Four Arms (Omni-Enhanced)


Omni-Enhanced Four Arms' extra pair of arms gives him even more strength than in his regular form. His blue hands double his punching impact. The blue hands also deploy energy while he punches or grabs. Omni-Enhanced Four Arms can also create a supersonic shockwave by clapping his gauntlets together or slamming them on the ground. The stone armor on his body also increases his durability. He also has enhanced jumping.


205 - "Mayhem in Mascot"

209 - "The 11th Alien, Part 1"

215 - "The Nature of Things"

221 - "That's the Stuff"

222 - "Half-Sies"

226 - "The Charm Offensive"

227 - "The Super Villain Team-Up"

236 - "Innervasion, Part 1"

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