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The End of

Well regrettably, the time has come to face facts. I can no longer support, and will have to close the site.

It was a great run, we had some good times, and maybe a few arguments.

But I do appreciate all you good fans, and will keep you close in my heart.

Maybe, if people had watched my videos more often.. but .. well its too late to speculate…


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somebody suspended me from chat i didnt even do anything wrong :( that makes me sad

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Deep in the forest)

Unknown person: Azmuth did this to me he took the azmitrix from me and he is about to give it to a human a useless human well we will see about that.

(Sif's house)

Sif's mom: Honey dinner is ready

Sif: Coming mom. Mom why is our last name weird?

Sif's mom: Well we have to deal with it

Sif: Okay but isn't Hundronson a weird last name?

Sif's mom: I told you I hate the last name too. That's how i married your…


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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 14: Reinstatement (Part 2)

In school...

Zen walks out of his class

Zen sees Denny quarrelling with his Girlfriend

Denny: come on Sally!

Sally: I can't believe you got beaten up by a nerd! That's it! We're through!

Sally walks away

Zen claps...

Zen: the king of bullies, ditched by a girl...

Denny: you! You made me lose my girl!

Denny: she won't even accecpt forgiveness

Denny charges at

Zen jumps over…


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Minecraft TNT Sphere goes BOOM project.

Well i've been making this project called BOOM it's a project of making a tnt sphere (On flatlands) and the result will be some bedrocks. :) 

Just Half of a sphere.......... i didnt use full............. too much energy to be use LOL

Results :…


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Minecraft Blog #2

And the complete creation

It is the Slenderman


  1. Notch
  2. Overworld, The End and The Nether
  3. Dig to The Void
  4. Creeper

New Quiz

  1. What is the newest Mob
  2. How do You Make a Iron Golem
  3. What is the name of Notch's Dead Brother
  4. What is the current…

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 13: Reinstatment (Part 1)

One night....


A small scale earthquake breakouts in the east side of Greenwood


The earthquake stops....


Just then....


At a construction site...


A pile of solid cement starts to crack open


A hole cracks up and red particles start to escape....


The next day.....


At Greenwood High


Zen, Jasmine and Rex walking home together


Rex: so.....…


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Minecraft Blog #1

What Am I Making


  1. What is the Minecraft Creator's Name
  2. What are the names of the Three Dimensions 
  3. What is The Only Way To Die in Creative Mode
  4. What is the most known Minecraft Mob

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Almanac Ben 10:: The Enemy Ultimate Part 2 - See now!

As we all know Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is unfortunately reaching its end. In some countries even the final episodes have been shown and we team almanac Ben can bring you 10 episodes. Are provided below to see part 1 and part 2 of the episodes in my opinion is the most striking of all the story of Ben 10 SA.…


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Almac Ben 10:: All For Ben 10

Ben 10 Omniverse is the fourth series BEN 10…


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Godzilla Neo 4: Jyarumu

Jyarumu Neo.jpg Psx G beasts.jpg

Being a creature of shadow doesn't necessarily mean that one is evil. JYARUMU, like his brothers and sisters, is a force of nature. Few of the other Orochi Spawn define the term quite like Jyarumu, since, by his very nature, he merely seeks power and battle in order to bring about the rebirth of his parental beast. Jyarumu shares both a bond and a rivarly with his sister, BALKZARDAN. The speedy monster's power of light is directly opposed to Jyarumu's power…


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Go to toywiz and see for your self

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 12: Endgame (Part 2)

Back at school.....


Zen walks up to his locker


Zen sees Jasmine arranging her locker from afar


Jay comes in and talks to Jasmine


Zen stops and watches from far


After a while.....


Jay walks away


Zen pretends to see nothing and walks towards Jay


Jay: Hey Zen


Zen: Hey... Jay...


Jay: I've heard about you and…


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Happy 1000 Blog Posts

Well. It was long enough. JK. Well This is a honor. What would you do. Well you can't because I already did it. Again JK. Well thankfully this is short and sweet

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GODZILLA NEO 4: Four Parter

I need to make it up to you guys so

Ikusagami Neo.jpg Tn.jpg

There is little hard evidence to support the legend of the battle between Susano-Wo and OROCHI, and even less concerning the legend of UTSUNO IKUSAGAMI. A relatively recent discovery of kaiju lore, its become a point of contestation over what events transpired during Orochi's destructive rampage across Japan. Grasping at the frayed edges of science dangling over this fairy tale, one theory has been postulated that the…


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Zen 10 Episode 11: Endgame (Part 1)

Scene shows Arachno-man swinging around town in the cold winter night

Arachno-man: you may be thinking, Christmas is coming, even I have presents to send, gifts to wrap

Arachno-man: but first, I've gotta do a little last minute Christmas shopping

Arachno-man swings into a gambling den

Arachno-man beats up the gamblers there

Arachno-man: since Lincoln tech is down, no other hook in town gets the bucks to hire…


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LEGO Ninjago Snakes Japan Report


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new news

as lots of you have noticed i have posted in videos pokepark 2 wonders beyond trailer thats becuse not only i like ben 10 but also pokemon and beyblade so thats why i posted that. i will post lots more blogs and videos in the future and i also have and beat pokepark 2 also.

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who is super four arms?

what will super four arms look like?disscus.

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Zen 10 Infinite Alien Episode 10: Footsteps

At the Greenwood Prison Centre....

A warden walks into a cell

Warden: Dan Dillion, mail's for you

Dan walks out

Dan: I told you it's Elemento!

Warden: eh, whatever

Dan: who's it from?

Warden: see if for yourself

Dan opens the letter

It shows the blueprint of an exo-suit

A letter is attached to it

It reads:…


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