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Kay Danny 13 Main Plot

Kay Daniel Tennyson is the son of Ben 10,000 and Ester. He is a 5/7 Human 1/7 Anodite 1/7 Kraaho.

After the Disapperence of his Father. Kay and his Friend Rook Nloyna his cousins Devlin,Emiley and his brother Kennith.Discover that his father and Azmuth had planned to give the Omnitrix Mark 2 to him.On his 10 birthday he gets the omnitrix mark 2.

But wait,there is more. Bad Guys so the main bad guy Dr Animo, Charmcaster and Forever Knights Team up for revenge.They are…


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Stu the Destroyer

Back when he was in college, our web host: Stu (aka Max), earned a living as a real gladiator. His stage name was "Stu the Destroyer", and he did the Gladiator tour from Marida in Spain all the way up to the Coliseum in Rome.

Little is known about the win-loss record of "Stu the…


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Chris X- Episode 3- Nuclear Warfare

*A crowd of many gather around at the center of the Dullwood

[Chris X is at the end of the crowd]

Chris X: What's going on?

Random Girl: BroCorp Industries is making a big appearance in the front.

Chris X: BroCorp?

Random Girl:…


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Chris X and Ryan: The Hero and the Beast [Crossover]

{This story wasn't created by me, all credit goes to my good old friend Ryan}

[A mysterious portal opens in the park...]

Chris X: "What's that?"

[All the people run away from the portal]

[Chris X goes near the portal and he tries to reach into it]

[A figure comes out of the portal and throws Chris X into the lake]

Chris X: "What's your…


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Chris X - Episode 2- From Zero to Hero: Part 2

Last time on Chris X...

Who Knows What: Send the drone ships to retrieve the Omegatrix for me.

[The ship tears into two halves]

[A pod gets out of the ship and into…


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