Species: Galvanic Mechamorph

Planet: Galvan B


Upgrade could use his internal nanotechnology to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it. The size of the device is not significant and he controls it as naturally as he would his own body. When he merged he upgraded the technology, making the technology he possessed far more advanced and futuristic and causing new features to form on it. Upgrade can also reshape his body at will, giving him the advantage to dodge enemy attacks. Upgrade also fires green lasers from his eye (in normal form) or whatever his emerged to.


Upgrade as of Omni-Tricked was removed from the Omnitrix's Database, as he sacrificed himself into the Omnitrix to defeat Vilgax, creating the Upgraded Omnitrix.


Ben 10 (2016)

104 - "Freaky Gwen Ben" (used by Gwen)

113 - "Growing Pains"

117 - "Steam is the Word"

119 - "Cutting Corners"

120 - "Don't Let the Bass Drop"

126 - "Xingo"

127 - "Drive You Crazy"

128 - "Hole in 10" (selected alien was Wildvine)

129 - "The Beast Inside"

132 - "Scared Silly" (selected alien was Cannonbolt)

134 - "Zombozo-Land"

138 - "Omni-Tricked, Part 2"

139 - "Omni-Tricked, Part 3" x4

140 - "Omni-Tricked, Part 4" x2

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