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cannonbolt omniverse

new cannonbolt omniverse http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6jQJU4y9vX8

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 17: Return Of The Sinister Six (Part 1)

One night.....

In Greenwood State Prison....

The Warden walks to Octoarm's cell

Warden: come on Doc. Dinner time

Octoarms sits there like a statue

Warden: come on!

The warden grabs Octoarm's arm

Octoarm's head falls off

Warden: ah! He's a robot!

Warden: Attention, Octoarms has escaped!

Other Warden: Elemento and Shocktle are not in their cell either!



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WoW thats creepy


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Ben 10 Egg Bods!

Ben 10 Egg Bods and Egg Heads, seen at the London Toy Fair, January 2012.

From the Bluw Toys showroom at the London toy fair, these are Ben 10 and Transformers Egg Bods and Egg Heads! These Ben 10 toys are available in the UK only.

Ben 10 Egg Bods include:

Ben Tennyson: Egg 10

Rath: Egg Rath

Ultimate Big Chill: Ultimate Big Egg…


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The Note from the Hell pt. 1

Rob: This is my new adventure with my new matrix! Mightrix! The Adventure start from here...

On a forest

Police 1: Hey, look at that

Hammerhand fix a machine

Police 2: Hey, put your hand up!

Hammerhand: Or what?

Police 2: Or you will get hurt!

Hammerhand throw a electric boom to the police

Police dead

Hammerhand laughing

Meanwhile at Rob's Herocave

Rob: So? We have a new adventure?

Mark: Yes, 2 police dead on…


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Godzilla Neo 4: Axor

In the twilight days of the mighty Mu Empire, there were two men who were almost always on everyone's lips: High Inquisitor AXOR and Master Shisa. Both men were major players in the political and societal game in Mu, both very active as advisors to their beautiful Empress. Whereas Master Shisa, a godly man who lived a simple life, preferring to teach younglings the ways of martial arts and philosophy instead of bickering with the higher-ups of society, the High Inquisitor was something…


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Articguana sits with my other toys in my room now cause i got him

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ben 10 omniverse

If you want to see all the new omniverse characters then plese look at these:




























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Cooper 10 DNA Force Episode 3 BigMouth

( Cooper calls Azmuth from his ship )

Cooper: Azmuth.

Azmuth(on the phone): Oh, good, Cooper...

Cooper: Azmuth.

( Ignoring him )

Azmuth(on the phone)Will you put Eunice on?

Cooper: Azmuth!

Azmuth(on the phone): What is it?

Cooper: Eunice is dead!

Azmuth(on the phone): I'm, I'm sorry to hear this.

Cooper: She was my best friend!

Azmuth(on the phone): Cooper, about the mission.

Cooper(crying) Forget it!

Azmuth(on the phone): She…


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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 16: A Blast From The Past

One Night....

While Zen is Sleeping....

Zen twists and turns on his bed...

Zen: ugh! Arh!

In Zen's Dream...

Zen appears in a blank white dimension

Zen: where am I? Where is this?

Just then....

A red figure appears infront of Zen

The figure appears to be the Alpha Arachno-man

Zen: you! It's you! The Alpha Nanite, what are you doing here?

Alpha Arachno-man: yes, it's… Continue

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Perplex and Cyber:Evolution Dimension! (Episode 1 Part 2 of 4) # 404

Perplex: Boss there some stuff I think you need to tell me.

Boss: Like what for example?

Perplex: Section 404... And the Data cells,and why I was attacked by Wildclaw, AND WHY ISNT MY TRIX WORKING AGAIN?

Boss: Calm down. Section 404 Is this dimensions Data Hold. Wildclaw? He sounds like a threat. Oh and obout your Perplexatrix you dont need it enymore.

Perplex: What? I dont need it enymore,but why it worked when I went XLR8.

Boss: No it didnt it has been…


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Perplex and Cyber:Evolution Dimension! (Episode 1 Part 1 of 4) # 404

Perplex:Well that was a big bang. it was like PGGGHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSGGGGGGG WWWWSSSSHHHHOSOO.Well I better get out of here. Perplexatrix.? Perplexatrix.  Awnser me! I demand it!. I wonder if it needs charging or somthing.


Perplex jumps and rolls a few meters away from the tree.

Perpelx: What the duck. What is that.

?:You! You, I need your help! I need you. URRGH! Wildclaw! Im gonna get you!

Perplex: Ok Umm Im not sure If i should go now…


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Generator Rex VS Ben 10 Coming soon only on B10T.net 

I'l post pic later 

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Ben 10 Omniverse Cartoon Network Room Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ben 10 Omniverse toys, seen at the Nuremberg Germany Toy Fair, February 2012.

A look inside the Cartoon Network presentation room at the toy fair. Ben 10 cupcakes! Ben 10 toys from europe.

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New game

Guys did you hear about the new game "Rise of hex "

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Godzilla Neo 4: Balkzardan

How long has it been. 1 Month. Well don't ask why this isn't over yet. We've only just scratched the surface.

Balkzardan Neo.jpg

Good and evil are illusions created by ponies. Illusions which, of course, control nearly every facet of our existance. Morality is literally beneath the mighty daikaiju, however. Even the destructive power of KING GHIDORAH or DESTOROYAH is merely instinctual need to battle and seek power. Even as a being of light, and compared to her shadowy…


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ultimate aggregor

I found ultimate aggregor at toys r us


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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 15: Reinstatment (Part 3)

In school....

Zen walks up to Jasmine...

Zen: hey Jasmine....

Jasmine: oh hey...

Zen: uh, about the other time, yeah sorry about that, I was under some stress, so....

Jasmine: it's ok, as long as you're alright now

Zen: well, thanks for understanding...


A giant figure swings throughout town

He swings into a dark ally

Just then...

Beetle flies in and shoots…


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Ben 10 Toys with Azmuth's Lair at London Toy Fair

Ben 10 construction toys by Character Building. Seen at the London Toy Fair, January 2012.

Ben 10 construction toys by Character Building will be released in the UK only, and will include:

Series 1 blind package Ben 10 construction sets:

Ben Tennyson

Water Hazard

Ultimate Big Chill

Big Chill

Ultimate Swampfire…


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