suprematrix's Groups (170)

  • The Hero's Crest

    6 members Latest Activity: Jan 3

    it's a story of how Nick Mattew's life changes by finding the biotrix that has been hidden for years

  • Ben 10 Fan Game

    24 members Latest Activity: Feb 28

    A 2D fan game made by Freecold. Here's a really minor sneak peek.…

  • Umar's Customs and Unpixels[CLOSED]

    55 members Latest Activity: Jul 20

    Group closed. This site is dead, I'm becoming more mature. It will only be a matter of time if we all decide to meet somewhere else in the…

  • Ben 10: Shattered Universe

    32 members Latest Activity: Jul 20

    Ben 10: Shattered Universe is a series by Cyber. It's about a universe where heroes are villains, and villains are heroes. Ben 10: Shattered…

  • Ethan 10

    20 members Latest Activity: Feb 25

  • 10000 aliens

    61 members Latest Activity: Aug 7

    My goal for this group is to try to get 10000 different aliens. Also when you post a alien put the number of alien at the top like on the comment…

  • Revenant Wishes Official Group

    19 members Latest Activity: Mar 1

    This is the group for my new Fan Fic movie Revenant Wishes.

  • Echoson's Random Customs

    41 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    This is my unpixel and other arts group. I only work on Ben 10.

    Rules :

    1 Requests should be posted on the requests…

  • Happy Wheels Fan Club

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 21, 2013

    In this group we talk about how much we love this game the new levels,are favourite levels,characters,autors,etc.... 

  • Jason-Maker

    27 members Latest Activity: Jan 24

    This is my new group, where I will make you pivots, minecraft skins, pretty much anything!

  • Agreggor's Customs

    45 members Latest Activity: Oct 13, 2014

    These Are My Customs, Hope You Like Them. Credit to who ever needs it.

  • Ben 10 Omniverse Pivots & Unpixels

    21 members Latest Activity: Oct 24, 2014

    If you want sticks or my stick pack, just ask and give credit.

    I will make any one admin if you make the most realistic pivots…

  • All kinds of poses to use

    80 members Latest Activity: Jun 17

    It is simply a group where you can upload your poses, if you can be of Ben 10 much better. They can also be Fan ficitions

  • Customs No More!

    64 members Latest Activity: Mar 29


  • DC Nation Fan Fiction

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2012

    Add your own fan fic dc shorts and shows

  • custom alien fan group

    48 members Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2014

    this is a group that you can post your fan made aliens you can make them and then if you want post them in my discussion ultimate requests and i…

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