator rex and ben will meet each other in an episode next month on the 24'th.


here's some info on it:


The plot for the most part is unknown; however, special footage premiered in San Diego Comic Con. In the clip, Ben sets foot into Rex's universe through a portal and is confused for an EVO, leading him to fight Rex. Eventually, the two will…


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Christmas Toy Drive Donation from Atamaii.com

Here is a video about the support to local charities by Atamaii.com Each year toys are donated to the local Christmas and holiday toy drive. This load did have some Ben 10 games and playsets included.

Every year Atamaii.com supports a local charity with a donation of toys for their Christmas Toy Drive.

This time it was a donation of 4 large pallets…


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ben 10 dude is Back!!!!!

Hey everybody this is ben 10 dude! And I've been off for a very long time! Maybe even almost a year! But anyway, I will be posting more Ben 10 photos very soon! I also now have a YouTube Account so please subscribe to "ben10ua101". Also, if you have an Xbox 360 and you have XBOX LIVE please make sure to add "ben10ua101" and "XxGCxSonicFanxX". And if you haven't already be sure to add me as a friend right here on ben10yoys.net!!!!! Stay tuned!

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Anybody Else A Teen???

If ur a teen comment ur age. I'm 13 :) I want to know how many "Ben 10" fans there are that are older than the average "Ben 10" Fan. 

                        -ChamAlien 775

Added by ShadowFreak on October 2, 2011 at 7:30am — 8 Comments

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