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Dash: Episode 4-2 (Alternate Universe Saga)

Posted on April 5, 2013 at 4:00am 0 Comments

It is highly suggested you read the first half first, you can view it here.

Ben walked down the ruins of Bellwood he was in shock of what had previously happened. He was the one who sent his former self the letter. Which means that there is another Ben somewhere. He had to focus, the tower was close. He was going to storm in there and demand to know why he is there. He pushed open the door and…


Dash: Episode 4

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 4:56am 0 Comments

Ben was walking home from school, making sure to hide his alien watch. Kevin has been missing in action ever since Ben had fought Trixie for the second time. Ben was only a block or two away from his home, not long. He walked past his neighbors'  house and suddenly fell to the ground. Ben was losing consciousnesses, within seconds he was already knocked out. He awoke in a strange office room, the same room that Trixie's light sent him into. Ben slammed his watch without even thinking,…


Dash: Episode 3

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 4:50am 0 Comments

Ben got up out of his bed, checking his hands to make sure he wasn't a unicorn, he had quite the day yesterday. He was hoping he would have a regular day. He opened his door and walked downstairs. He walked and walked, yet he didn't seem to be going anywhere. He memorized a painting hanging on the wall, he walked down the stairs, and surely enough the painting was there again. Strangely, when Ben looked behind him, he saw a shut door. "There goes all hope of a normal day" Ben sighed to…


Dash: Episode 2

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Ben Tennyson awoke from his bed, as he has so many times, yet this time he felt wrong. Almost like he wasn't in his own body. He ignored it, he just wanted to have breakfast. He ran downstairs and noticed a noise, a trotting noise of sort. He again ignored it and walked downstairs. He saw his mother in the kitchen and walked down next to her to make some breakfast. As he walked he felt like something was wrong with him, the trotting and the feelings he had when he woke up, they never…


Hoodie's Discussions

Goodbye I guess

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cole Feb 21, 2015. 7 Replies

Hi there, my name's Hoodie and I'm an alcoholic.Whoops, sorry, wrong meeting. Anyways, I'm sure a couple of you guys recognize my mug from a year or two ago, back in the glory days. Since about 2012, I've been on and off with this site, at first my reason of not coming here regularly was "dealing with school work/playing games", but I think everyone knows it's not entirely true. The real reason was I honestly couldn't care less about Ben 10 anymore, I came here to talk to my internet friends. But since late 2013ish, most of friends have either disappeared or are never on when I am.In 2012, I made an awful decision and made 'The Ohaidehr Song' a reality, something I mistakenly told people at school about (there was no bullying, don't worry). Since then, Ohaidehr has died off, one of the saddest days of my internet life was when I saw that Ohairdehr was locked up.This is probably rambling at this point, so I'll cut to the chase. I'm packing up shop so to speak, I'm "leaving" ben10toys.net. I know, you've all heard this before, "I'm never coming back" is usually followed by said person spending half a day in the chat, but this time, it's a little mix between the norm and actually leaving. I'll probably be here once or twice a month, in the chat or responding in the forums, but nothing to a massive extent. I'm not usually one to stir up drama over something as trivial as this, oh who am I kidding, attention feeds me. Like I said previously, I'll probably be on a 'Brock Lesnar schedule' and show up once a month or something like that.But in case that doesn't happen, I'd like to say goodbye and thank you to the following:NightmareColeJoePrimeHarryBIG CHILLDJ Pon3 or whatever name he goes by nowand of course, Stu for keeping this website that is so dear to my heart up and running.Sincerely yours,Yahtzee or Hoodie, but mostly friend. PS: watch Marble Hornets it's legit the best thing everContinue

Minecraft Builds (send requests in comments)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cheatster9000x: Here To The End Apr 8, 2014. 9 Replies

Taco- requested by Lego MasterMagikarp- requested by MaxBig Book- requested by GhastenOmniverse Omnitrix- requested by Freecool the RevonnahganderMe- requested by GhastenContinue

We Are Our Avatars

Started this discussion. Last reply by Harry Mar 19, 2013. 20 Replies

An common RP type. The name explains everything. You ARE your avatar. That's it. Now start.The Rule: You don't have to act exactly like whatever your avatar is. If you're some ultra super guy, you can be a villan or whatever.Start now for realsContinue

