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Ben 10 Toys with Omni-Net London Toy Fair Preview

Ben 10 Toys by Bandai UK

New Ben 10 toys shown include:

The next version of Ben's Omnitrix / Ultimatrix will be called the Omni-Net

Several new Ben 10 Mini figures are shown.

Tactilian versions of Khyber and Rook

The Ben 10 Proto-Flyer will convert to what looks like a horse trailer, and attaches to Rooks Proto-Truck.

Inspired by…


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Dash: Episode 2

Ben Tennyson awoke from his bed, as he has so many times, yet this time he felt wrong. Almost like he wasn't in his own body. He ignored it, he just wanted to have breakfast. He ran downstairs and noticed a noise, a trotting noise of sort. He again ignored it and walked downstairs. He saw his mother in the kitchen and walked down next to her to make some breakfast. As he walked he felt like something was wrong with him, the trotting and the feelings he had when he woke up, they never…


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Nicolas X

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My New Ben 10 Alien

His name is Noctove, he's a Noctrivillan Vampire Bat from the planet Gasreth. He's the missing link of the Halloween aliens team (Along with Benwolf, Benmummy, Benvictor, and Ghostfreak) 

All rights…


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