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Ben 10: Supreme Alien

This series takes place 2 years after Ultimate Alien. Ben Tennyson now has a new watch called the Suprematrix, Gwen has access to more than 3 billion spells, and Kevin is now a full Plumber. Now that they're stronger than before, they're ready to face on bigger and stronger foes from other worlds.

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Ben 10: Supreme Alien

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Suprematrix Trainig

Started by Icecoldswag. Last reply by Cooper 10 Feb 20, 2012. 1 Reply

Gwen: So Ben what do alien do you want to try first?Kevin: Maby he should try one that cleans and fixes cars etc.Ben:(Ben sighs and slaps an icon)Alien Big: (Ben shouts Alien Big) cool.He is…Continue

Ep. 1 - The Supreme Ultimatrix (Part 2)

Started by Ryan. Last reply by Icecoldswag Jan 6, 2012. 1 Reply

[After the big explosion]Ben: "Urgh... what just happened?"[Ben looks at his wrist]Ben: "Wait.. this isn't my Ultimatrix..."[Albedo looks at Ben's wrist]Albedo: "Wait... that was not supposed to…Continue

Ep. 1 - The Supreme Ultimatrix (Part 1)

Started by Ryan. Last reply by Icecoldswag Jan 6, 2012. 1 Reply

[Ben came back home, feeling tired because of fighting aliens all day.]Ben: "Mom! Dad! I'm home!"[No reply.]Ben: "Mom? Dad? Are you guys there?"[Still no reply.][Ben looked everywhere for his…Continue

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Comment by Ultimate johnny on February 16, 2012 at 9:22pm

ep 1 all:Ben came back home, feeling tired because of fighting aliens all day.]

Ben: "Mom! Dad! I'm home!"

[No reply.]

Ben: "Mom? Dad? Are you guys there?"

[Still no reply.]

[Ben looked everywhere for his parents. He still couldn't find them.]

[Suddenly, a hologram popped out of Ben's Ultimatrix.]

Ben: "Albedo!"

Albedo: "Hello Ben. Long time no see. I've got your parents right here."

[Albedo moves the camera to Ben's parents.]

[Ben's parents are tied on to a chair.]

Ben: *gasp*

Albedo: "If you want them back, bring me the Ultimatrix."

[The hologram disappears before Ben could reply.]

Ben: "I have to call Gwen and Kevin!"

[Ben grabs his phone and calls Gwen]

Gwen: "Hello?"

Ben: "Yeah, this is Ben. Albedo took my parents and he said that if I give him the Ultimatrix, he will free them."

Gwen: *gasp*

Ben: Hurry to my house now!

[Ben calls Kevin]

Kevin: "Hello?"

Ben: "Hey Kevin, this is Ben. Albedo has my parents and if I give him my Ultimatrix, he will free my parents. Hurry to my house now!"

Kevin: *sigh*


[Gwen and Kevin arrives at Ben's house]

Gwen: "Alright, what's the plan?"

Ben: "We find Albedo, beat him, rescue my parents, then done."

Kevin: "Got it."

[The gang walks outside the house and goes in Ben's car]

[Gwen tracks Albedo's location using her badge]

Gwen: "I found him."

[A map appears on Ben's GPS]

[Ben starts driving]


[Ben arrives at Albedo's location. Albedo is at a cave located in the middle of the desert. It is currently nighttime.]

[The gang is at the entrance of the cave.]

[A dark and mysterious person walks out of the cave.]

Ben: "Albedo!"

Albedo: "Give me your Ultimatrix and I will spare your parents."

Ben: "Why do you need an Ultimatrix? You can already alter your DNA at will and change into species unlocked on the Ultimatrix."

Albedo: "That is true. But every species I change into, including the Galvan species, I will eventually change back into you!"

Ben: "Oh yeah... that was two years ago so I forgot."

Albedo: *facepalm*

Kevin: "Enough talk. Let's fight!"

[Gwen charges up mana]

[Kevin holds up his laser blaster]

Albedo: "Oh, I'm not fighting anybody."

[A mysterious figure walks out of the cave.]

Ben: "Psyphon!"

Psyphon: "Ah, hello Ben Tennyson."

[Psyphon hands Albedo a laser gun thingy]

Albedo: "Say goodbye to your Ultimatrix!"

[Albedo shoots the Ultimatrix with the laser gun]

Ben (struggling): "What are you doing? Stop it!"

Psyphon and Albedo: *evil laugh*

[Big explosion]

[After the big explosion]

Ben: "Urgh... what just happened?"

[Ben looks at his wrist]

Ben: "Wait.. this isn't my Ultimatrix..."

[Albedo looks at Ben's wrist]

Albedo: "Wait... that was not supposed to happen!"

[Ben turns the dial and sees a hologram that looks like Fourarms]

Ben: "This isn't Fourarms..."

[Ben slams the dial]

Ben: "Fourarms!"

Gwen: "You're right.. that isn't Fourarms... that alien is much bigger than Fourarms!"

Fourarms: "Maybe this is a new ultimate form!"

[Albedo turns into Humungousaur]

[Albedo (Humungousaur) grabs Fourarms's legs and throws him into the cave]

Fourarms: "You want to fight? Then it's hero time!"

[Fourarms claps his hands together and it creates a sonic boom]

[Albedo (Humungousaur) falls and turns back into Albedo]

Albedo: "Psyphon! Call your R.E.D.s!"

Psyphon (grinning): "Yes, master..."

[Psyphon presses a button on his wrist]

[More than 20 R.E.D.s come out of the cave]

[Gwen forms a mana shield around her and Kevin]

[3 of the R.E.D.s break the shield open]

Gwen: "Ben, they're too strong!"

[5 of the R.E.D.s shoot Fourarms]

[The lasers didn't even make a mark on Fourarms]

Fourarms: "Feel the wrath of Fourarms!"

[Fourarms grabs a R.E.D. and pounds it]

[All the R.E.D.s start shooting at Fourarms]

Kevin: "Ben, there are too many!"

Fourarms: "Let's try another alien then..."

[Fourarms slaps his Ultimatrix dial]

Fourarms: "Echo Echo!"

Echo Echo: "Wait... this isn't Echo Echo... this is ULTIMATE Echo Echo!"

Gwen: "Weird..."

[Ultimate Echo Echo sends out his sonic discs and destroys all the R.E.D.s]

[The R.E.D.s explodes]

Psyphon: "No!"

[Kevin runs up to Psyphon and punches him in the face]

Albedo: "Psyphon hurry! Teleport us out of here!"

[Psyphon presses another button on his wrists]

[Albedo and Psyphon disappears]

[Ultimate Echo Echo turns back into Ben]

Ben: "Now that I have a new Ultimatrix... nothing can stop me!"

Kevin: "What name do you think you should name it?"

Ben: "Let's go with the Supreme Ultimatrix."

Gwen: "Nah, how bout' Suprematrix?"

Ben: "Eh, sure."


[A mysterious person is watching Ben, Gwen, and Kevin through a screen."

Mysterious Person: "Ah, Ben Tennyson now has a new Ultimatrix. I will fight him and take that Ultimatrix and build my army of aliens."

[The episode ends with the mysterious person laughing evilly the end]

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