Oh Crap

Started this discussion. Last reply by R-DASH5000 (Rook) May 13, 2012. 1 Reply

http://www.ben10toys.net/profile/Z15He's Back.Zidiot has returned Continue

Marble Hornets However Long You Want

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hoodie May 2, 2012. 2 Replies

This is gonna be short. Be a creepypasta dude or I'll get youSlendermanJoeAlex KralieTothearkYahtzeeMaskyTimJayHoodieSethBryanOtherContinue

Your Avatar

Started this discussion. Last reply by Prime Apr 29, 2012. 10 Replies

What's your avatar. Mines self explanatory. It's from Yahtzee's Review of the 3DS. It's a dog flying out of his 3DS. That's it.What's yours  Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by YugNaf Apr 21, 2012. 1 Reply

jst RePce Jager with Yhtze.ALSO GET BACK MY INTERVIEW WITH STEVE JOBS.or I iz gona spm teh ste evrydyContinue


Started this discussion. Last reply by 砕蜂 Apr 21, 2012. 8 Replies

I'm tired of Brony b!tching. So, haters can complain here. The End(You'll all thank me)Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Joe Harvey May 21, 2012. 19 Replies


Yahtzee Views

Started this discussion. Last reply by Prime Apr 20, 2012. 8 Replies

TAT IS ME CPYRGHTD LGO. DN'T STEL IT.I MET STN LE. M: So Mr Lee, you seem nice.SL: Well you don't seem to know me well. *SL chuckles*M: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASL: It wasn't that funnyM: HAHAHAHAHA.Sl: So do you have any questio-M: HAM: So you run DC comicsSL: Uh no, I don'tM: YES YOU DID.SL: I guess I do.M: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. GOOD ONE STAN.SL: I think I should leave.M: NO I IS A GOOOD INTERVIEWERER.SL: Uh not really.M: NO THAT IS LIE. YOU R LYEING.Stn Le was really maen. Hee wes inn chareg of  DC comics. HE DIDN'T EVEN GVE A SHUTUT TO YAHTZEE VIEWS. so therefore he sucks. AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM SUCKS.Rember tht ME Cpyghtede lgo. I was sue you.Yahtzee (For Real): Yes this is small. But have you seen half the stuff HectoRicky has posted. IT'S SHORTER THAN SIF'S FAN FICTIONS. He interviews giant, probably RICH people. Spells wrong, has horrible grammar and just plain is a bad person Continue

Tags: parody, views, yahtzee, is, i

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At 6:15pm on November 28, 2013, Liam O'Rourke gave Hoodie a gift
At 8:01am on March 2, 2013, GANGWEEDER said…
Y U BRONIE! I want to know
At 9:03pm on February 08, 2013, AusGentleAlien36 gave Hoodie a gift
At 10:13pm on January 18, 2013, Vilhelmin said…

Play more and more fun and free dress up games on Dressup24h website !

At 11:15am on January 4, 2013, CYBER said…
Yaht Hawk, when can we talk on chat again? D:
At 12:48am on November 17, 2012, CYBER said…
Lol I thought you were a stranger. Turns out, you're Yahtzee. Hai.
At 8:05pm on September 8, 2012, Hoodie said…

Suspended again for no reason.

Ethan said some crap about being nice,

then he suspends me and Carl

At 7:16pm on September 8, 2012, Hoodie said…


got suspended for calling Megan Fox ugly

At 1:24pm on June 22, 2012, CYBER said…

Is this good? 

At 9:25pm on May 15, 2012, shoo said…
tank u
At 8:43pm on March 30, 2012, Prime said…


At 9:37am on March 25, 2012,
Lol that's pree cool 
At 2:24pm on March 19, 2012, Brendan said…

jake humungosaur

At 8:13am on March 17, 2012, TMP said…


At 11:29am on March 11, 2012, TMP said…

I was suspended for four hours, for saying:

"You are not a special or unique snowflake"


At 3:13am on February 28, 2012, Prime said…



At 3:09pm on February 23, 2012, RedHood(TCO) said…

IM NOT HECTOR ! why would you ask me that ?!?!?!?!?!?

At 9:08am on February 16, 2012, PerpleX gave Hoodie a gift
Hi! We must be friends! U like the Troll killer!
At 9:57pm on February 14, 2012, Prime said…

Lol thanks.

You seem cool and RLY funny.

At 12:31pm on February 11, 2012, TMP said…


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