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Ben 10 Construction Toys at London Toy Fair

Ben 10 construction toys by Character Building. Includes a secret lab playset!  These toys were seen during the London Toy Fair, Jan 2013.

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ben and bill 10 aliens and digimon


he is wargreymon



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ultumid upchucks


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Ben 10 Accessory Toys

Ben 10 Accessory toys seen in Asia and Europe. Backpacks, school supplies, watches, t-shits, jackets and hats, and more. A Ben 10 swimming pool in Malaysia!  Ben 10 branded games in Bulgaria!

Look for these:

In Hong Kong, try Sogo in Causeway Bay

In the Philippines, look in SM Stores

These Ben 10 products were on display at the Hong Kong and…


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Generation VI absol evolution!

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kanishk 10 battle for the omnitrix

Theme song

first half omniverse second half ben 10

On a hot sunny afternoon nearly 93 F. a Boy named kanishk finding something in the storeroom he sees a strange looking watch.He wears that  watch.That is indeed the omnitrix ,Meanwhile in space a deadly man says;""I want the omnitrix

Then in earth kanishk is transfoming into alien of omniverse alien force and OS aliens .He encounters a thief that has

30 crores stolen from a billonares house police and secret…


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Dash: Episode 4-2 (Alternate Universe Saga)

It is highly suggested you read the first half first, you can view it here.

Ben walked down the ruins of Bellwood he was in shock of what had previously happened. He was the one who sent his former self the letter. Which means that there is another Ben somewhere. He had to focus, the tower was close. He was going to storm in there and demand to know why he is there. He pushed open the door and…


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