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Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series, Season 2, Episode 2 -"Heavy Metal"

(Batman enters the headquarters)

Sif: Oh, hi Bats, you here to give us a new mission?

Batman: No, I'm here to tell you something, where are Green Arrow, Arsenal and Red Hood?

(FT, Tammar and Ben come)

Tammar: We're here

Ben: FT just finished training us

Batman: Good. How did they do?

FT: I gotta say, they did pretty good, especially Arsenal.

Batman: Good to hear the news, now have a seat, I want to…


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Dash: Episode 4

Ben was walking home from school, making sure to hide his alien watch. Kevin has been missing in action ever since Ben had fought Trixie for the second time. Ben was only a block or two away from his home, not long. He walked past his neighbors'  house and suddenly fell to the ground. Ben was losing consciousnesses, within seconds he was already knocked out. He awoke in a strange office room, the same room that Trixie's light sent him into. Ben slammed his watch without even thinking,…


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Why i like ben 10

I like Ben 10 because turning into aliens is cool and I love watching tv shows that have crime in them

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A sua aventura começo Mundo Omniverso

Um blog da esse blog é o Mundo Omniverse

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Cassie 12: Omniverse -Cassiewolf!

Cassie is looking at a vase. Her Light blue eyes show a tint of green within them. She has a birthmark  to the right side of her face. The design is intriging itself in various kind of patterns and ways, Cassie wondered to herself if she should ask her uncle to buy it or not.

[Annaa]: Hey Case, try buying this if you can't get your mind off it! *Holds upa  dog set*

[Cassie]. No. *Is unnvered by beingg called Case*

[Anna]: *Holds a bull head skeleton*…


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Cassie 12: Omnverse -Sweet Beams!

Cassie is fishing for fish using her fishing rod at a lake with Anna. Anna has been trying to drill in questions about this Planet she had went to within a constructuve time travel. Cassie whistles as her friend continues to chatter questions eagerly.

[Anna]: plleaazeeee

[Cassie]: No.

[Annna]: *Feels a tug* oH ! I caught a fish! *Reels it in*

Instead of a fish, there;s a feline Thep Kufan Alien cat that is reeled in onto the grass,. It has purple eyes.The…


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Cassie 12 Omniverse: Cool I am gonna fiddle with my Watch

   [Cassie]: Hmm.....*Using a stick to mess with her watch**Is in Omniverse style* *Has a long sleeved blue shirt under her normal shirt that's black and light blue, with a black dew drop at the center**It's cold out side at this time of summer* 

Cassie fiddling wither watch Cassie wearing long sleeved shirt under her normal shirt. Just to keep herself… Continue

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Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series, Season 2, Episode 1 -"New Recruits"

(2 months  after season 1)

(Green Arrow is showing running and shooting arrows)

(Doctor Fate follows right above him dodging rockets and shooting blasts)

(Superboy is showing jumping from building to building, while Green Lantern is flying with a shield from his ring, and shooting lasers)

(Red Tornado comes floating on a tornado)

Two Face: You'll never catch me! Boys, stop them!

(Two Face's henchmen attack the Justice…


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Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series Episode 14 -"Battle Ready"

(Previously on Justice Corps)

(The Justice Corps are asleep and a loud siren goes on and wakes them up)

FT: It's the training,let's get dressed!


Batman: ... it's time for advanced training,and eventually expert training,and because we don't have much time,and you can't learn everything in one day,I will only teach you the most important stuff of the advanced training!

Green Arrow: I was born…


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Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series Episode 13 -"Training Session"

(In the morning, The Justice Corps are still asleep)

(Loud siren wakes them up)

FT: Ugh,what's with all the noise?

JT: Yeah,ugh

Sif: FRENCH TOAST!! ...ugh,wait...what,what's that noise?

nega: Can you keep it down!

FT: Oh my god,it's the training,let's get dressed!

(The team puts on their costumes and go to the training room)

Green Arrow: We're here Batman

Batman: Good,we'll start immediately!



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Bootleg Ben 10 Toys Fail!

Bootleg, illegal rip-off copy Ben 10 toys! Totally cheezy Ben 10 action figures and vehicles. These are fail Ben 10 toys, don't buy them!  These illegal Ben 10 toys were found in the Philippines, January 2013.

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Justice Corps: The Fan-Fiction Series Episode 12 -"Justice Prevails"

Previously on Justice Corps

Batman: I must do something about this!


Green Arrow: We must stop him!


(Batman beats up The Shield one by one,until Bane gets more cobra venom and takes out Batman)

(The Justice Corps interfere and take out The Shield)

(The Shield runs away)


Miss Martian: I stayed because of Superboy,but I don't want to do this anymore,so I quit



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