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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 23: Darkness Rising (Part 2)

Megatron: Did you think you've seen the last of Megatron? INSECTS!

Zen and the team stare in shock...

The other six Decepticons rise from the ocean surface...

Megatron spots Zen and the team

Megatron: onwards Decepticons!

Megatron transforms into a cybertronian jet

Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker transform into F-22 Raptors

Soundwave transforms into a General Atomics…


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NINJAGO---Story of the blacksmith boy

I am Kai, ninja of fire... my father was a renowned blacksmith, & was aiming for that title, before my sister was kidnapped.



Now I've fought Skeletons, Snakes, & belive it or not, Pirates..., I've retired from the ninja buisiness, & my sister Nya has been Rescued from the skeletons, became a samurai, then quit., I have a son now, & he's training to become a ninja., While every once in a while, he comes back to say Hi, & retrive some new weapons I…


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Hello everyone my name is gustavo live in Brazil and only got 14 years

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 22: Darkness Rising (Part 1)

The screen shows a picture of earth from space

(Plays music)

(Skip to 0:50)

The voice of Optimus Prime enters the scene

Optimus: Home, ours was once a planet called Cybertron, until war caused it's destruction, and made exiles of us all

Optimus: But in our quest to protect Earth, birthplace of the Human Race, a species much like our own,…


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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 21: All In A Bad Dream

A bright light flashes on the screen....


The sillhoute of a man's head moves infront of the light


Voice: Sleep tight.....


The screen flashes to Zen's bedroom


Zen wakes up from his sleep


Zen: (Yawn)


Zen: gotta love these lazy Saturday mornings...


Zen looks at the clock


The clock reads "11:30"


Zen: or nights.....


Zen: 11:30? wasn't that…


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