Diamondhead (Omni-Enhanced)


Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead can manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, giving him the ability to create crystal weapons or objects. Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead can also absorb energy being shot at him. The energy moves through the energy in Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead into his sword, which can be converted into other energy weapons. Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead can also shoot energy bolts and shoot electrocuting diamonds walls.


201 - "Out to Launch"

221 - "That's the Stuff"

227 - "The Super Villain Team-Up"

228 - "The Feels"

229 - "The Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom"

230 - "Past Aliens Present" 

237 - "Innervasion, Part 2"

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