Shock Rock

Species: Fulmini

Planet: Fulmas


Shock Rock's body appears to mainly consist of blue energy, with most of his body surrounded in stone armor. Shock Rock has the ability to release strong, blue electrical charges from any part of his body and is able to absorb and reproduce electricity, to even the point he can control it and manifest weapons such as energy blades, forcefields, or the blue-boomerang. However Shock Rock's big weakness is being able to overpower himself or electronic devices.


Because of Upgrade's sacrifice in Omni-Tricked, Shock Rock took Upgrade's place in Ben's set of 10.


Ben 10 (2016)

209 - "The 11th Alien, Part 1" x2

210 - "The 11th Alien, Part 2" x2

222 - "Half-Sies"

223 - "Xingo's Back"

224 - "Bounty Ball"

225 - "Fear the Fogg"

228 - "The Feels"

236 - "Innervasion, Part 1" x2 (first time selected alien was Upgrade)

237 - "Innervasion, Part 2"

239 - "Innervasion, Part 4"

240 - "Innervasion, Part 5"

3xx - "Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!"

3xx - "Show Don't Tell"

3xx - "Billy Bajillions"

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